David González Giraldo

Manchester City goalkeeper David González Giraldo has joined Leeds United on loan, with a view to a permanent deal Sky Sports News is reporting.

The 28-year-old has struggled to make the transition into Manchester City’s multi-million pound first team and seen his opportunities limited to reserve team action. However, the Columbian has been in impressive form for City’s reserves and attracted the attention of several clubs this season.

Elsewhere on transfer deadline day, Jason Crowe has left Elland Road by mutual consent, Federico Bessone has joined Charlton Athletic on loan and Mike Grella is expected to move out on loan by the close of the window tonight.

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  1. Colin

    @TSS Any news on the Johnson rumour? That’s Fulham’s Andrew Johnson I mean, coming to leeds?

  2. TSS


    I’m hoping it’s just healthy competition for Kasper – Higgs is hardly going to push him too hard, after all.


    All quiet mate.

  3. Flummoxed

    WTF and WHY??

    Are we going to accept a big figure £m’s from a Prem team for Kasper? beggars belief!

  4. Ron

    Happy to have quality back up. Just look at Arsenal’s GK struggles of late. Shame Woodgate is no chance of a stint after the recent injuries at Tottenham. I am resigned to incoming action only in the emergency loan window next week. Scary seeing Ramsey going back to Cardiff. Their attack is potent.

  5. henry vincent lewis

    We are shedding people at a rapid rate!!!
    I have lost count. 6? 8?
    Hope we get some quality coming in soon!
    The Premier leagues seems to going crazy again with stupid transfer fees. Andy Carrol 30 million?
    They will never learn.

  6. trueyorxman

    By far & away the best deal of the day… Bessone to Charlton! Up there as one of the worst Leeds signings ever. Adios muppet

  7. TSS


    I think £30m is more than reasonable for a striker who is scoring for fun in a pretty average team. As things stand, I’d buy him before the inconsistent, performs-when-it-suits-him Fernando Torres.

  8. Henryv

    You have been drinking TSS!!
    £30 million for the whole Newcastle team would be near the mark.

  9. TSS

    @HenryV Think you’re letting the Looney Toons history with players blind your judgement. Carrol (sp?) is a class act. Strong, good in the air, capable of taking players on and bringing other players into play and he has an excellent shot on him. He’d be in my Premier League dream team.

  10. Horsforth White

    Noboby except Flummoxed – & me- seems at all concerned about taking on this new keeper. I just hope Kasper’s still here at 2305 tonight

  11. Ron

    @ TSS I think £30m for all but a handful of players is ridiculous money. This is why Football clubs go under. Newcastle will never compete with the genuinely cashed up teams and should deal on Carroll at anything over £30m. If Newcastle are really serious about going after Champion’s League football, why have they signed a lower-league manager for 5 years? Like Pardew will be able to persuade big name players up North.

    • TSS


      It’s easy to dispute whether anyone is “worth” £30m, but in the context of other £30m signings, Carroll definitely fits the bill for me. As good, and potentially better than any other striker in the Prem at the minute (and pretty young)

  12. Gryff

    A great signing for me. If this keeper was good enough for number 3 with the likes of Shay Given & Joe Hart, then I think he’s better than the constantly injured Higgs!

    It would be a pity if Kasper goes, but if we keep Kasper & this lad as our two keepers it will be a big step forward.

  13. Christopher Gee

    Never sure what Crowe did wrong and certainly a better deputy at right back than Bromby. Stand out performances in the FA cup last year. What’s the plan Simon?

  14. Flummoxed

    Would be annoyed if Kasper is gone by this evening, as money will only go towards buildings ffs.

    Now Martin has had his contract cancelled.. aq 22yr old keeper out? Keeping Higgs, and getting this Colombian… hang on.. Marching Powder? Marching On Together on Colombian Marching Powder??

    No! no, no!

  15. Flummoxed

    Rumour of a £6m bid from Liverpool I#’ heard for kasper.. that’s it..

    and now.. Leeds United have cancelled the contract of striker Tom Elliott.

    We’re having a mass clearout???

  16. henry vincent lewis

    Andy Carroll is a fine young player but £30 million is ridiculous.
    The Torres deal is even more stupid.
    Only idiots like Chelsea, Man City or Spurs ( and now Liverpool it seems)
    would take us down that road to nowhere again.
    I know nothing of our new goalie but hope Simon does!!
    We have shipped out a whole team of players so I hope/pray we are bringing better people in?

  17. Ash

    6 million for kasper?? We should say 10 million with the prem clubs spending money like it’s going out of fashion!!

  18. Bill

    Night of the long knives or what….Elliot, Martin, Crowe, Bessone…….. lots of headroom created on the wage bill then Ken……..

  19. trueyorxman

    I just hope Scousers sign Carroll for £35M (after paying £23M for Suarez!) then Torres does a u-turn & says he wants to stay…watch it go tits up then! Could make our decline look quite tame

  20. steve underwood

    Yes its a mass clear out but only the deadwood,i might take 6 mill for kasper but only if the money was spent only on the team,i dont think we are going to sign anyone,think we will wait for laon market to open,it all very disapointing i fear our season could just drift away and we will end up mid table

  21. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Newcastle with money worries me elland road is often a popular haunt for that classless lot anyone see any helicopters going north from Thorpe arch sorry I mean taxis

  22. Gryff

    For Kasper my valuation would be £10mil. If you want him, pay up. If ‘pool want him then they could afford that.

    @captaincrash Is that a dig at Bessone, given where most of the you-know-whats went in 1945/6? ;)

    Have to agree with @HenryV on the valuation of Carroll. If he had no injury problems I might be pushed to offer £20mil if I were Dalglish. But £30mil for a guy with injury problems and who’s still learning his game?

    @Flummoxed: But Bessone was worse than Crainey at left-back, Crowe only performed in big matches (in other words when it suited him), Tom Elliot couldn’t get a game at Rotherham in League 2 after constantly crying off injured at the slightest knock (and lacking general fitness & application according to their manager).

    We’re getting rid of a lot, but luckily they’re all no-shows for us when they pull on a white shirt. I can have no complaints about that (in fact it’s a relief).

    We are getting slightly thin on the ground at right-back now, though…

  23. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Our season is far from over whatever happens in the next few hours , we are way ahead of expectations this season , many recent draws would have been defeats not so long ago this team don’t know when it’s beat we really don’t need much today , I do think kasper is a major cog in the works and will be gutted if and when he ever leaves he would be my captain simple as.

  24. Horsforth White


    all agreed – mind you, it doesn’t stop a few of us dreaming of a killer centre mid & also wondering what’ll happen if Connolly gets injured

  25. Gryff

    The move is official finally.

    I reckon the Blackpool lad could be the kind of centre mid we’ve been missing. If we signed him he’d free Howson from defensive responsibilities.

  26. Tim Campbell

    If delph was back and reasonably fit it would be good to see him back at elland road, even if only on loan

  27. Craig

    The keeper is described as a player who “can push Casper + Shane”. Schmeichel going nowhere then.

  28. les irwin

    i agree with quite a few on here WHY???????????? we might aswell kept martyn it does make me wonder what the transfer policy is if indeed we have 1 ????????????????

  29. henry vincent lewis

    What a crazy day!
    I thought Simon liked Collins?
    He was our best header of a ball in defense.
    Where are the two players we were promised?
    Were they ever coming really?
    Players are supposed to be queuing up to join Leeds.
    The last 10 days were supposed to be devoted to bringing players it,
    but we now know it was just the opposite.
    We end up with a reserve goalie.
    Looks like short term loanees again?
    Mind you it is only 9.51pm so there is still time.

  30. Colin

    @henryv get on the neill collins post – that’s where all the action is happening!

  31. TheReaper08

    @colin Do you know anything about this fella, have to say he completely escapes me.

    Trying to get hold of the brother-in-law as he is always down City and does a lot of work for Joe Hart. Will post an update when I get one.


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