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World's biggest barcode

No matter how ridiculous things get at Elland Road, you can always rely on the Geordies to go one better. This week, the Looney Toons fired Chris Hughton for getting them promoted and taking them to a respectable mid-table position in the Premier League, and replaced him with the ‘more experienced’ Alan Pardew.

By ‘more experienced’ one can only assume they mean ‘more experienced at failure’ as Alan Pardew’s CV is a long list of lower league mediocrity and Premier League failure. It is however, understandable that the Geordies would like someone used to ridicule and failure because the managers job at Newcastle rarely results in much more.

Whilst we were disappointed that Kevin “twice walked out saviour of the Toon” Keegan wasn’t reappointed for another disappearing act, we will look on with great amusement as Alan Pardew’s five and a half year compensation is dished out sometime next year. We thank the Geordies for always bringing humour to football.

The Ken Bates hypocrisy corner

This particular column would probably be non-existent if it wasn’t for the sheer hypocrisy of our chairman. This week, the Monaco based bearded maestro picked Bradley Johnson for his latest war of words as he slammed him for his reluctance to sign a new deal in his programme notes. After Johnson was booed by the Leeds fans, the midfielder responded saying he wasn’t being greedy and just wanted parity with the other players.

Ken then broke his silence (erm…) and slammed Bradley on Radio Bates for bringing business into the public domain, clearly ignoring the fact Bradley had only responded to his own dig in the programme notes. Either Bates has a bad case of amnesia or his hypocrisy grows stronger with age.

Kis it better and get on with it

We end on the good news that Patrick Kisnorbo may still play a part for Leeds United this season after an Achilles tendon injury left him sidelined. The Australian international was a real hit with the fans last season and has been desperately missed this time round as Leeds’ defence continually parts easier than Jordan’s legs.