Unsold pies pile-up in Beeston

Pie shops mourn massive loss

Pie shop owners, fish & chip shop owners and even the multi-national fast food chains were united in mourning this week as Andy Robinson’s exit from Elland Road dealt another devastating blow to their bottom line during these difficult financial times. One pie shop insider told TSS that the estimated loss of income would result in mass closures around the Elland Road area, and that this is likely to be the final nail in the coffin for the bid to bring a new KFC to Beeston.

Bates unhappy at World Cup loss

Reports that ‘furious scratching noises’ were heard long into the early hours around the Monaco area, followed the news that England had failed to land the 2018 World Cup. Unconfirmed reports suggest the noise originated at Bates Towers, leading to speculation that the Leeds United chairman was particularly unhappy at the news and was working tirelessly to prepare his well-balanced reaction for this weekends programme notes.

There’s snow stopping Leeds United

At the time of writing, five matches had already been called off in the Championship whilst just five games were still scheduled for League One and Two. Even the mighty Premier League was in danger of postponement as Blackpool revealed they too might have to postpone their clash against Manchester United. Oh the embarrassment…

Leeds United meanwhile were confident their clash against Crystal Palace would beat the elements as fans on Twitter smugly tried to recall the last time a fixture at Elland Road was cancelled due to bad weather. The last fixture anyone can remember was a cup tie v Aston Villa back in 1996. Bask in the smugness Leeds fans… bask away…

And finally…

We’ll ignore the irony of complaints from Bates on corrupt and secretive regimes (for now at least) and instead end on the good news that Project Meccano (otherwise known as the redevelopment of Elland Road) is set to go ahead despite our failure to win the World Cup in 2018. Never again at Elland Road will you hear supporters complain of Beeston’s need for a four-star hotel and retail complex, as Mr Bates gets to grips with the supporters real concerns.

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