Robert Snodgrass and Jonathan Howson have both racked up a good percentage of votes so far in The Scratching Shed’s player of the year poll 2010, but it’s Luciano Becchio that currently leads the way.

If you still haven’t voted in this years poll, there’s still plenty of time to do so (below).

Remember, only those players that have remained with Leeds United throughout the entirety of 2010, and played in the majority of our games are considered in this poll, so that does exclude the likes of Jermaine Beckford, Andy Hughes and Patrick Kisnorbo.

Who do you think will win the Yorkshire derby?

  • Leeds United (82%, 365 Votes)
  • Draw (7%, 31 Votes)
  • Sheffield Wednesday (11%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 446

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15 Responses

  1. Christopher Gee

    For the last couple of years I was one of the many who thought Becchio survived in the team because he fought for the balls that Beckford could then put in the net. That he had a big heart but not a lot of ball control, and went to ground rather than fight for posession. And that he wouldn’t step up to the Championship too well. This season he’s proved both that he is a Championship footballer and also a real number 9. If we were an American Football team (and thank f..k we’re not) he’d be our Most Improved Player.

    Incidentally what’s the prize?

    • Andy Flynn

      A new contract?

      I’m glad Becchio has silenced the doubters in the last month. Most improved is unfair. He’s been consistently good for us since joining and that’s why he is a fans favourite. The fact he has been able to play as target man with Beckford then transition to centre forward without is testament to his versatility.

      His workrate is second to none and that is not his only quality. He has good awareness, a decent touch, can hold the ball up, pick a good pass and he can find the back of the net!

      It would be a real shame to lose him. I actually think Grayson was going to have Paynter as his number 9 in pre-season, Somma as his fox in the box, McCormmack as his ball playing forward, but Becchio is such a great all rounder he can’t drop him and switch back to 4-4-2.

      The only positive we can take is that we really are blessed with options up front if we do lose him. Definitely my player of 2010

  2. Colin

    I’m a little bit unsure still on Becchio. I do like him, but I remember all the stick that Beckford got last season, despite being a goal machine, and now Becchio’s getting the goals and that’s why he’s getting the plaudits, but his goal scoring ratio was and is, only comparable to Beckford, yet Jermaine got all the stick.

    I just don’t see the likes of Everton sniffing around Becchio and that makes me wonder whether Becchio’s impresive goal tally is more to do with the 4-5-1 formation and the service he gets?

    Basically, I’m saying that I think that a fully fit Paynter or McCormack from the start of the season would have probably bagged the same number of goals. And I’m not discounting Somma by the way – I think he’s a more skilful and quality player than any of the above, but he probably only fits into a 4-4-2?

    I think if we still had Beckford he would have got the same number of goals this season as Becchio – and for that reason I don’t think he’s irreplaceable by any means.

    If you want a top scoring striker, I’d go with Beckford over Becchio any day, and I think Everton would agree.

    • Gryff

      @colin Beckford’s whole reason for succeeding was the service he got! He wasn’t just helped by the midfield, but also profited from Becchio’s great talent for chasing down the defenders.

      I didn’t rate Becchio at all until a couple of months ago but he’s putting away most of the chances he’s given. Compare this with Beckford who literally missed 2 easy chances before netting 1 in each game and I think we’ve got the formula that divides Beckford & Becchio’s fortunes with the fans.

      As for Billy Paynter, he has some pretty poor seasons in the 4th tier, grabs virtually half of his season’s haul against Leeds in the 3rd tier and all of a sudden he’s some kind of wonder-machine. I really don’t know what Grayson saw in him!

  3. RoystonLUFC

    @colin, you might want to ask a few Toffees about what they think about Beckford. I’ve said for many months that we should have let him go a long time ago. He’ll soon be back cleaning windows in Wealdstone in spite of the fact that he’s actually scored two whole goals since his move to the dizzy heights; he obviously suffers from vertigo. Becchio is no Beckford. Becchiio’s skills are much broader and he’s coped fantastically with the transition to the second division. Would Beckford have done so? I doubt it. He was a one-season wonder who hit the third division at the right time. Toffee fans must be be groaning in agony at the loser they’ve paid so much in wages for (reminds me of Leeds 2000!). Becchio, on the other hand, has the ability move up to the first division and continue his fine goal scoring/assisting form.
    I don’t worship Becchio, and I think hard work and quality are what you should expect from any player wearing the shirt.; but his impact on the team in the new league is way better than that of the incredible sulk who is now warming the bench at Goodison.

  4. Colin

    Your comments would be entirely plausible were it not for the fact that Beckford came on as a substitute in the 58th minute of the last match against the Premier League Champions and got an equalising goal for a team that’s currently placed 15th. They would have been 17th without Beckford’s goal by the way.

    Would you like to ask a few Toffees about that?

    • Gryff

      Beckford was standing on the 6-yard box like any striker should, and simply nodded it into a virtually open goal. It’s hardly impressive. Especially when you add that to his woeful performances in almost every game for Everton so far this season.

      • Gryff

        lol actually I just listened to Shearer’s comments on MOTD for the first time:

        ‘One look there, another look there, and he sees Cahill at the far post, and he actually puts it on the spot for him … It’s a great header from Cahill across goal for Beckford for a little tap in – who I know missed chances last week but, he couldn’t really miss that one.’

        Clearly, @colin the pundits are almost as enthralled by Beckford’s one-man-army giant killing as you!

      • TheReaper08

        @gryff Andy Cole and Gary Lineker made entire careers out of 6 yard tap ins. Is there anything in the rule book that values one type of goal over another ? I didn’t think so.

        Read what the Everton players and staff think about his positional sense, antcipation, playing off the shoulder and pace.

        Facts are he is coming on towards the end of each game and either positioning himself to receive chances or creating chances himself. Sure he might be fluffing them through either ability or lack of confidence but give me a player with natural predatory ability any day of the week.

      • TSS

        @Gryff @TheReaper08

        It should also be added that it takes a great deal of vision to be in those situations. He reads the game much better than Luci does, and his pace allows him to leave defenders for dead.

      • Gryff

        @TSS @TheReaper08

        I’m not, and have never argued that Beckford is a poor player. But at Premiership level he’s not exactly proving himself. He’s just about giving himself more time to do that each game. My reply to @colin was a response to what seemed like a snippet from an hagiography of Beckford:

        “the fact that Beckford came on as a substitute in the 58th minute of the last match against the Premier League Champions and got an equalising goal for a team that’s currently placed 15th. They would have been 17th without Beckford’s goal by the way.”

        His goal was a tap-in that any striker with a Championship+ positioning sense should have been there to score. To claim he single-handedly won a point for the team against a Goliath is completely misleading. His positioning is good, but as you’ve mentioned, Reaps, he fluffs a lot of them (with the next chance on the highlights – a decent one – shows).

  5. Camaac

    It didn’t take wikileaks to tell you that one. In case the Cia are listening in, a couple of months back I would have said Rooney. ;o)

  6. Andy Flynn

    Becchio has delivered at championship level. Fact.

    He played ok in our post FA Cup faltering promotion team. No one else really shone.

    Beckford didn’t stick around so you can’t compare

    Paynter and McCormmack were not fit so can’t win player of 2010. I hope they do well for us in 2011, but all hail Luciano for 2010.

    Reckon Snoddy will be picking up next years gong. Looks as though he will be comfortable at this level.

    Good to see Leeds old boys at Swindon embarrassed tonight!

  7. Lowfields


    I’m not sure Becchio is getting all the plaudits just because he’s scoring… he’s getting the plaudits because the goals are coming on top of his admirable workrate, in which he chases lost causes, fights for aerial balls and ensures the ball sticks up front when we play balls out of defence. He’s the ultimate team player, and he deserves both the praise and the headlines.

    Beckford got stick because he seemed to be playing for Jermaine Beckford most of the time. Bad first touches, misplaced passes, needless flicks, ambitious strikes when a colleague was better placed… they all contributed to the crowd’s frustration, especially in the spring, when he could no longer rely on goals to mask his shortcomings.

    And whether Paynter, McCormack or Somma might have got the same number of goals as Becchio is neither here nor there; we can only judge on the players on what they have done on the pitch, not what they might do in someone’s imagination.

    With 21 league goals so far and an immense appetite for work, not many have done more in a Leeds shirt in 2010 than Becchio.


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