Leicester CityThanks to Steve, who is a member of Foxestalk.co.uk for taking part.

Ryan – You’ve already beaten us twice this season. Are you looking forward to Boxing Day’s clash at The Walkers?

Steve - Too right I am! We have a good record against your lot and it’ll make my Christmas if we beat you again on Sunday!

Ryan – Your having a bit of a mixed season so far. Where do you realistically expect to finish this season?

Steve - I’m hoping that we’ll bring in some quality in January and then have a good crack at getting a play-off spot. It’s been a stop-start season so far for us in terms of form but if we get some consistency going I can see us in the top half at least.

Ryan – What are your first impressions of Sven so far as Leicester manager?

Steve - I’m not convinced by him to be honest. He’s hardly turned things around for us since he came in. I liked him for England but I can’t help but think that we are another stop-gap for him and he’s just taking the money. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him leave before the end of the season, we’ll just have to see who he brings in.

Ryan – Max Gradel has been in outstanding form for us lately and Paddy Kisnorbo, who’s out injured at the minute, was our player of the year last year. What did you make of the pair while they were at Leicester?

Steve - I though Gradel looked very dangerous for us when he played but he never really got a decent run of games which was a shame. I adored Paddy when he had him, he was always reliable and a real leader from the back. I was gutted to see him leave and I wish him all the best with the injury as will all other City fans.

Ryan – Since you got taken over, you’re going to be linked with everyone in January. But if you could sign one current Leeds player for Leicester, who would it be?

Steve - I’d probably go for Schmeichel in goal, we could do with a consistent keeper and from what I’ve seen, he looks like a class act.

Ryan – Who should we be looking out for in your team?

Steve - Andy King is a real threat going forward so keep an eye out for him. Darius Vassell is also finding some form so he could be another one to watch on Sunday. We’ve got a lot of options going forward so see who we’ve got up front.

Ryan – Which 3 teams do you think will get promoted and which 3 do you think will get relegated this season?

Steve –


Down: Bristol City

Ryan – Finally, what’s your prediction for the game? I’m going for a 1-1 draw.

Steve - I’m also going for a draw but I reckon 2-2.

Thanks for taking part, enjoy the game.

11 Responses

  1. Derrysdouble

    Always a good read these views from the opposition. Thanks very much, keep up the good work in 2011 and on and on and..

  2. Andy Flynn

    Most fans seem to want Schmeichel. Worried that a big Premiership club will come a calling for him soon.

    Heard a rumour that Woodgate has been given permission to talk to us by Harry Redknapp. If he’s fit and we can get O’Brien back fit, keep Kasper and McCartney top two could be realistic!!!

  3. TheReaper08

    @andyflynn You are kidding right ? Last time I heard Woody was seriously being considered for retirement. Even if they could patch him up we could only get a couple of games out of him if that.

  4. Tim Wilsom

    Not heard Leeds mentioned but apparently Harry wants to get him some games on loan. Wouldn’t surprise me

  5. richard

    Cant see Woody coming back but my biggest worry is O`brien, i hear he`s gone back to Bolton to sort out his thigh problem which doesnt sound good.

  6. TheReaper08

    Just noticed he is back in training but we will see, I hope I am wrong don’t see him playing a major part in football.

    He has averaged about 20 league games a season from when he turned pro, that’s over 12 years ago. He is just a very fragile player and it’s not going to get any easier for him now.

    At his pomp he would walk into that Spurs side every day of the week, now Harry wants to send him out on loan.

  7. Tim Campbell

    I heard that steve howard was lookin forward to facing us again and adding to his tally. He also rubbed it in by saying they had battered us on the previous two meetings this season – C’mon lads shut his mouth and turn them over. They say revenge is a dish best served cold and it could’nt get a lot colder than it has of late lol

  8. Bill

    O’Brien is a real concern. Made worse if Bruce is also a medium term worry. Fingers firmly crossed on both. Collins and Bromby, time to step up boys and make your mark.

    Woody……………. it could be emotional.

  9. Andy Flynn

    I’m worried about O’Brien too. Would much rather have him and woody at the back. What a pairing that would be if we could keep them fit.

    I reckon Woody would throw himself in front of a bus to help get us back in the premiership. Not many old players I would take back, but I think he makes sense both in terms of position and quality disregarding the fact it would be emotional. Even though he’s a boro boy it would be like a homecoming,


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