This week, we’re joined by Kev Robinson from Burnley FC blog No Nay Never for a look ahead to this weekends Championship clash.

Ryan – We last met in pre-season last year, are you looking forward to playing us again on Saturday?

Kev – I’m disappointed you don’t have Tresor Kandol any more, he offered great value for my £10 in that friendly – quite how he missed so many sitters I don’t know. Despite your recent lows, Leeds is still a big match and you do have a lot of supporters in the area – it’s a match where we need a result to get one over on our mates really.

Ryan – A fair few games got called off last weekend, do you think Saturday’s game will get the go-ahead?

Kev – I’d be very surprised if it didn’t.  We’ve invested heavily in the pitch this summer and even in recent years snow has had little impact.  When we beat Arsenal a couple of year back there had been more snowfall than we’ve had this past week and there were no issues so I don’t envisage a problem.

Ryan – In an article on the Lancashire Times website, ex-Burnley man Leighton James spoke about Burnley’s long standing rivalry with Leeds. Is it a game Burnely fans particularly look out for?

Kev – I don’t think it’s particularly a Burnley thing.  Leeds is probably a match most fans look out for as you are still perceived as a big-ish side.  Being down in League One for a couple of year has probably made the tie a little tastier, there’s an unpredictability.

Ryan – After a taster of the Premiership last year, are you desperate to get back up there?

Kev – Despite not having the most success, we enjoyed last season ever so much. We’ve seen what clubs adopting a similar model to us can do, and the hunger is very much there in the stands.  We’ve suffered so much in the past 40 years and this is our time to get revenge on the history books.

Ryan – Where do you realistically expect to finish this season?

Kev – With the current setup, I expect to finish around 5-10.  We have the potential to finish higher up, I’m not sure automatic is in sight any more, but with changes in the dugout we can start to get some momentum to become a real force.

Ryan – We had Clarke Carlisle at Elland Road back in the 2004/05 and I’m sure he’ll get a decent reception from the Leeds faithful. We know what he’s like but who else should we be looking out for in your team?

Kev – Clarke seems to be a figure of ridicule amongst the Leeds fans I know, but he’s been great for us on the whole.  He’s a great ambassator for our club.  Jack Cork in midfield is a cracking little footballer and after nicking his first of the season will be fired up for more.  Chris Eagles has found his form again and is beginning to play with more consistency this season.

Ryan – If you could sign one current Leeds player for Burnley, who would it be and why?

Kev – I can’t claim to be an expert in your squad, but the one area of the pitch we have a little uncertainty over is the centre of midfield, and the Leeds fans I know rave about Jon Howson – I think he’s got a few goals this season too, so I’ll take him if you don’t mind.

TSS – We’ll be keeping Jonny if it’s all the same with you? We do have an excellent midfielder in the form of Bradley Johnson available for transfer though… we’ll sell him to you cheap…

Ryan – Finally, what’s your prediction for the game? I’m going with a 2-1 Leeds win!

Kev – It’s anybody’s guess.  We’re not playing particularly well but are still managing to pick up results at home on the whole.  We’ve come back from behind three or four times at the Turf now to pick up three points, twice completing the comeback in injury time – so even if you have a two goal lead with ten left, I’d hesitate on calling an away win.  It depends how much fight we turn up with.

Ryan – Thanks for taking part, enjoy the game!

Kev – Thanks, enjoy your next game.