From Sowetto to Soccer Superstar

Still recovering from works Christmas party last night, I’m feeling very seasonal indeed this morning so thought I’d embrace the spirit of Christmas by giving away a copy of ‘Lucas Radebe: From Soweto to Soccer Superstar

As a thank you to The Scratching Shed’s 900+ strong army of followers on Twitter, to enter this competition you need to be a member of Twitter and following TSS. (Click here to follow TSS)

Since the competition prize is a copy of the Chief’s autobiography, we thought we’d use the opportunity to start a bit of a mini-trend amongst Leeds United fans, so to enter all you have to do is tag a tweet with #HailtotheChief and send it to @ScratchingShed1. Feel free to get creative with the remainder of those 140 characters.

The competition will run until 5pm tomorrow (the 17th of December) at which point we’ll announce the winner on Twitter. Good luck.

6 Responses

  1. Mike

    I would feel such a twit tweeting on twitter, I better go and buy myself a copy, No offence :-)

  2. TSS


    Haha, none taken. Clever play with words… “Twit” “Twitter”… erm… lol

  3. Martin Lazialle

    Sorry, but I´m one of the 900+ soldiers of TSS Army who doesn´t have (or like) Twiter. From Argentina: MOT!

  4. TheReaper08

    Join Twitter for a slightly worse than 1 in 900 chance to win a book. Can’t say as I fancy the odds but I am now an official follower.

  5. TSS

    The odds are actually considerably better than that because not everyone will enter. In fact, the competitions we’ve run previously – aside from tickets – have had about 100 entrants and I’d be surprised if this exceeded that.

    As for those not on Twitter, there will be another comp tomorrow (I think?) and that won’t have any such exclusions. Although the prize will be aimed more at those with kids.

  6. TheReaper08

    @TSS Just noticed the sending a tweet bit so looks like my chances of winning have just dimnished. The kids prize tomorrow, something an 8 month old could use/grow in to ?


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