Here chubby, chubby, chubby...

In an interview with FourFourTwo, Tomas Brolin told how his memories of life in Leeds still made him bitter.

Funnily enough Tubs – the Leeds fans don’t recall the situation with much enthusiasm either!

Brolin arrived at Elland Road in 1995 for £4.5m. In the days before Peter Ridsdale, Russian gangsters and Arab Sheikhs, this was an enormous amount of money for a team to be spending on a player, but Brolin came with an overwhelming amount of hype that couldn’t help you question whether this Leeds United side would be looking down from the top of the Premier League in May – especially with the genius of Tony Yeboah as his partner up front.

But Brolin will be remembered at Elland Road for a disastrous series of injuries, his overweight frame and his distinct lack of goals (which worked out at a mere £1.125m each! Bargain, right?)

On the rare occasion he did make an appearance for Leeds United (roughly once a month on average), the chubby Swede failed to live up to the hype. Not only was he overweight, but he was lacking in effort and entertainment value too (for the Leeds fans at least – our opponents found him highly entertaining!)

Brolin was eventually sold in 1997 for a loss of £2m, and was forever consigned to the ‘what the **** were we thinking?’ pile of ex-players and management. These days, he’s the stuff of Elland Road folklore. The self-deprecating Leeds fans prefer to laugh at the Chubster’s signing, rather than dwell on it bitterly – but make no mistake Tomas. Deep down, we’re just as bitter as you are!