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Bradley Johnson was taunted and booed by Leeds United fans when substituted ten minutes into the second half of Leeds’ clash against Crystal Palace this weekend, and has reacted with a desperate plea for understanding from the Elland Road faithful.

Johnson tells the Telegraph & Argus that he wants to sign a new contract with Leeds United and that he loves both the club, and it’s fans.

“It’s hard to take. I love the club, I love the fans and I want to be here. There’s been a breakdown in communications with my contract and I want to get it sorted.”

The midfielder talks fondly of his time at Elland Road, saying he joined to help the club achieve promotion from League One and that he now wants to help the club make a long awaited Premier League return.

Johnson says he understands the Leeds United fans booing him, but feels he has been unfairly vilified because the supporters don’t have a clear understanding of what has gone on behind closed doors.

Personally, I felt the booing was partly down to an absolutely dreadful performance from the midfielder (and not helped by the chairman’s idiotic programme notes). In these situations, it can appear as though the player’s head is elsewhere but Johnson dismisses that suggestion, saying he will always give 100% whilst wearing a Leeds shirt before going on to talk about his team mates desire for him to stay;

“I love the club, I love the fans and I love the boys. I go in every day training with them with a smile on my face. They are a great bunch of lads and I want to be here with them.

“They all want me to sign. Every day they are asking me what’s happening but its down to my agent and the club and hopefully it can be sorted. I will wait as long as it takes but I don’t like being booed.”

Elsewhere, Simon Grayson has called for Luciano Becchio to repay Leeds United for the faith they’ve shown in him by signing on the dotted line;

“Contract talks with Luciano are on-going but he has said he wants to stay. We plucked him from the third division of the Spanish League and helped to make him a better player, so you hope for some loyalty from players in return.”

Despite reassuring words from the striker a few weeks back, the Argentinian’s contract talks are still on-going, with speculation of an exit and interest from other clubs growing daily.

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  1. White to the core

    Johnsons a sackless under talented sack of s**t. Leaving Leeds is the best bit of skill he could show the fans all season. He continues to think he’s Pele everytime he gets the ball in opposition half, which invariably ends up in row Z! He gives away possession all too easily and has no technical ability whatsoever. Division 1 at best. We need to be bringing in prem ready players, not keeping blue square premier quality players. And Johnsons not the only one in that bracket either. Johnson go, and shut the door quietly on your way out you’re not wanted at Elland Rd. Mot

  2. West Stand Rebel

    What fans forget is that all our players are up for sale or will be readily moved on should they try to get better wages from Uncle Scrooge. Bradley is no exception. He is 23 and as we know a footballer’s life span is often less than ten years. In that time they or their agents have to maximise their earning potential. Call them greedy bas***** if you want but you will change nothing in a free market place.
    The list of good and even great footballers going through the revolving doors at ER in recent years is testament to the fact we are still basically a bankrupt flush. Sure we can keep our heads above water with a large fan base but that is it. We own nothing and even our “owners” are unknown. Booing Bradley Johnson is simply a waste of your breath . It achieves nothing most of all for Uncle Ken because if his stock value as a player goes down then the club loses even more money when he leaves.

    • White to the core

      We don’t want rid of Johnson because he is a greedy boy, (everyone knows that captain birdseye Bates is a tight wad expecting to pay our players league one wages). We want rid of Johnson because donkeyboy is not good enough to play at this level and we should be building for the future. A future in the premiership. Simply put Bradley Pele Johnson aint good enough!

  3. md

    West Stand Rebel,so if a players career is possibly only 10 years are you saying they should be able to earn enough in 10 years so they never have to work again?

    This is what most players seem to think, shame it is not the scenario for the rest of us who generally have to work until we are 65 or even longer.

    • West Stand Rebel

      You are right MD most of us have to work till we are 65 or I guess in future 70 and beyond before we retire. Footballers who can earn enough in a career to retire are in reality few and far between. Outside the Premiership wages are generally much lower. I compare footballers to musicians. There are thousands of bands and thousands of footballers. Most never make it or have the talent to make it and fall by the wayside never to be heard of again.
      The marketplace determines a players value to a club nothing else. You and I may find the whole thing distasteful with money grubbing agents and players trying to extract as much as possible but the truth is if a club is prepared to pay that kind of money then that is their market value.

  4. Gryff

    I’m concerned about Becchio and hope both that he won’t be too greedy & the club won’t be too stingy. I’ve criticised him often enough but he’s doing a role for us that I don’t see anybody (reliably) taking any time soon without a possible big-bucks signing.

    In terms of BJ he was just about good enough, in my opinion, in L1 because of his athleticism but his technique and footballing brain was often lacking. He’s in the Championship now and his weaknesses aren’t getting any less.

    He should remember when he allows his agent to ‘handle’ the negotiations that he’s not guaranteed regular Championship football if he leaves Leeds and that while he might fit into our team (and even then the jury’s still out on that), the likes of Eustace & Montgomery who we pulled out of signing for next to nothing last season are just as good. If he asks for too much money he’ll simply price himself out of the club.

  5. ellamforengland

    md. He is not earning 188,000 a week and he will not be making money from Leeds when he is 65, unlike some Revie legends. So if he and his “agent” want to make the most out of playing for one of the biggest club sides in the world good luck to him. At least he gives his all, and the other near out of contract two are not exactly pledging much. werlds.

  6. White to the core

    Johnson in your words may always give 100% then so do i everytime i sit on the shitter, but the end result (like your BJ) is always the same – a pile of shit!

  7. Thomas Hill

    I would sell Johnson in January, the quicker he is gone the better. He got some stick on Saturday not only because he has rejected a contract, but mainly due to the fact he played shit. His passes were poor as they often are, and I think he could have tried a little harder in order to stop the cross that Palace scored from. Sometimes he can produce the odd goal, or his trademark thunderbolt shots, how many really come off though?
    He has been a good servant to us in League One however I think he is a good league one player at best. He has rejected a contract and we could sell him in January and use the wages to sign somebody with far more talent. We need to start bringing in players from the premiership in order for us to be back where we belong.

  8. ellamforengland

    white to the core. Well cheers for that, not only have I now got an image of a bloke I dont even know sitting on the shitter, he’s actually giving birth to a log in the image of BJ (as you call him.)
    nice one! werlds

    • White to the core

      No probs my friend. Now you mention it the one ive just dropped does indeed bare an uncanny resemblance to our whining midfield misfit. Mind damn sight easier to get rid of. :o)


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