January exit for Bradders?

With Bradley Johnson and Leeds United still unable to agree terms on a new contract at Elland Road, and with the Whites chairman initiating a heated war of words last week, speculation over the midfielders future grows with Sky Sports now linking him to four different clubs.

With N’Zogbia and Cleverly expected to leave Wigan in the January transfer window, Sky Sports claims Roberto Martinez may see Bradley Johnson as an ideal replacement.

Leeds United fans have been largely indifferent to the news that Bradley Johnson may be leaving, but Simon Grayson will be more concerned with such suggestions as the midfielder is a regular figure in his Leeds United side having made over 100 appearances since joining the club in 2007.

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  1. EYLeeds

    Considering that Martinez likes to play a short passing game that would rule him out of a move to Wigan.
    Sheff Utd would be the most likely but with Speed leaving that might be doubtful. Still expect BJ to sign a one year extension.

  2. Shez

    I really don’t see how Bradders is ready for the Prem at all. I certainly think he would be very fortunate to get a move to Prem club considering his lack of natural ability. Of all the above, bolton probably would fit the bill in a swap for O’Brian plus cash – I’d literally snap their hand off for that deal! I’d say O’Brien is worth less as he’s 32 and Bradley is 23? THat’s some gap in footballing terms. So I’d take O’Brien plus, say £500,000? That’s 100% profit on the £250,000 outlay and a quality centre-half who has a couple of good years left at CHampionship level, or possibly Prem if we go up this season? The only thing is his plublic spat cause by Pappa Smurf and his Yorkshire Radio propaganda tool. It doesn’t attract players when your Chairman is mouthing off in public like that. Praying Becchio stays though.

  3. Ally

    If Johnson wants to stay he should get a realistic view of his worth and tell his agent to shut up. At leeds he’s got a chance to be noticed, if he can keep the ball below 50ft,if he moves he’ll end up an annonomous squad member like beckford.

  4. Side Before Self

    As much as i’d like O’brian plus cash, settle for just O’brian. Or a straight swap for McArthur or Koumas if he goes to Wigan

  5. KohSamuiWhites

    I think BJs days at Leeds are numbered.The fans have voiced their indifference to his wage demands.A swap deal for O,Brien suits both parties,with a little cash would be a bonus,and it forces SG hand to look for a replacement either from inside the current squad or in the transfer window.SG will not drop him unless he picks up an injury.Sorry for Richard Naylor but i breathed a sigh of relief when he picked up his injury.Good luck BJ with your search for financial parity or whatever you call it.Will watch out for you in league 1 in a season or so,you never know you might hook up with your old pal Jermaine Beckford.MOT.

  6. Christopher Gee

    BJ may not look much, but our manager, and the other ones reportedly interested in him, will have noticed that since he moved into central midfield as a replacement for Faye at Scunthorpe we have gone 8 games unbeaten. That’s a lot of pitch time for a player to be carried by the rest of the team, as some of the comments might suggest. He’s relatively young and he brings a physical presence to the midfield that Howson and Kilkenny don’t have.

  7. Paul South Wales

    Agree with derbyshirewhite, he’s doing something right to keep his place. He may not be the most talented player we have but he gives the most presence in midfield. Faye isn’t fit enough and the other MF’s are all attack minded. If he goes he goes, but he doesn’t deserve all the lambasting he’s getting, that said a swap for McArthur would be good, we’ll see

  8. Dubwhite

    No chance of us getting Mc Arthur in as he’s worth well over the 1.2 million Wigan paid for him ( prem wages?) and the fact that he’s still recovering from a bad injury and won’t be fit till febuary at least. Don’t like all this bradders bashing he’s still one of us isn’t he??

  9. Mike

    Agree, no need to bad mouth him, he does his job to the best of his ability and Larry must think he is the best we have got for the position he plays.
    If he thinks he can get paid more by someone else thats his privilege and as long as he is in the shop window whilst on the for sale list thats ok.
    We may just get our money back, got to agree a straight swap for O Brien seems ok.

  10. Colin

    I think the outcome will be the same as Beckford – he’ll stay until the end of the season and go on a free. And the same goes for Becchio and Kilkenny.

    I’m not knocking the players – they want a decent pay rise, and from the sounds of what has come out of the Bates vs Bradley public debacle, Johnson isn’t asking for stupid wages.

    We can have a go at ‘greedy’ players and agents as much as we like, but the facts are that Leeds are 4th in the Championship and have a higher financial turnover than any other club in this league. Okay, Leeds aren’t making much money, but they are making money as opposed to many other clubs that are reporting £10m+ losses. We know, the agents know, the players know and the board know that Leeds can afford to pay enough to the players to keep them. But the club refuse to do so. Now the whole ‘Leeds won’t be taken for granted by players and agents’ spiel sounds very admirable but there is another key point:

    We lost Beckford for nothing. I think the same will happen with Becchio, Johnson and Kilkenny. We can debate all night long on how good each of them are, but if that happens – Leeds would have lost 4 first team players for a return of £0. The players we want to get rid off we have had to pay-off or send on loan, costing us money. The players we don’t necessarily want to go, but have turned down contracts, give us no money in return.

    What’s the real street value of Becks, Becchio, Bradders and Kilkenny? I’d estimate £10m at least.

    With this board in charge we won’t even get £10 for the lot of them.

    Players come and go from teams – I accept that. But it’s unacceptable for a board to lose players that are in the first team and get no money back. That’s bad contract management.

    • Colin

      Paul – when I said £10m I meant that would be their value on long term contracts (which we could offer them, could have in Beckford’s case). If you think we can buy a PL (Everton) striker, 2 first team Championship midfielders and a first team Champ striker for £4m, who have 2-3 years of their contract left, then you’re on Planet Bates.

  11. paulg


    We’re not in L1 any more – we don’t necessarily have a higher turnover than other clubs. On gates, Derby actually average more than us (26k against 25k), and there are another 6 or 7 who are at 20k+. Several of those have parachute payments, as well …..

    On the other hand, we still have one of the biggest squads in the Champ, with quite a few players who will be on a decent whack, but don’t figure in SG’s plans – Crowe, Bromby for example.

    Trouble is, you give in to one player’s wage demands, and you’ll have all the others queueing up for “parity” next morning …..

    We saw that model under Ridsdale. Therein lies madness …..

    • Colin


      so all we need to do is find another 3 players on a free as good as Johnson, Becchio and Kilkenny who are willing to take a wage that those 3 find unacceptable and we’ll be quids in.

      If that’s the case, then Grayson better get looking now for the next Howson, Snodgrass and Schmeichel, because if we treat them the same way, then in June 2011, they will give us a big 2 fingers and go somewhere else on a free as well.

      And if that happens then we can also give a big 2 fingers to the PL, because we won’t be even close anytime soon.

      But that’s okay, because we can take the moral high ground, Leeds United haven’t been held to ransom, Bates is still turning a profit and we’re still paying high ticket/shirt/LUTV prices.

      • TheReaper08

        @colin Not necessarily so. The club are not saying they won’t pay higher wages, they are just saying Johnson is not worth it. As you will see from the popular opinon most people support this.

        In the case of Becchio it could be the lure of the PL as has been indicated and the glamour and vastly increased wages that follows.

        As of yet we haven’t heard about Kilkenny so who know’s what’s happening there.

      • Colin

        I hope you’re right Reaper, I really do.

        But knowing what you know and having seen what you’ve seen – especially Somma signing his contract and not much else from the others apart from the Bates/Johnson verbals, if you could put it into percentages, what % chance do you give for each of those players wearing a Leeds shirt next season???

  12. TheReaper08

    @colin I really don’t know. I don’t agree with Bates attacking players and believe that if he follows suit with the others probably no chance of any of them re-signing. I find the concept of the chairman sharing information quite refreshing had it of been a one line statement and not a personal attack

    I share your concerns about letting any first team player leave without adequately replacing them.

  13. Ron

    Fair dues to Johnson as rightly pointed out by many. I really don’t care what happens, as long as the contract sagas don’t impact the dressing room and thus our results. I for one are astonished that we sit 4th at the moment and it’s proof no matter what is happening in the boardroom that it’s not affecting our squad. Well done Larry. The best way for us to keep Becchio is to keep winning and QPR’s scalp on the weekend will give the squad real belief of promotion this year. I know our squad is big and costly, yet I feel this depth will have us coming through the Xmas schedule better than most.

  14. Irving08

    If Johnson goes, SG will have to revert to the old formation; there is no-one in the squad who can currently do Johnson;’s job. Then we start losing games again; it’s as simple as that. I think Bates and those who agree with him have just got Johnson’s value wrong. As for 95% of fans not rating him, (a) that is an exaggeration and (b) fans have been spectacularly wrong before on players at Leeds, eg Dennis Irwin. After yesterday’s game Mr Bates and those who think like him on this matter should start thinking again.

  15. TheReaper08

    It’s quite simple you just obtain a replacement in the January window. About the only player in world football that is not replaceable is probably Lionel Messi and Bradley Johnson isn’t fit to shine his boots.

    There would be no need to change formation and whilst I accept 95% might be an exaggeration it isn’t far off.

    • Irving08

      Obtaining a replacment in January who can do the same job from day one will be nigh on impossible. That job in case you need reminding is to allow Howson to continue in his present role and not to exahust Snoddy and Gradel by expecting them to do too much defensive work. As for your percentages they mean nothing: as in surveys it depends on the question people are asked. Besides it’s what the manager thinks that counts and SG obviously wants him to stay. Generally I don’t get this continual harping on about shortcomings of players picked for the team – while they are in it, so far as I am concerned they will get 100% of my support. What is it anway with some Leeds fans ? (West Stand ?). I have been watching the Whites since 1956 (before we were white, of course) and soem fans always find someone or something to pick on (even Gilesy used to get stick, let alone poor Terry Yorath). Is it something in the West Yorkshire water or what ?
      So stop being such acurmudgeon: give credit where it is due and get behind anyone who might be going through a tough time.

  16. TheReaper08

    @Irving08 I back every player whilst they are on the pitch with Leeds, 100%.

    I believe Johnson is limited and easily replaced and I stand by that.

    Credit goes to SG and the TEAM for what they have achieved so far, an awesome achievment so far.

  17. Irving08

    @the reaper08 Good to hear that, as long as you don’t feel quiet satisfaction when a player you don’t rate slips up. Anyhow let me know of any accessible left sided players who can head a ball as good as Johnno, can wade in with a few goals (eg last season when playing more forward) and can get around the pitch like him (big turning circle notwithstanding). Then we have something really worth debating.


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