Bremner lifting the FA Cup (1972)

Today marks 13 years since the passing of our clubs biggest hero, Billy Bremner.

No one person has ever epitomised the spirit of Leeds United quite like Billy Bremner did. His ‘side before self’ philosophy still resonates today, and no matter how good a footballer may be, they will never completely win the hearts and minds of Leeds United fans without showing a similarly selfless, hard-working, committed and determined attitude towards the club.

The statue outside Elland Road – today marked with flowers – stands as a fitting tribute to the captain of the crew. Through these difficult and unglamorous times outside the Premier League, the bronze statue of Billy Bremner with his arms aloft reminds us all that we’ve been in this situation before, but through sheer hard-work, commitment and love for Leeds United FC, we rose to become the most feared team in Europe.

The statue also stands as a reminder to our current players, that the Leeds United fans never forget those legendary few who embodied the side before self attitude and gave everything they had for the cause.

1942-1997. Billy “captain of the crew” Bremner. Never forgotten.

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  1. henry vincent lewis

    Well said TSS.
    The statue of Billy is brilliant, and it was not so long ago!
    But no matter how many years pass there will never be another of his quality and passion.
    I hope the statue of Don will be just as cherished!
    Father and son!!
    That’s why Ipicked my avatar – lest we forget.

    • Richard

      Spot on mate, I’ll never forget the confidence and pride I used to feel walking down to ER for the match. With Billy in the middle and Big Don on the side we were unbeatable. Will we ever see their likes again? RIP and thanks to both legends.

  2. Thomas Hill

    It’s sad how today money is becoming more and more influential in football. There wont be another player like Billy who puts the club before themselves no matter what. The statue outside the ground is a fantastic tribute to a man that should never be forgotten.

    • TSS


      I dunno, I kind of remain hopeful that players like Howson and Snoddy will come to represent the Billy Bremner equivalents of this generation. They both have the talent to remain at this club as we progress, and both really seem to love the club, so why not?

      • Thomas Hill

        Ye I can see what you mean, at the moment there showing signs of huge potential and them staying at the club for a while will be great. Howson I think it is getting better and better every game, I think in a way the captaincy has brought something out in him. Snodgrass has the potential to play in the premier league so I guess he is another.

        Whether they will though is still a doubt in my mind I hope they can though.

  3. White to the core

    A legend in the true sense of the word. After waiting 14years to manage his beloved club he so wanted to copy his mentor Don at the helm. Such a pity he was never to get the time. Gone but never forgotten.


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