As many of you may have already seen, the site has introduced a new header and logo over the past couple of days.

The new designs have been professionally created for us by Wes of the New York Whites and his team of graphic geniuses at Confid3ntial.

We hope you all like the new look of The Scratching Shed just as much as we do and will help send our thanks to Confid3ntial for their efforts.

If you’re looking to hire the team behind TSS’ re-branding or are just interested in seeing more of the work done by Confid3ntial, you should point your browsers towards

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  1. TSS


    …and the official creative director of Leeds United Americas as pointed out above! :)

    Legend to Leeds fans across the world!

    Think he now classes as Honorary Creative Director of TSS too! He made more progress in two weeks than I’ve made in two years lol.


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