#01 – What a difference a week makes!

A 4-1 victory away to Scunthorpe United gave Leeds their first win in three. It also gave Simon Grayson some much needed breathing space after several heavy defeats had resulted in calls for a new manager.

#02 – Jonny Howson, the man, the God, the legend…

Another man who has come in for considerable criticism of late was Jonny Howson, but the midfielder was given license to attack against Scunthorpe and repaid Simon Grayson’s faith with a first career hattrick. Never doubted him for a second…

#03 – League One’s finest

Mike Grella dominated The Scratching Shed’s loan watch feature for the second week as he scored again at Carlisle to earn the Cumbrian’s a point. Davide Somma mark II perhaps?

#04 – McSheffrey unloved at Leeds

Former Elland Road loanee McSheffrey has spent the week whining ahead of this weekend’s visit to the Ricoh. McSheffrey arrogantly believes he deserved a contract in the summer after failing to impress pretty much everyone during his time at Leeds. Now scoring for fun at Coventry, you can pretty much guarantee he’ll come back to haunt us this weekend.

#05 – Hmmm…

Former Leeds United first team coach and now Coventry City boss, Aidy Boothroyd is the latest victim of Simon Grayson’s cunning. A mix of heavy defeats and free-scoring victories prompted Aidy to admit he didn’t have a clue what to expect from Leeds… Nor do most of the fans Aidy!

#06 – Bates: My cash cow is failing!

The lack of million-pound youngsters emerging from Thorp Arch over recent years left Ken Bates with no choice but to sack academy boss, Neil Thompson. His time in charge of the academy has been one of mass exodus with the majority of talent exiting for the Premier League reserve teams. Ken Bates has never been the sympathetic type though, and Thompson’s failure to produce a Fabian Delph every year was his ultimate downfall.

It’s believed Ken Bates’ restaurant and conference empire has been struggling without the aid of saleable youngsters to build new ones (on land we don’t own).

#07 – Thorp Arch – The sugar-coated reason

Of course, Ken Bates’ story is a little different from my own conclusions. The bearded maestro claims he wants to see a team of Yorkshire boys ruling the world and Thompson failed to produce the kind of talent he demanded.

#08 – Jay Bothroyd joins the ‘blame it on Leeds’ club

New president of the ‘blame everything on Leeds United society,’ Jay Bothroyd has been banned for the Cardiff and Swansea derby after receiving his fifth yellow card of the season. But it wasn’t his dangerous tackling or bad behaviour that earned him the ban – it was Leeds United. All the media attention following his horrendous lunge at Becchio forced the ref to book him! We’ve sent our sympathies.

#09 – Johnson wants more cash

We learnt this week that Bradley Johnson thinks he’s a superstar midfielder worthy of an over-inflated salary after talks for a three year contract extension broke down with the club. With only 29% of fans saying we should retain his services, it’s fair to say he won’t be missed.

#10 – New team required – August 2011 start!

If you’re one of the unfortunate people who has lost their job in these difficult financial times, you may be in luck. Leeds United will be looking for an entirely new team by August if they don’t agree new contracts soon with around a dozen players. All you need is a pair of football boots, a few years of spectating experience and a ‘he tries’ approach to the game. Crowd favourite guaranteed.

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  1. catterick white

    cant help thinkin next weeks no.1 will be the same as this weeks – what a difference a week makes… who knows what we’ll get this weekend? got that horrible leeds pessimism cloud over head every time i hear mcsheffrey! Think we need a cull come jan – about time we had quality n not quantity.

  2. EYLeeds

    I’m hoping Grayson rests all the first team against Coventry so that they are all fresh against Hull. It’s not that I’m worried about them, but local bragging rights must be secured at all costs where I live!

    Also hope we give Doyle a good reception tomorrow after reading his comments about his time at Leeds. Shows a level of class that McSheffrey should aspire to.

  3. lar

    good reading tss,the way things are building up at elland road…it far from the rebuilding of leeds united,the amount of talent thats sold,the coaching staff gone,the absolute lie of the ownership of elland road and thorp arch,the amount of donkeys playing and that have played for leeds,in all honesty is simon grayson the man for leeds,ken bates..is leeds in his heart or his pocket,i wonder how much money we owe if we return to the premiership,could ken bates sins come back to haunt leeds…i have never seen a club twisted and turned as leeds united……after all this the huge fan base sticks with them.
    i wonder where its all going to end.

  4. Mike

    It’s not going to end anywhere, it will just continue and I see that TSS still has only one eye and no gratitude… He has forgotten the krasner days and the Morris promises etc

  5. Colin

    @TSS – #07 – Thorp Arch

    I think it was a bit naughty for Ken to give his support to changes at TA to produce strong Yorkshire Boys.

    I tell you what support I would have liked to have seen – “If you think about it there hasn’t been a new name coming out of the academy for two or three seasons now.

    “Leeds should be primarily a strong Yorkshire team and you won’t get that unless you sign strong Yorkshire boys and that is what we are hoping to do.

    “Every now and again clubs do change their philosophy.”


    Now I’m not expecting it to bought back this year, next year, year after, but there’s no excuse for not having a plan.

    How do you invest in getting strong Yorkshire boys? Spend money on their development. The only spending we’ve been doing on this joint is the rental payments since Clown Krasner sold it off.

    Here’s how much we have paid, since it was sold and re-sold in 2004/05:

    2005 £430,000
    2006 £442,900
    2007 £456,187
    2008 £469,873
    2009 £483,969
    2010 £498,488

    That’s £2.8m we’ve pissed away that could have been spent on strong Yorkshire Boys.

    Now I’m no Youth Development expert, but if you’d have given me £2.8m to spend over 5 years on finding strong Yorkshire – even I’d have found a dozen potential gems.

    If Leeds want to revolutionise youth development, then it starts at the top – the man who should have gone is Gwyn Williams. How long has this Chelsea reject (described by Claudio Ranieri, when he was Chelsea manager, as “clueless”) been sat on his fat arse on the Leeds payroll? What’s he done? I’ll tell you – he found Becchio.

    Well done.

  6. Dje


    Fine point, and some impressive – albeit depressing – figures there too.

    I take it those additional rental costs are on top of the £1m+ running costs per annum that the Academy costs. So that is essentially £1.5m a year to operate, and you can suddenly see why tight-fisted Ken Bates is bawking at not producing a nice little earner in a Delph 2.0.

    It also nicely explains to those who still think that Bates has ‘the Delph money’ stuffed away in a piggy bank somewhere, that such money no longer exists. Whether it was £2m or £6m we got for Delph – that money has paid for the running of the Academy since the day he left and, so far at least, has produced absolutely nowt in those three years.

  7. Colin

    Mmmmm…very good result against a good team.

    Reasons to be cheerful:

    Captain Howson up to 5 goals so far.
    Snodgrass looking like the Snoddy we remember from last season.
    26 goals scored in 15 games (forget about the 28 against :) )

    Oh, and I nearly forgot this…

    1 QPR 33
    2 Cardiff 32
    3 Swansea26
    4 Coventry 24
    5 Ipswich 24
    6 Norwich 24

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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