Somma signed, Becchio next?

Luciano Becchio has gone some way to quashing rumours of an Elland Road exit by revealing he wants to stay at Leeds and is ready to sign a new contract.

The Argentinian striker’s current deal ends in the summer, which has led to speculation linking him with both Hull and Stoke City. But Becchio, 26 revealed he is very happy at the club and wants to join fellow countryman, Carlos Teves in the Premier League as a Leeds United player;

“I want to stay here. I want to live here. My agent has spoken with Leeds and I am ready to sign a new contract.

“Of course I see Leeds going into the Premier League and I want to be part of that. I would like to play with Leeds against Carlos Tevez.

“Tevez was my friend when we were young together with Boca. He is a great player and he is going well for Manchester City.

Following an inspired super-sub performance at the weekend, Simon Grayson joked that his hat-trick from the bench had increased Becchio’s negotiating power, butalso confirmed the Argentinian was an important part of his plans, and that he was keen to keep him at Elland Road.

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  1. Benjamin Newsome

    With the way things are going, it wouldnt suprise me if Becchio was called up to the Argentinian squad!
    gradel for ivory coast, somma for south africa, really wouldnt suprise me now.

  2. chris from wakey

    Bechios contract:-

    I tend to think that Mr Bates is doing the right things in terms of keeping an “affordable” wages structure but we have a massive squad with lots of players who don’t seem to get a sniff of first team action and a few players – only a few – who stand out as being worth a bit more than the current maximum since we wouldn’t really want to lose them. This being the case isn’t there an argument for a higher quality – more expensive – squad but smaller. Is it not time to look at quality and not quantity.

  3. KN

    Totally off topic but checkout the video i put on the TSS facebook page. It’s my 5 year olds Kindergarten class in Korea. It’s safe to say we now have a Korean Leeds United Supporters Club! MOT

  4. Gryff

    Gold-dust. That’s what even average strikers are on the English market.
    So having a lad who had all the hallmarks in the youth-stages, and who is scoring freely for us at the moment, tied to a reasonably long contract is extra important.

    UNLIKE unfit scousers just come up from non-league football and ex-Blades defenders who aren’t considered good enough to come in for Richard Naylor!

  5. Christopher Gee

    A 2% pa cost of living increase and a turn at being captain when Howson isn’t playing

  6. Dave

    Why would he want to go to hull? He is already living in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the UK and playing for one of the countries biggest clubs, going to Hull would be a step backwards.

  7. les irwin

    hull would be more than a step back ,is this a betfair rumour , hull willl never play in prem again ,leeds will if he is ambitious there is only one choic ebetween us and hull and he wants to stay with us so unless a prem team comes i think he will ,looks like killkenny has some sides sniffing according to sky with his contract up we might cash in personally i wouldn,t be that bothered to see him go we could easily replace him and i bet he is one of our top earners coming from brum as he did .lets hop efor once becchio shows some loyalty and does stay he still has time on his hands and a promotion to prem might get him back to a big team abroad eventually

  8. Gryff

    Considering my money (figuratively, as I don’t bet) is on Hull to go bust at the end of the season if they’re not promoted (and i’m not without pundit support on this one), I’d piss myself laughing if Becchio was stupid enough to go to Hull.

    That said, he’s already said today that he wants to stay at Leeds!

  9. John Salkeld

    Great news. I think Becchio could cut it in the Premier League and it won’t be too long before we’re there.


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