Here at the Scratching Shed we always try to offer an unbiased, honest and totally impartial opinion ahead of, during and after Leeds United games… We’re rarely successful in our attempts, but before you read this preview of Leeds United v Hull City I thought it was important that you know “we tried”.

Who the f**k are Hull City?

Hull is a  small fishing town full of ex-Leeds fans that jumped on the Hull City FC bandwagon when the Tigers (ra, ra, ra) thought they were big enough to sustain a place in the Premier League.

The Premier League dream was realised in 2008, but still no one cared about Hull and after struggling to attract quality players and investment, they were sent back down in 2010. Currently 20th in the Championship, it seems the natural order of things is slowly being restored as Hull head for financial Armageddon and another relegation.

Previous encounters

There’s little history between these two clubs as Hull and Leeds have spent much of their existences playing at different levels. For the most part, Leeds have been the superior team, but the universe swung wildly out of control a few years back allowing the Tigers (ra ra ra) a brief spell of superiority (in terms of league position at least).

The last time we did meet was a season of mixed fortunes for the two sets of fans. Leeds were heading to League One for the first time in our history whilst Hull City were heading to the Premier League for the final time in theres. Despite the contrasting directions of both clubs, Leeds still maintained their superiority with a 2-1 win over the Tigers (ra ra ra).

Season so far

Whilst we Leeds United fans whine about inconsistencies that see us in 8th place in the Championship, spare a thought (or a laugh) for Hull who are struggling down in 20th position having scored just 10 goals in 15 games.

The Tigers (ra ra ra) will need little motivation ahead of this one, but neither will their manager, Nigel Pearson who is worried his job may be on the line if he can’t turn things around quickly.

Team news

Leeds welcome back Kasper Schmeichel after he missed the Coventry game to attend the birth of his son. Max Gradel and Amdy Faye are set for last minute fitness checks after missing Monday’s training with knocks picked up at the Ricoh whilst Richard Naylor, Sanchez Watt and Patrick Kisnorbo remain on Leeds’ injury list.

Hull City are also without some key players, most notably Jimmy Bullard and Caleb Folan. Former Leeds player, Nick Barmby plays for the Tigers (ra ra ra) but was warming the bench at the weekend and isn’t expected to start.

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  1. Benjamin Newsome

    As in the Nick Barmby? That used to play for us 6 million years ago?

  2. TYeboah

    “Hull is a small fishing town full of ex-Leeds fans that jumped on the Hull City FC bandwagon when the Tigers (ra, ra, ra) thought they were big enough to sustain a place in the Premier League”

    Having a dig at your own fans is a bit much, I think you’ll find there is (and has been all along) a loyal LUFC fan base in Hull. What’s really irritating for Leeds fans in Hull is all the men, women and chldren who had no real interest in footbal until 2 years ago. Suddenly they all have season tickets and are lecturing you on football in the Premiership. I’m sure they’ll all be well and truly off the bandwagon when playing in L1 next season.

    As for the game, they have an 18 year old kid (Cullen) and a striker who averages less than 1 goal in 5 (Simpson). We should win and keep a clean sheet but based on the season so far, who knows.

  3. Dan

    Well this is cute, glad Leeds fans have to reassure themselves they are the bigger club, because as everyone knows, Leeds have never had any problems with administration or relegation. Everyone loves leeds. It’s a well known fact. To Leeds fans.

  4. Dje

    Don’t goad their fans too much, or else they might want to leave that cordon sanitaire of a cul-de-sac that is commonly known as Hull. Nothing good ever came out of Hull, so better the devil remains within.

  5. Mike

    I dont share your disdain for Ull, neither am I confident of a win, I just hope it is not a banana skin.

    • TSS


      To be honest with you, I don’t really mind Hull. I just work there a lot and enjoy winding the Yokels up.

  6. Dje

    Probably Sam or (sadly) Johnson or (sadly sadly, ‘lost and wasted on the left wing’) Somma will be in place of Gradel, but I wonder if a missing Amdy Faye will sway Grayson to go 4-4-2 at home?

    In the Yorkshire Post today it said Hull would likely play 4-5-1 – which would make sense – so I’m a little worried if we go all 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 then we could see our born-again midfield become over run and disappear once more at Elland Road.

    That leaves us with the away day success of 4-5-1 and a cagey encounter where pinball ensues in a swamped midfield, but little else. Still, I think in-form Snodgrass, Howson and the return of Sam would favour us more than them in such a tetchy clash. So, a tight victory to us I reckon tonight.

  7. Lambrettaman

    There hasn’t been any fishing in Hull for over thirty years, you clueless gimp.

  8. Udders

    It’s funny how much animosity Leeds fan seem to aim at Hull fans, despite not caring about them. Blogs like this only seem to prove that you do care in some capacity or another.

      • Udders

        @ Ryan H – No. I couldn’t give a crap about Leeds.

        @ TSS You lot? I’m a Town fan, in case you couldn’t guess by the nickname. Never have I claimed we are the biggest team in Yorkshire. I know some Hull fans, and they are spot on. I have never heard them claim they are the biggest team in Yorkshire, but they acknowledge that they are a decent sized club.

      • Ryan H

        Funny how your on a Leeds blog if you reckon not to give a crap about us!!!

    • TSS


      Of course we care. The last few years saw the natural order of things disrupted and we had to listen to you lot claim to be the biggest team in Yorkshire. It’s nice to see the natural order restored and poke fun at you all in the process.

  9. Lambrettaman

    Trawling through our team sheet, I can barely come up with a decent starting XI, but I’ll still skate over to your sole-less plaice tonight. UTT

    • TSS


      Shouldn’t that be ‘up the Tigers, RAAA RAAA RAAA!.’ (Because Tigers go RAAA and you lot called yourselves the Tigers like some American NFL franchise and then your fans cleverly realised the two were linked and created a chant.)

      Genius is a word often overused, but clearly appropriate here.

  10. Gryff

    @TSS you’ve really stirred up controversy with your last two posts, congrats! :-)

    … You haven’t joined the Daily Mail, by any chance?

    Love the article. Love how seriously the Hull fans are taking it!

  11. Udders

    My response is further up the page, for those who missed it –

    @ Ryan H – No. I have very little feeling towards Leeds.

    @ TSS You lot? I’m a Town fan, in case you couldn’t guess by the nickname. Never have I claimed we are the biggest team in Yorkshire. I know some Hull fans, and they are spot on. I have never heard them claim they are the biggest team in Yorkshire, but they acknowledge that they are a decent sized club.

  12. Udders

    @ Ryan H – One of my Leeds mates linked me because they thought it was funny and couldn’t wait to beat ikkle old Hull City. His words not mine.

  13. Dje

    I’ve never understood why Nigel Pearson left a successful Leicester team for newly relegated and looking-in-trouble Hull.

  14. gavlar

    i do enjoy the banter. City n leeds have never had coz rivalry and have only played each other a few times over the last few years because to put it simply we wer not good enough. Its been a dream over the last 8years goin from nobodies to the premierleague. You were a massive club who has fallen from grace n its nice to see your sour grapes went down a treat. Up the tigers blah blah blah

  15. MattK

    It would be just like Hull (as one of a few so called local ‘rivals’) to come and beat us tonight, and just like us to maintain our shocking mid-week record and let them. I’ll go for a narrow Leeds win though.

    No particular feelings about Hull either way but they did make it very clear they were loving it when we went down, so game on…

  16. TheReaper08

    Oh I appear to have wandered on to the site during childrens hour, I will pop back when the adults return…..

  17. ben

    nothing good ever came out of Hull….you obviously didn’t go to school? yeh your the bigger club, but jesus have some respect for a tiny club that avoided liquidation and then secured the 3rd fastest rise from top to bottom in football history. Leeds fans of all people should know the pain of relegation and financial worries.

    • Dje


      Don’t you mean “secured the 3rd fastest rise from bottom to top in football history”? Or are you predicting the next couple of seasons of doom? Either way, not sure why we should respect a club that so clearly over-reached itself.

      Sensitive souls aren’t they. Humourless too (although I did enjoy the skate-ing & sole-less punning).

  18. Udders


    Are you sure Hull overreached themselves? Last time I looked Hull was the 12th biggest city in the UK. It has a pretty big catchment area as well. Hull has always had potential, it just needed someone to harness it.

    Leeds haven’t always been a massive club winning silverware.

    Hull fans are very ironic, as you’ll probably find out tonight. They take the piss out of themselves quite often, which not a lot of clubs fans (not naming names) “get”. So I think the humorless comment is wide of the mark, especially seen as your judging them from about two posters.

    • Dje


      I do think Hull over-reached themselves, but that isn’t an insult – just a factor of intense competition for a very limited amount of Premiership places.

      12th biggest city? The might of Wikipedia says 41st with 250,000 population – but even if you included all the outer bits and bumped it up to 500,000 that is still approximately one twentieth the size of London and under such logic would see the entire Premiership staffed with London teams before Hull got a look-in – regardless of the Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastles….. of the land.

      More important, IMHO, is the wealth factor of the catchment area. Even by fellow northern city standards Hull is pretty poor, with the average per capita available to spend on its local team’s match day tickets, corporate boxes, and general tat being limited in relation to richer southern footballing names or those of the big boys. This will remain a hindrance for Hull (and others) as long as football is governed by the availability of revenue streams and money borrowed against it. Hull’s financial over-reaching was a result of this, but hats off that they have kept afloat so far.

      And yes they have got potential, and they did amazingly well to get to the Premiership, and time will tell …. but there are lots of similarly placed clubs with equal potential – Milton Keynes, Bradford, Reading, Bristol, Sheffield, Croydon, Leicester, Coventry, Nottingham, … – and there just aren’t that many top spots in football.


      To be honest, I’ve not got any resentment against Hull or other East Yorkshire-ites (although they can’t seem to resist biting the bait when offered). They are a weird bunch in my eyes, but neighbours usually are a mix of the very familiar the very different.

      As a place, based on occasional bad nights out and numerous visits to old uni mates and family, Hull is one of the least places I’d like to ever live. But, I’m sure the city and its people can readily accommodate this rejection!

  19. Tigerman

    The only way we will win tonight is if we pass the ball sideways so many times all your back four fall to sleep long enough for Barmby to slip through unnoticed (just like he was last time he was at Elland Road) and steal the points, preferably in the 94th minute. Otherwise I am afraid its another home win. I only hope if we do lose you beat us by more than Scunny just to shut them irritating inbreds the f&*K up. UP THE TIGERS ROAR, ROAR, ROAR

  20. Udders

    If it isn’t an insult then why say you don’t respect them? I’m not saying stick your head up Hull’s arse, but at least show them some respect.

    According to a quick google search, it’s 20th. A similar size to Plymouth and Brighton. I am not suggesting that the Premier League should be filled with London, nor that it will be. London is a slightly different kettle of fish (ho-hum), because each team draws their support generally from specific borough’s. They don’t draw it from all over London unless your an Arsenal or a Chelsea. Or possibly a Spurs.

    Places like Wigan, Blackburn etc are no richer than Hull are. Blackburn is an established Premier League club despite that fact that Walker has now gone. It’s people have as less money to spend on tickets etc as Hull do. They have managed to do just fine, and will probably continue to do so. Sure, they won’t be fighting for titles, because as you say football is pretty much governed by money. Hull over financially overreached because of the complete and utter idiocy by their previous chairman and ex-owner. Before then, Hull had no debt and went up the leagues with their own money.

    Exactly, so why does Hull get scoffed at when comparing to these places and football teams?

    That’s fair enough. I am only going off my experience of Hull and it’s people as well as the city itself. Your going from your experience, so I can’t really argue.

    From my experience all I’m saying is that Hull has it’s bad spots like anywhere else, as well as it’s idiots. It’s got a pretty rough ride over the years, been majorly bombed, as well as the recent massive floods that occurred. It is getting better through regeneration, but I am sure it doesn’t get the funding that other cities get.


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