Speculation surrounds Killa's future

The transfer sagas continue at Elland Road today as Neil Kilkenny is linked with several clubs including Queen’s Park Rangers, Derby County, Middlesbrough and Sheffield United.

Kilkenny has made over 100 appearances since joining Leeds in January 2008 and is amongst a group of players whose contract expires next summer. Speculation of his future comes just 24 hours after Luciano Becchio – another player who has yet to sign a new deal – quashed rumours of a move to Hull City by confirming he wants to sign a new deal with Leeds.

Sky Sports is speculating that Leeds may choose to cash in on the Australian in January, rather than see him follow in the footsteps of Jermaine Beckford and leave for a free in the summer.

Maybe I’m being a little sceptical, but the timing seems a little too convenient for my liking? Just hours after Becchio ended the speculation surrounding his future, it just happens to emerge that one of our other players is seeking employment elsewhere?

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  1. trueyorxman

    Would he be missed? Can’t think of many outstanding games in his time with us, just likes to fall out with his team-mates

  2. Clarkeonenil

    One of our players isn’t “seeking employment elsewhere”, he is awaiting a contract offer. The player in question is on my “keep” list (unlike Johnson who would be on my “make final offer then sell if declined” list. TBF however I think ALL Leeds United players we should retain need to remember what happened to Jonathan Douglas, yes it unclear he was ever offered a proper deal (and yes he was someone I’d have let go) but when he left Leeds all the talk (and the uninformed opinion) was he’d get a championship club, he got Swindon Town.

  3. saltburnwhite

    Wouldnt miss him atall , if we can get £350,000-£500,000 for him in january sell sell sell! overated , overpaid!
    what does he actually do ? hes meant to be a ball player an attacking force but not once have i seen him drive into the box , he looks and acts like he could be a midfield general but he tackles and whines like a girl . so get rid and bring in alan smith who cant get a game a noocastle!

  4. Dirty Leeds Blog

    Kilkenney would definitely be one of the players I think the club should strive to retain. Bradley Johnson would not… At least with Killa you can pinpoint what his actual game is.

    I’m sure the majority of it is just press speculation and the club are in ongoing talks with all the players they deem worthy of extended terms.

  5. TSS

    @dirtyleeds @clarkeonenil

    I kind of agree with @SaltburnWhite – he doesn’t make many threatening runs into the box, and doesn’t score very often either so his attacking threat is very limited.

    His passing is excellent, but is it ever all that productive? (Other than retaining possession).

    The area where he is generally deployed calls for someone who can tackle, and again I have to agree with Saltburn that he’s a bit soft in that respect.

    I can see Killa’s merits too mind. He never loses the ball and can dictate play, but I think the cons far outweigh the pros so I wouldn’t be massively upset if he left.

    Agree with Dirty Leeds and MG on Bradley – the single most infuriating player I’ve seen in a Leeds shirt for the last decade.

  6. les irwin

    killa doesn.t score enough goals and when he plays for the amount of ball he gets he doesnt do that much with it .he can pass but often picks the wrong one anfd rtries to pass it to a fellow midfileder too much when a winger would be a better option ,if the price is right i would sell we can get some one with more goals in them and a better alround midfielder for his wages
    he is another championship player at best

  7. trueyorxman

    I think Bradley Johnson is slowly (maybe, too slowly) growing into his role in centre-mid, which he’s said all along is his preferred position. At least he looks like he’s making an effort & is an occassional goal-threat (admittedly at both ends!!), he just needs to have the confidence to play with his head up alot more. Most infuriating? Not by along way, there’s plenty ahead fo him in that queue. Beckford was more infuriating but he got the goals to drag us out of Div3. Or Bessone an ARGENTINIAN PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL DEFENDER who doesn’t know what a tackle is! Or…fill yer boots everyone

  8. Sunnyleeds

    Same old story! Speculation keeps resurfacing whenever a player’s contract is due for renewal, and perhaps the player’s agent has not been offered what he expects.

    We have been through a hell of a press speculation saga last year with Beckford’s contract. We do not need any more distracting issues. Remember the poor results which Leeds experienced during that press campaign?

    Our only focus is to string half a dozen of good results. We are getting close to that. That will breed confidence and sustain a vital gelling process after the many additions to the team in late summer.

    Let us leave Grayson to decide on what is best for the club, as long as he is in the driver’s seat and is performing well.

  9. Craig

    I’d be in favour of letting him go (only if it is for a transfer fee). We have Clayton who, given a run in the team, could do as well and Lloyd Sam is regaining fitness. Why, there’s even the majestic Andy Hughes who could be given the opportunity to play in his favoured (and I assume best) position for us!

  10. kev

    I like kilkenny and i think leeds are a better team when he plays in it,he has a good football brain and actually talks and encourages his team mates, i never here a word from Howson and he is the captain I also think he is the one midfeilder along with snodgrass who could play premier league football, his passing is good doesn’t run 30 yards then shoots it in to the stands

  11. lufcboy

    Let him go – doesn’t do enough and would not be missed that much. Agree with TSS that he has some qualitys. Also agree with trueyorx that he seems to fall out with some of his teamates – Grella most recent. See ya Neil

  12. Max.

    @kev – one of the interviews with Johnny Giles at the weekend (to promote his new book) he said, don’t look at the players who are shouting all the time, look at the ones who still want the ball when the play is against them. That’s why I much prefer Howson.

    Bates said last weekend he expects some of the players not to renew their contracts. Good to see Becchio planning to do so. Kilkenny I think would be a backup for Howson if we had a better midfield player to play alongside him. Johnson we should just let go, in my opinion.

  13. Des

    Most over-rated player for years at Leeds. He pulls out of tackles which to me is a disgrace.
    I have even heard that he has pulled out of appearing at the Members Xmas party in the pavillion because he was scared of having to tackle the turkey.

  14. Gryff

    @TSS it was Daily Mail & a Hull newspaper that claimed Becchio was sought by others. There may have been others but those were the two I was aware of.

    As for Kilkenny, he’s a decent midfielder when he tries, and when he doesn’t whine. His free-kicks are decent and he has the ability to pass the ball better than a demented sheep (unlike Bradley J). Apart from that, i’m inclined to agree with @Max. and @number1inyorkshire

    He’s worth a lower-championship wage, in my opinion, and probably would get about 10-20 appearances in the team per season if I had my way. I think he’s one of these who has a pedigree because of his days in the Premiership and we could get a decent penny for him in January. But the question is, can we replace him with someone better at the same price? He’s a divisive influence at times and doesn’t always try hard enough, so if we could replace him, why not?

  15. Bill

    Marketing ploy by his agent.

    I’d keep him if we can but he is not one to break the ‘pay policy’ for. Becchio a different matter of course.

  16. Andy Flynn

    A difficult one – on his day he can be inspiring and drive us forward. However, he and Howson struggled as a two in midfield as neither had the bite to take hold of the game. If they both play poorly teams can roll us over, which is why we have poor goal difference relative to league position.

    The 4-5-1 formation has worked wonders for both of them and the team, but you wonder what plan b is when it doesn’t.

    I would keep Kilkenny if he signed soon because I don’t think we have got better options in centre midfield currently. It might be Clayton, but then you would expect him to have got a chance when Kilkenny was dropped. Howson has found his role, but he can’t drop back to play where Kilkenny plays in a midfield 2 if he left in January.

    Faye is a stop gap – he’ll do a job and do it well most of the time, but can he play 90 mins sat – tues – sat?????

    If he and his agent are taking the Mick with money, drumming up media attention and sounding out other clubs, which it looks like they may be doing a la Johnson, then we need to be looking at the Market ourselves. You wonder how much commitment you get out of players in final months of contract when they have either signed an agreement to move in summer or talks have stalled so they are looking out for themselves as they don’t want to get injured if they have to look for another club.

  17. Matt BB

    I think there’s a healthy dose of media frenzy here as they seeek another Jermaine Beckford type of `crisis’ at Leeds, but I think central midfield is an area where we have too many pedestrians so if we lost Kilkenny while I think we’d be disappointed as a group it would be far from the end of the world.

    Having said that if we lost Johnson I wouldnt be too upset. As Arsene Wenger said, Inconsistent means not good enough.

  18. mightywhite83

    nothing to do with this post but im certain that when watching the chelsea game on motd2 on sunday night that david somma was sat alongside john terry in tthe stand now correct me if im wrong but this seems a little fishy……maybe hes signed a new contract knowing a big money move is on the cards to chelsea at the end of the season or maybe a straight swap with drogba lol.

    regarding the post if we want a player to stand still and pass the ball back to the defenders or 2 yards left or right and then sulk when he doesnt get the ball back then id sign him up for life, but if we want a player to actually influence games then and we can get decent money for him then let him go and sign pratley or george boyd as his replacement with the cash. also people get on at bradley johnson but but think the sunshines out of kilkennys arse i can think of more positives we have gained from johnson been in the side this season than kilkenny.

  19. tommy

    He would be a lose he is our creative player in the midfield. Who would fill his place? He doesnt get forward that much but he plays the good balls forward and out wide. you dont see jonny howson and johnson and amdy faye picking through balls out. When jonny howson scored a hatrick he said its a credit to killa cos he bossed the mid and spread the play. we have no one to fill his role and bates would bring in some free signing to replace him.

  20. Colin

    Not sure about the others but QPR want Kilkenny? No chance, not a chance – there is no way he would get anywhere near that QPR side.

    I wouldn’t put him in the Leeds team, let alone give him a new contract. What does he really add. I think he gets carried by other players. When Leeds have been playing well it’s because of great performances by certain players – Snodgrass, Howson, Gradel, Becchio, Somma etc. At no point has Kilkenny been a man of the match – he just does his stuff in midfield, not badly, but not great either.

    If Kilkenny is the calibre of player that some people want Leeds to sign on a long term contract, then forget promotion. We need better quality players than Kilkenny. If someone wants to buy him in January, then bite their hand off, or let him go at the end of the season.

  21. orangina

    Smudger’s not getting games at Newcastle and now they’ve pulled the trigger on Hughton he’s definitely going (surely?) so….
    Ok the massive negatives are the wages and the Scumchester business but a) I genuinely believe he’d take a pay cut b) Boring old subject- at least he waivered a fee and did his best for us – Kewell, Beckford and co all bailed out on us or messed us about. Lets give him a chance to make amends – if it doesn’t work you can go back to hating him (I can’t bring myself to – met the guy and got to know him well, there’s more to him than the thug in a football shirt image, he was deeply hurt by what happened and regrets the way it panned out)


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