What's he gonna do next?

Aidy Boothroyd, the Coventry City manager and former first team coach at Elland Road has admitted he has no idea what to expect ahead of Leeds United’s visit this weekend, warning Coventry fans that Leeds have a very good record on their travels so far this season.

When he was asked what he expected from Leeds, Bothroyd said;

“I am not quite sure really. They are a very good team away from home, they have got players who can score goals and a solid record and winning mentality and fabulous backing, so on their day they are as good as anyone in the league. But so are we and I think it is going to be a terrific match and I am really looking forward to it.”

“They have conceded a lot this season but it is a different league and new experience for them. I know Simon Grayson has been there before and Leeds have been there before but a lot of their players are gelling because it is a team that has changed a bit. And when you lose a player like Jermaine Beckford things do change.”

Bothroyd’s first hand experience at Elland Road will perhaps give him an advantage over other managers in the league when playing Leeds, and the Coventry boss was quick to pick out strengths in last weekends hattrick hero, Jonathan Howson who he describes as “a class act” and Argentinian striker, Luciano Becchio.

Bothroyd’s first hand knowledge only goes so far however, and he was quick to point out that the squad has changed considerably since his departure.

Whether Leeds will head in to the game intent on attacking from the off, or with a more defensive strategy to try and curb the goal difference deficit is anyones guess.

Trying to predict which Leeds United team we’ll see for each game has been pretty much impossible this season, but maybe our inconsistency has become our biggest threat? When a team goes from abject failure to free-scoring winners on a week-by-week basis, the opposing managers must have a nightmare setting the game-plan?

I think I’ve just figured out the Grayson master-plan! (Evil laugh)

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  1. Bill Fox

    I will predict an unchanged team but as for the result….

    Looking forward to the day tho’ with 6,000+ so should be a cracker of an atmosphere. See the opposing manager picks out Becchio eh?….

  2. henry vincent lewis

    A cunning plan TSS:-
    “We start off badly, tail off in the middle, and the less said about the ending the better”.

  3. Craig

    Do you really believe that Boothroyd knows so little about us? It’s his attempt at mindgames!

  4. TheReaper08

    Well I know what to expect from a Boothroyd inspired football team, neck ache from watching the ball constantly sailing through the air, anyone remember last seaons game v Colchester at ER.

  5. henry vincent lewis

    I remember it Reaper!
    Do you remember the play-off game against Watford.
    Watford kicked off by playing to one of their midfield players, who booted it straight into touch near our corner flag. I knew we were in trouble.
    They just played for corners and throw ins!
    it was Wimbledon all over – horrible but effective.

  6. TheReaper08

    @henryv I remember it well. The man is the architect of some of the worst football around. Is it any wonder the Ricoh is always half empty and we have been given over 6k tickets, they probably can’t give them away.

  7. Bill Fox


    So many bad and still open memories of the play off defeats. That opening few seconds V Watford when it was pumped into the corner (right as we looked) and their player beat Kells for speed. We sensed it then.

    I had been confident all week for that one as well. Horrible journey back and the really galling thing…..their fans didnt seem all that happy as we passed them.

    Thank God we did it (just) the easy way last season.

  8. henry vincent lewis

    It was one of those really depressing defeats Bill!
    I think we were mugged and we should have beaten them!
    Their game plan was so simple. Lump the ball into our half and pen us in.
    We cracked under the pressure of the long throw in, and the well taken corner kicks.
    Ah well! All in the past.
    Time we turned the tables on Aidy me thinks!!

  9. Dje

    Bit dsappointed to read Grayson’s statement on the LUFC site just now regarding not signing McSheffrey and Doyle. I completely agree that McSheffrey failed to earn any contract, but the case against Doyle is less clear.

    At the end of last season, when Grayson said ‘thanks but no thanks’ to Doyle, it seemed the right decision – largely on account of presumed strengthening the midfield with better calibre players over the summer. Has this been done in central/ defensive midfield though?

    Grayson has said today: “”I was really excited about signing Gary on loan from Birmingham in January. He helped us get promoted, as did Michael Doyle, but I made a decision at the end of the season that there were other avenues to go down by signing different personnel. I felt the decision was right for Leeds and the pair of them left.”

    Which other personnel did he have in mind over the summer to bolster the defensive midfield duties that Doyle performed with us in League One? I seriously doubt that he had Amdy Faye in mind; I seriously doubt that he had the young and untested lad Adam Clayton in mind either. And we’ve not brought in anyone else to bolster defensive midfield duties.

    Sorry Larry, but still waiting for your genius stroke replacement of loanee Doyle at the back of our midfield.

  10. henry vincent lewis

    Good point on Doyle dje.
    I think he was hoping for Eustace or Tong or Wes Hoolihan, but he ended up with nobody!
    Faye, if he can get fit and stay injury free, could do well for us in the longer term.
    Just now we are still weak in the holding/battling midfield area.


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