Bradley Johnson

Bradley Johnson - good riddance?

Bradley Johnson has been transfer listed by Leeds United. The midfielder has been stalling over a new deal and has apparently refused Leeds’ final offer.

Leeds United CEO Shaun Harvey issued a statement:

“We are disappointed that Bradley has not accepted our offer, but we were pleased to be assured that we can count on his 100 per cent commitment while ever he is a player at this club.”

Johnson has had a mixed season, recently scoring at both ends in the game against Hull City. Should Leeds receive an acceptable offer Johnson will be allowed to leave Elland Road in the January transfer window.

It seems strange that Bradley Johnson would demand more money from Ken Bates as there will only ever be one winner in that situation. It also seems unlikely that Johnson will walk into a side better than Leeds as his performances are frequently subject to criticism. It’s a sensible move to cash in on an average player, especially if he doesn’t really want to play for the club. Hopefully, should a sale go through, it will provide more funds to bring in a better replacement in January.

It seems as if most fans agree that it would be good to cash in on Bradley, a recent TSS poll showing 60% in favour of offloading the inconsistent midfielder in the new year.

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  1. Martyn Collins

    I’m sure that no one will be happier than you at this news – until he changes his mind, accepts the offer and stays for another 3 years that is!

    • Tim Hodge

      @rondevie I wrote this, but I share pretty much the same sentiments as @TSS when it comes to our Bradley.

      I fear you may be right though. Can see Bradley realising he won’t walk into a side as big as Leeds or not being wanted by anyone in January and just settling for a more resonable deal.

      • stotty

        He will already have been ‘tapped up’ through his agent for another club. For me it is good news as I don’t rate him and hope there is no change of mind. He has delusions of grandeur way beyond his ability as his new club will find out.
        As I have said before, Gary Mac had him sussed pretty quickly when he sent him out on loan.
        Lets be positive and say we need to bring in one or two in January who are Premiership class.

  2. henry vincent lewis

    I cannot see what he is thinking?
    Maybe he is going to play in a country where the goals are bigger?
    Who would be willing to pay him more than us?

  3. Scoty

    Bradley Johnson is the most frustrating player to ever wear a Leeds shirt! In Laegue 1 he looked the part and was a useful starting player but the step up just seems too much for him for me?! does all the doggy work but when it comes to a bit of quality i.e. his final delivery or shot on goal he’s awful!

    I say cash in on him whilst we can – he’s not worth another Beckford saga and he’s certainly not worth being held ransom for!! i’d drive him out of Elland Road myself for free!!

  4. MOT

    Didn’t realise that Johnson was so desperate to play back in League One again! It is more his level in fairness. He’s going to be in for a shock when he realises that nobody of any note comes in for him. My money is on a January move to Brighton for one of our classic ‘undisclosed’ fees.

  5. Dirty Leeds Blog

    Get rid of him! I can’t think of a single player in our current squad who I would be less concerned about leaving. Even Shane Higgs and Jason Crowe are essential backup.

  6. paulg

    Mixed feelings for me. On the one hand I believe that club is right not to be held to ransom by any player – and if they weren’t going to be held to ransom by Beckford, they certainly won’t by Johnson.

    On the other hand, at present we only seem to have Johnson and Faye who are capable of doing the grunt work in midfield, and Faye’s endurance is clearly in doubt. I wouldn’t want to see Johnson leave unless and until a good replacement has been secured …… God help us if we had to rely on Kilkenny and Howson to take this role ……

  7. martin

    The more I look at Alec Bruce the more I realise he was made for that ‘holding defensive midfield position’….any takers?

    • Craig

      How about the much-missed Andy Hughes in the midfield in front of the CBs. It was his preferred position before he became last season’s utility man.

  8. Matt wright

    Let him go and maybe give andy Robinson a chance! Heard from a very reliable source that he may not be a model professional behind closed doors but let his football do the talking…..were bloody paying him enough too!

  9. Jack

    Help him on his way now before he does any damage … on loan somewhere until January. Pass the DM role to Alex Bruce as said by Martin and include Bromby in CD in his place.

  10. sveifors

    Bradley, you have been a victim of bad advice. You are now in a team where you are picked in every game by a manager who put you higher than most of us others. It can only be downhill from here, or maybe you want a little more money and then is satified of beenig a reserve team player for the rest of your years in football.

    You can only loose in not being part of a team who will rice again and return to PL. Then every player will be worth 5 times more than today.

    After the reserve game yesterday I saw your replacement. I thought youg A Clayton were excellent .

  11. jasonhLUFC

    Alex Bruce would be perfect for the Dm role with Bromby moving into cb, he was really starting to impress towards the end of last year and seems to have vanished this season. If Johnson feels that he’s bigger than this club then let him go he is probably the heaviest footed player in football and simply over hits everything. If Bruce doesn’t fit the bill in Dm I call for Alan smith to come back the man is a legend in my eyes and don’t give me any rubbish about scum because that is simply putting rivalry before Leeds and that’s just not right :)

    • timm

      @jasonhlufc Ok jason,i won’t give you any rubbish about the rivalry, i’ll just concentrate on the fact that he’s slow, dirty, can trap a ball further than i can kick one, & he’s getting old. I think the 60k a week might be a bit of a hurdle too? Cantona gets sold by Wilko & he’s public enemy number one! Smith chooses scum over Everton after being ‘totally impressed’ by Fergie & he’s a ‘legend’! Smith’s so slow that he plays further down the pitch with every rare appearence he makes.
      Not for me thanks.

  12. Gryff

    My requested fee as manager would have been 50p. Wonder what Grayson/Bates will be willing to accept?

  13. Si

    I am all for trying Alex Bruce in the DM role – he looks like he was born to play that role and whats the harm of tryimg him out there for a few games and see how it goes…. other than that, i am a big Adam Clayton fan and whilst DM is not his most natural role, he is young enough to be groomed one would hope – i think he sees himself more as a Bowyer type of player but beggers and all that

  14. Loki

    the question now is will we play him? Or give Adam Clayton a chance.

    What’s the point in continuing to play a player who openly has no future at the club when we have a purpose built replacement on the bench?

    I quite like Bradley to be honest, but he’s not good enough for where we want to be. This club will always reach higher standards than he will, he’s foolish to think otherwise.

  15. Tim Campbell

    I heard a rumour that leeds rinho’s wanted him, for his fantastic aerial kicking ability lol

  16. timm

    I think he must have something lined up. Probably a move down South to be near his family. I’d be happy with 500k for him.

  17. JM

    Maybe he could go and warm the bench with Beckford at Everton ?
    If Johnson thinks he is Premiership quality he is very mistaken…..!!
    Personally, I don’t think he is good enough for Championship to be honest. Too slow and like everyone has been saying his decision making is terrible and don’t get me started on his shooting ability… ;@)

    Maybe being the Leeds crossbar challenge master has gone to his head !!

  18. Paul South Wales

    Yes, we need to shed players, so let’s get some cash and give Clayton or Bruce a chance. MOT

  19. Tim Wilsom

    Bradley Johnson is a brilliant footballer, any club would be lucky to buy him for a nominal 750,000 pound fee. All the best BJ, we’re gonna miss you ;)

  20. paul wilde

    Cheerio Bradley.If i was BJ and read all this stuff about me i would want out. Sorry Bradley but there is a general consentious its time to go. Big rumour down South is that Mr Poyet and Brighton would love him

  21. John Ganmble

    Bruce, Clayton, Faye can step in and Bradley jog on to Brighton. He looks better in League 1 and as long as they put the nets on row Z he will be fine. Feel sorry for those seagulls nesting at the back of the stand. Not one of our most memorable and talented players but he has played his part, just hope he leaves quickly.

  22. Joey

    its a joke he’s not signed a new deal, seriously whats he thinking, I’ve not slagged him off and tolerated the lad simply cos he’s a leeds player and he looks like he’ll do any thing for the cause, however he is Dog Shit at football get him out as fast as possible I say, it can’t be good for our players who can actually play football having him around

  23. George

    I hope he doesnt play on saturday! Give clayton a chance, sounds like he has been doing really well in the reserves. Hopefully we can sign a few centre mid and centre backs in the transfer window

  24. les irwin

    bradley johnson or his agent wouldnt be walking out on the biggest club out of the prem and in the top 10-15 in the country if either 1 0f 2 things weren’t already happening
    Either the custodian of the coins A K A bates has offered a pittence as usual and isnt paying a decent wage and is not gambling on potential if he has any ????he is after all only 23 ish and bradders is looking over the river to the greener grass
    or his agent has already done a deal or is talking to other clubs or club and has done a deal already for a better amount of money ?????

    someone has already said it we saw the 2 extremes of johnson against hull a pretty good goal well taken etc then a little while later a wild swing and an own goal
    he is so frustrating and in my opinion will not be missed we need to have bigger ambitions than bradders and 1 or 2 others
    my guess is he is already sorted out he is not a prem league player for sure .for his level of player he will never play for a club as big as leeds
    but the other thing for sure is that bates is gambling on the future of leeds with his over powering wage structure i know we need to live within our means but there has to be some leeway who’s next becchio ,howson ,kasper , its already cost us the most potent striker we have had in years and others will follow

    • timm

      @numberoneinyorkshire I disagree. We pay Schmeichel 15k a week,Robinson 10k a week,Michalik gets somewhere around 12k a week. Blackpool have a wage cap of 10k a week in spite of the fact that they’re making the seriously big money that promotion to the Premiership brings. Why should we risk going bust again? I for one never want to experience that again. We’ve got a huge squad for this league, name me another club which has the likes of Paynter & McCormick kicking their heels in the reserves? We beat off Premiership clubs to get Schmeichel & we’re sitting nicely in the league. Let’s not get carried away with the Anti-Bates stuff just because a London lad wants away,most likely for no other reason than he misses his young brother & the rest of his family? Never mind Bates, it’s more likely to be the people on these sites who’ve made his mind up for him? Footballers like to be loved, but i think it’s fair to say there’s not been a lot of love shown for him on here.

      • les irwin

        we don’t know what leeds pay the players we are guessing to be fair its not always about money for kasper it is about playing i would guess .he knows he will get his pay day and keepers last longer playing i will guess he is not on 15k a week now though more like 7-8 k same with others which aint to be scoffed at .im sure you are right about him missing his family but sadly thats the game he is in unless he wants to play for the local pub ,you are also right about bates having to have a wage structure course he does and players have to be realistic in times of cuts i would snap your hand of for 5k a week
        and you are right about him not being loved leeds fans have never really taken to him
        thing that is different between him and kasper is bradders is playing for the biggest club he can in the highest divison he will achieve in my opinion thats why he is asking for more dosh there has to be some give and take for bates too he has to see that to keep becchio he will need to break the bank a bit or he will go .if he goes for free it increases the wages as there is no tranfer fee
        should we be signing players on 3 years with a fourth option ,are they offering long enough deals for so many to be up at once is bad planning what if they all leave for nowt 2-3-4 million quids worth of palyers waltzing out the door for nowt

  25. Adam

    looks like BJ is on the site under a fake name… not good enough for championship and will definatley regret his decision to leave the biggest club he will ever play for in Leeds United MOT

  26. Hugh Fox

    Can’t play if hes not 100 per cent behind the team he shouldn’t be in the squad.

  27. White to the core

    Praise be. Santa has arrived early. I say good bye and good riddance to the useless talentless sack of s**t. People say he has great talent but its finding his strongest position, left back, left midfield, left on the team bus . I say the deluded clown is best left at the bus stop. As for Becchio he has stated only this week that he wants a new contract at Leeds. Bradley the ball boys and spectators in row Z are going to sleep a lot better. Shut the door on your way out and dont hang around!!

  28. EYLeeds

    I reckon BJ has just realised that he will eventually find himself out of Leeds’ first team and if he winds his contract down he is in a better bargaining position with a new club now rather than having a 3 year contract and Leeds holding all the cards over his future transfer. I hear Sheff Utd might be his next port of call.
    I also think it is a bit harsh to slag him off. He did a job for us in League one and he is one of many that we will have to leave in the lower leagues whilst we move back to where we belong.

  29. Ash

    Fuck him off shite any way, can’t believe he has turned us down what complete knob head don’t play him sat stick him in the youth side were he belongs southern teat coz will be matching on together with out the little tit

  30. Ash

    Theirs only one GREEDY bastard one GREEDY bastard! Hope he gets shit from us saturaday fucking league 1 shite player! Fuck off southern twat I’ve actually seen my ass with him turning us down, because he will not get a club like us with the same ground or training ground!

  31. henry vincent lewis

    Bradley must do what he and his advisors ‘think’ is best for him.
    While he is with us, and playing for the team, we must give him, and them, our full support.
    Our only aim should be promotion and Bradley may well help us on our way.
    It will not help matters to boo him.
    I don’t care whether he stays or goes, and I am sure Simon can bring someone better in during January.
    In the meantime it’s the team that counts.
    I hear Adam Clayton has gone to Peterborough for a months loan.

  32. paulg

    What a sad bunch some of you lot are! Johnson might not be the most talented of footballers, but it’s always seemed to me that he’s given 100% for Leeds. Unlike some I could mention. But he’s another of those who the Leeds fans, collectively, seem to have taken against. If he has got another deal elsewhere, I don’t blame him for wanting to get away from the constant sniping he gets at ER. ‘Cos that’ll never change …….

  33. TheReaper08

    @paulg I would give a 100% if SG picked me for this weekends match, do you think I should get a game ?

  34. West Stand Rebel

    Bradley Johnson is a very good player and I think one who will surprise us by getting better and better as he develops. Players with real committment at ER are a rare commodity …compare and contrasts Johnson and Kilkenny for example. Those who come on this site and still insist that we are a big club think again ‘cos we simply aint. We cannot compete at any level with wages. So any premiership club who fancies a reserve striker or midfielder can simply cherry pick from our squad as they wish.
    Look back over the last few years and see who has gone under Ken’s stewardship and sigh! Delph, Lennon,Milner, Beckford,Kilgallon, to name but a few.

  35. Irving08

    The departrue of Bradely Johnson would be a significant loss to Leeds. He has everything one wants in a modern midfielder of the more defensive kind:strenght in the tackle; great heading ability; a powerful left foot, and a
    great engine. The fact that he has not progressed quite as quickly as one would have hoped is due, (a) to the fact that he’s been used in too many positions – and rarely for any period of time in his best, (b) the inability of the manager and his assistants to settle upon a formation that makes the best sense football-wise (and it is not 4-4-2) and that exploits best the talents of our better players like Johnson. If SG had not overloaded us with duplicate widemen, strikers and superannuated utility players such as Faye, let alone some defective defenders, there may have been enough in the kitty to give Johnson a better contract. What a waste ! – I have no doubt he will go to a top championship club. Good luck to him.

  36. Matt BB

    It seems Wigan and Stoke are after bradley. and neither are going to pull uop any trees, and will no doubt in the next 3 seasons spend time in the championship.

    The real issue here is that we have a massive opportunity to get some transfer cash and get johnson off the wage bill. He has shown us all what he thinks of us, and lets be honest only Simon Grayson thinks a lot of him.

    Claytons off getting match fit in preparedness for January and I think will grasp his chance with both hands. He has the pedigree that Johnson doesnt. For crying out loud those stats surrounsing johnsons shoot first think later approach to football said it all, or as my wife put it when I asked her what she thought about Johnson. “He tries ever so hard, but he doenst know what to do when he gets the ball does he”

  37. paulg


    Stoke not pulling up any trees? 12th in the Prem in their first year ….. 11th in their second ….. currently lying 10th …… with a good manager, I can only see them building on where they are right now, and I certainly wouldn’t put any money on them getting relegated over the next three years.

    Would you put money where your mouth is, on Leeds finishing ahead of them during that period? If so, I’d take some of that!!

    • Matt BB

      @paulg yes i would, stoke are long ball dinosaurs and will get found out, all very well to invest in these mid size teams, but not a long term bet – while we are. my view in next 3 years we get a new investor, stoke dont.. they may be 10th now but i expect a much lower finish.

  38. Mark R

    As far as I could see Bradley Johnson’s main strength was that he could jump very high .

    When the ball was on the deck it was a different story.
    No composure on the ball, and displayed no evidence of positional sense or awareness of those around him.Poor decision making.He was pretty frustrating to watch.

    The midfield is an area we all know needs improving and BJ’s imminent departure makes space in the squad for an experienced dynamic midfield leader.
    Link this with Clayton getting match experience and we can be optimistic about the remainder of the season.


  39. George

    Hope he gets booed at the weekend.. Faye will hopefully be in ahead of him though.

  40. Colin

    One thing I don’t think has been mentioned is why the club went public on putting Bradley Johnson on the transfer list?

    There was no need to do this – even if the player hasn’t agreed the contract and even if the club do want to put him on the transfer list, there’s no need to announce it publicly until just before January…unless…

    1) either Johnson’s agent was going to public.
    – but why should Leeds go public before the agent? It would have put Leeds in a better light if the agent had come out and said “my player isn’t getting the contract he wants, we’re unhappy with the Leeds board etc etc.” and then Leeds could have come out as a hero following this and said “we won’t be held to ransom, we make the rules, and now we’ve decided to transfer list him”

    For this reason, I discount point 1.

    2) This is a shot across the bows of other players’ agents who Leeds are currently negotiating with. The message from Leeds is “don’t mess with us – you’ll take what we offer or nothing at all”.
    – this suggests to me that Leeds are having difficulty in negotiations with other players. Otherwise, what would possibly be the reason for going public so early on Bradley Johnson?

  41. Pete

    All good stuff being said, I agree with some and other negative talk seems to be coming from secret scum fans on here.

    One thing that is doin my head in is all the papers and news sites constantly referring to BJ as a Leeds STAR! he really ain’t, what he is is lucky and stupid

  42. Graham Hugill

    Poor old Bradders getting slated by everyone.

    The truth is that we have no idea whether he is being greedy or not – but what we do know is that Batesey is unlikely to be offering over the odds. For me these things are always a stand off – there’ll be more twists and turns to come yet.

    In terms of his ability I think people are being unfair. I think he actually has a number of very strong attributes. His problem is that he can’t seem to put them all together in a sensible way. That said he is only 23 and developing and personally I think he is worth a gamble on to see whether his skills can be brought together and honed over the coming seasons.

  43. Irving08

    Sorry to come back on BJ. One thing is clear – SG rates him and now he seems has finally to have seen the light on the flawed system known as 4-4-2, I would expect BJ to come into his own. The fact is that midfielders with BJ’s range of attributes are thin on the ground; he will be a difficult man to replace, if he goes. I would rather he stay and Kilkenny go, for instance, if pressed to choose. Of course most of us sense a potential not fully realised in BJ, but he is not the only player who seems to have stood still at Leeds – Howson (until recently) being the obvious other player in this category. This points, as i have said, to playing the wrong formation – bad tactics -and also possibly to inadequate coaching. Am I the only ‘white’ who is singularly unimpressed by Mr Snodin ? What I wouldn’t give for Poyet back at Leeds !

  44. Richard Groom

    Well done Leeds – we are doing really well despite Bates!
    His opinionated bleating in his really boring LUFC.TV interviews and his poison column in the programme, are not representative of the actual truth of many matters at Leeds. Intimating that Johnson and co are greedy is the ultimate irony in this Dark Bates Age. These guys are always one injury away from the end of their career – they need to look after themselves and their families. Bates is. in my opinion, the greediest man at Ellandroad. He continues to pull big money out of our club – a financial reality only made possible by his low wage payments and his ridiculous ticket prices that are (even when we were a division lower) more expensive than Champions League football! He knows there is a core of fans that will pay whatever and the loss of gate sizes (due to cost) is more than made up by the extra margin on the hard core fan base!
    Let us not forget the forcing of our talented kids out of the door by offering contracts in the low hundreds of pounds a week rather than the going rate offered by their eventual employers. The academy he is now saying needs to produce more talent like Jonny Howson. We have an academy that is still geared up to produce Premier League players – you have to play them when they come through and you have recognise their ability and offer well structured contracts – or you lose them. Don’t moan the academy is not producing when you don’t offer the going rate for a Premier League youngster and they leave – or don’t play them like your mate Wise did with Danny Rose! I think there was some clever engineering of a situation here, a bit of propaganda to the fans and a fat compensation cheque to the Bank of Bates! The club received millions of pounds of compensation for these lads – this was not reinvested into the academy. The academy is run on a shoe-string and had to have £1000’s raised for it by it’s recruitment staff so they could take the kids on tours etc.. to test themselves against the best!!! Is that a Chairman really serious about the future of Leeds? Of course not – he is not here for the long term! It is all about greed! The latest focus on the academy will be to boost the value of the club!
    Hopefully he is gearing up to sell us – hopefully it won’t fall through like the past deals that have ended in Bates putting up the price at the last minute (quadrupling in some cases). I wonder, is it his club to sell?

  45. henry vincent lewis

    It was Ken Bates birthday yesterday.
    He is now in his 80th year!!
    Do you really think he is looking for a anything but what is best for Leeds?
    We are now a stable club (one of the few) and are on the up.
    He is Ken Bates and will not change his strong opinions.
    Why should he? Do you?
    Without him we would be sunk.
    Think of all the incompetent idiots we have had running our club.
    Ken is smart and streetwise and will always stand up for Leeds.
    He wants to be in football till he leaves this mortal coil.
    Who have you got lined up to replace him?
    Where are the other bidders now?
    They all wanted something for nothing!!

    Happy birthday Ken, and many more of them!!

    I am proud to be involved in the ‘Don Revie statue’ project (long overdue) and I would be proud to be involved in one for Ken if it should arise!!

    Nobody is perfect!!

  46. Richard Groom

    Don’t talk tosh you are obviously ill informed! Ken is a self opionated egomaniac who has no interest in Leeds apart from lining his own pockets! Ask him how much he pulled out of Leeds last season and the season before!
    And why you are at it, ask all the local businesses that got knocked what they think of him – the ones who when he sent us into administration lost their money once he had used it to lower the “football” debts that the FA won’t allow to be wiped out by going into administration.
    And in answer to your point regarding where are the buyers now. They keep knocking on the door – some going down the path of talks only to be told the price is being put up to a ridiculous, unjustifiable level.
    Watch what happens – he won’t get a statue at our great club. And how dare you mention that idiots name in the same breath as Don – his son Duncan would be mortified!!!!!!

  47. henry vincent lewis

    You arrogant judgementalist.
    You are well informed are you?
    How do you know these buyers keep knocking at his door?
    Name them!
    How do you know the price keeps going up?
    What price?
    It is a scandal that local businesses get so little.
    That is down to the FA who insist the ‘Football’ debts are paid first.
    Ken Bates did not put Leeds in jeopardy, it was the dream chasers.
    How dare you call Mr Bates an idiot?
    You don’t even know him do you?
    Ken is self opinionated. So are you. So what.
    Give us FACTS not guesses!

    A statue may be stretching it a bit. I know that.
    He should be respected for what he has done for this club.

  48. Colin

    While I’m no fan of Ken Bates – you can’t just pick and choose facts and pin them on Bates.

    “Ask him how much he pulled out of Leeds last season and the season before!” – not much – he can’t “officially” take any money, but even if someone does get the money, it gets nowhere near close to the amount that they lost when buying the club. It was bought for about £10m I think. If I’d forked out £10m and ended up with a bankrupt club, I’d be wanting some payout too myself.

    “ask all the local businesses that got knocked what they think of him” – HMRC put Leeds into administration through a winding up order – they wanted money, Leeds didn’t have it, admin was the only thing that could be done. Ask the businesses what they think of Ridsdale and Krasner and all the other clowns who caused this mess, not Bates.

    Bates didn’t buy Leeds in administration, he bought a club in administration that he had previously bought (the alternative would have been Leeds go defunct – Bates was the only offer). Bates/Forward Sports fund bought Leeds in 2004. Leeds went into admin in 2007.

    Re. Buyers for Leeds – “They keep knocking on the door – some going down the path of talks only to be told the price is being put up to a ridiculous, unjustifiable level.”

    Who are these buyers because I haven’t heard of them? If you know of a buyer who’s willing to buy a newly promoted Champ team, that also needs £25m to buy back Elland Road and Thorp Arch and then another £60m for a new East stand and then another £25m or so to invest in TA and new players, then let us all know.

    So Leeds need £100m+ investment and whatever it takes to buy out the current owners, let’s say £100m. So if you know someone with £200m that is burning a hole in their pocket and has a love of Leeds United and doesn’t want a guaranteed return on their investment, then great. Fact is, that person doesn’t exist, so we’ve got what we’ve got.

    Bates didn’t create this mess, Ridsdale and Krasner led boards did. Bates bought the mess, hoping he could turn it around. It didn’t work. Leeds went into admin, losing a lot of the investors money. Now he’s under the cosh to turn it around now, and it’s slowly working. And for that reason @henryv is absolutely right.

    Oh and Duncan Revie – where was/is his money?? That’s right – it wasn’t there. That bid was the biggest load of bullshit going. Ask KPMG. Still, it got him some publicity didn’t it? And where was the statue in the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s – the previous boards of LUFC couldn’t give a shit. Give the current owners some credit.

    • Richard Groom

      Firstly – he put the prices up the season we went down – fact. He didn’t care the gates would go down as the price increase difference would make up the shortfall.
      Secondly – you haven’t heard of anybody trying to buy Leeds as they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I have been involved with two parties that had an interest in Leeds. The price is for the shares you muppets not the assets we don’t own. The value of the club was around £30 million tops at the time – little fixed asset value and an intangible asset value that was based on goodwill and “potential” future brand value. Bates decide he only wanted to sell 25% for £25 million (ask our ex east Stand sponsor). And then as Colin says – they would look to invest in the squad and potentially buying the ground and training facilities back.
      Thirdly whether the FA makes the rules or not, Bates still used the rule to screw over local businesses. Taking Christmas bookings for cash in March in return for a discount they would never get shows the measure of Bates’s intentions!
      Regarding Duncan Revie – the fact that he didn’t get to see a full set of accounts from KPMG and therefore pulled out is immaterial – he is the son of the greatest manager this club has ever had. Using Bates’s name in the same breath as Revie is not the words of a Leeds fan. Are you a Man U fan?
      You are right Bates didn’t create the first mess he has been an opportunist. He has no passion for Leeds United or our fine city – he just has a big ego and a desire to make a shed load of cash out of selling us.
      The last point I can’t knock him for – I just wish he would get on and do the deal and leave us to have a future.
      My only worry is that he is not pulling the strings as he doesn’t own us! He has had the opportunity to sell and has behaved irrationally? It could be that he just loves being a Chairman and the buzz – or he just doesn’t own us, only time will tell.
      Don’t believe the Bates spin machine gents!

  49. henry vincent lewis

    ‘muppets’? depends which one.
    ‘are you a Man U fan?’ no.

    We understand about shares but Colin’s point is that we need a buyer who has the money to restore the club and help us to push on.
    i.e. Buy back the ground and the training facility is important for the long term stability and pride of the club.
    If there are buyers who can do that we would all be happy!!
    Ken does love being Chairman and the buzz.
    That is a good thing in a Chairman!
    I do not believe anybody’s spin, but I cannot comment on facts I do not have.
    Don Revie is the most important person in our history!!
    Mr Bates has done his bit, and deserves his credit.
    Every business man worth his salt is an opportunist!
    ‘potentially buying the ground and training facilities back’ is your spin.

  50. Richard Groom

    It was Colin who mentioned the ground etc…. – not my spin! There have been plenty of potential buyers but the talks stop when Ken ups the price beyond its value. Leeds United is a good proposition – Ken seems to want Premiership money now. He will sell before he has to start paying Premiership wages – establishing LUFC in the Premiership isn’t a short game.
    Where we disagree is Mr bates deserves no credit – it is all done for him! No problem with disagreeing – it takes all sorts to make a world go round. Only time will tell who is right – it will all come out in the end!
    Merry Christmas

  51. henry vincent lewis

    Merry Christmas to you.
    I don’t disagree about the things you know and I don’t.
    Indeed I accept that Ken is a law unto himself, and given a choice,
    he would not be most of the fans first pick.
    However, we have him and he has us!!! (smile)
    The club has been turned around, perhaps a bit slower than we would have liked but times are good now.
    Ken seems to fully support his managers, or so it seems.
    I do wonder what will happen when he goes, but as you say, we are a good
    proposition now.
    I have never met Ken, but I met Bill Fotherby a few times in the ‘old days’.
    What a character. I like him a lot.

  52. henry vincent lewis

    I just noticed that Bradley Johnson says he wants to stay but wants the same money as the other first team squad.
    I suppose he means the highest paid members of the squad?

  53. Richard Groom

    I like Bill too. He and Leslie Silver did a good job and left it in good hands.
    The whole Bradley saga is Ken enjoying showing the agents who is boss. I think Bradley is a good player and seems to have come on this year – in terms of pay he should be one of the better paid – he has played every game.
    I have heard that Becchio is not going to sign – I hope this is not true.

  54. henry vincent lewis

    Becchio is a worry.
    It does not take this long to come to terms!
    When I read this I started to think the worst:-

    “We plucked him from the third division of the Spanish league and helped to make him a better player, so you hope for some loyalty from players in return.”

    The ‘loyalty’ card is a desperate one to play.
    “Show me the money!”


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