Should he stay, or should he go?

Sticking with the news that Bradley Johnson’s contract talks have broken down, and following on from yesterday’s post ‘Do we really need another three years of Bradley Johnson?’ I felt a poll was in order to see what the fans thought.

Three options, the first of which is to continue the talks and ensure Bradders stays at Elland Road (retain).

The second option is sell while we still can. With the January transfer window just around the corner we may be able to ship Bradley off for a fee – albeit a reduced one with so little time left on his contract.

Finally we have release, which is to keep Bradley at Elland Road until the end of the season and part amicably in May.

Decisions, decisions…

Do you think McDermott should sell El Hadji Diouf?

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5 Responses

  1. cossie(LUFC)

    Beckford I can just about get my head round, he was destined for a higher division and was a regular in the first team and top scorer, Johnson isn’t cut from the same cloth. He is a good L1 player but no better than an average Champ one, isn’t a regular starter and doesn’t really have a position he can call his own. I would offer him a new deal but if he refuses to sign it then try and sell him in January and if we have no bids then treat him like Robbo, Lubno and the rest either reserves or out on loan. If he refuses to sign and still makes first team squads what message does it send to other players??

  2. Mark

    I hope he can agree terms as I like him as a player and think he brings something to the squad. I wouldn’t be breaking the bank for him though. If he can’t agree a deal with Leeds I can’t see him going anywhere that can offer what we do so he will have to be sold.

  3. ijizz inalizztitey

    Bradleys was a good L1 player, does he bring some thing different to the squad ? I dont think so, I thought andy robinson was a more capable player. If we are to build and progress we should be looking for a better calabre of player to better our 1st 11. Decent enough squad player who can come in and do a job when needed. Wish ken would so show ambition towards the players as he does hotel/corporate banquetting side

  4. Paul South Wales

    Stick top their offer, if he refuses sell him on, he would be easy to replace. That said he always gives his all. MOT

  5. Gryff

    Interesting that almost 3/4 Leeds fans want BJ gone one way or the other.

    In the interests of democracy let’s boot him out! :)


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