Simon Grayson was left angered after the Welsh Football Association released a statement saying they won’t be punishing Jay Bothroyd for a foul on Luciano Becchio during Cardiff’s visit to Elland Road on Monday night.

The statement claims the referee saw the challenge and any action on their part would be “re-refereeing” which is something prohibited under FIFA rules.

However, Simon Grayson met the statement with complete derision saying that all he wanted was consistency in football and that plenty of other players have been ‘done’ for tackles after the game has ended.

The Welsh FA’s failure to punish Cardiff will come as no surprise to most Leeds United fans who were expecting Bothroyd to escape lightly, accusing the FAW of biased towards their own teams.

The FAW’s decision was made on the claim that the referee saw the incident and chose not to act. Grayson – who is usually a very reserved figure in front of the media – disputes that claim saying the referee’s positioning would suggest he didn’t, and that if he did, it would have been an instant red card.

I have to agree with Simon Grayson on this one; not because I’m biased towards my own team but because most of the supporters in the stadium missed the incident too. The majority of the crowd were following the ball as it happened, which is exactly what the referee appeared to be doing on the replays.

Why the Welsh FA have the power to govern their own teams in the English league is totally beyond me? It undermines the entire credibility of the game when different teams are answerable to different governing bodies. How can anyone expect consistency with such ridiculous rules in place? Of course the Welsh FA are going to go lightly on Cardiff – they have a vested interest in the success of the team!

Not for the first time, I’ve written to the (proper) Football Association regarding this matter to see if they are able to over-rule the decision and also to try and ascertain the level of power the FAW hold. My line of questioning was along the following lines;

1) If Becchio’s leg was broken, would there still be no action taken because the ref “didn’t” miss it?

2) If the referee did miss the challenge – will he be facing disciplinary action for allowing a reckless, potentially career-ending challenge go unpunished?

3) Why do the Welsh FA have any power? Would they decide on any points deduction if one of their teams were to enter administration? And which idiot agreed to this nonsense in the first place?

As I’m expecting the same nonsense I always get from the FA (a disappointing statement answering absolutely nothing), I invite the rest of you to also contact the FA with regards to this matter to try and apply some pressure on them to act (people power!)

If anyone does get a response worthy of repeating, please contact TSS and let us all know.