Simon Grayson was left angered after the Welsh Football Association released a statement saying they won’t be punishing Jay Bothroyd for a foul on Luciano Becchio during Cardiff’s visit to Elland Road on Monday night.

The statement claims the referee saw the challenge and any action on their part would be “re-refereeing” which is something prohibited under FIFA rules.

However, Simon Grayson met the statement with complete derision saying that all he wanted was consistency in football and that plenty of other players have been ‘done’ for tackles after the game has ended.

The Welsh FA’s failure to punish Cardiff will come as no surprise to most Leeds United fans who were expecting Bothroyd to escape lightly, accusing the FAW of biased towards their own teams.

The FAW’s decision was made on the claim that the referee saw the incident and chose not to act. Grayson – who is usually a very reserved figure in front of the media – disputes that claim saying the referee’s positioning would suggest he didn’t, and that if he did, it would have been an instant red card.

I have to agree with Simon Grayson on this one; not because I’m biased towards my own team but because most of the supporters in the stadium missed the incident too. The majority of the crowd were following the ball as it happened, which is exactly what the referee appeared to be doing on the replays.

Why the Welsh FA have the power to govern their own teams in the English league is totally beyond me? It undermines the entire credibility of the game when different teams are answerable to different governing bodies. How can anyone expect consistency with such ridiculous rules in place? Of course the Welsh FA are going to go lightly on Cardiff – they have a vested interest in the success of the team!

Not for the first time, I’ve written to the (proper) Football Association regarding this matter to see if they are able to over-rule the decision and also to try and ascertain the level of power the FAW hold. My line of questioning was along the following lines;

1) If Becchio’s leg was broken, would there still be no action taken because the ref “didn’t” miss it?

2) If the referee did miss the challenge – will he be facing disciplinary action for allowing a reckless, potentially career-ending challenge go unpunished?

3) Why do the Welsh FA have any power? Would they decide on any points deduction if one of their teams were to enter administration? And which idiot agreed to this nonsense in the first place?

As I’m expecting the same nonsense I always get from the FA (a disappointing statement answering absolutely nothing), I invite the rest of you to also contact the FA with regards to this matter to try and apply some pressure on them to act (people power!)

If anyone does get a response worthy of repeating, please contact TSS and let us all know.

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  1. Clarkeonenil

    I’m sorry TSS but you abd Grayson are both wasting your time and in Grayson’s case just adding to the feeling of a man out of his depth. To spend 5 days on a tackle I would discribe as worthy of 2 mins of consideration at best whilst the real issue is the glaring lack of quality in our large squad and the clear lack of variety in our manager (Mr One Trick Pony reacts to a 4-0 home defeat by signing another loan…).

    What pees me off about Grayson’s constant witterings on this is how it defelcts from the good thing that came out of that tackle, a professional footballer acts like a grown man, Becchio’s response was top notch but you can’t get away from the feeling that you and Grayson had rather he’d rolled around like a frigging girl just so we could have Bothroyd sent off (does anyone really think we wouldn’t still have lost that game badly?).

    The referee was within his rights to see nothing amiss, its one of those decisons that whilst wrong was within reason given the context and speed of the tackle, the FAW are absolutly right, no case to answer because the ref adjudicated at the time. Regardless of Dave Jones PR comments on Thursday the only person out of order here is Grayson who in my eyes is turning into a Hughes/Pulis/Bruce/Allerdyce style whine merchant.

  2. EW

    I was at the match with my two teenage grandsons and didnt see the incident and neither did they although we were in a good position to do so. Watching replays it is pretty clear that the ref was doing what we were doing and following the ball and didnt see the tackle either and the fact he has said he saw it is testimony to his complete lack of experience. Once he says he saw it neither the FAW or FA can change the decision and the only course of action would be to drop him for a couple of matches (this should have been done with this guy a long time ago as his record is full of major errors although other than this he had a decent game on Monday)
    Its gone and would not have changed the game in my opinion so lets move on.

  3. Christopher Gee

    Can’t understand these replies. Sure, I’d prefer football to return to the earlier days when players got kicked, got up and got on with it. But if we are going to have trial by Sky then at least let’s have some consistency. It wouldn’t have changed the result, but that’s hardly the point.

  4. Mike

    I agree with MG but I am puzzled on 2 counts, why do English football have no jurisdiction over welsh reams playing in an English competition? ludicrous!

    second, is it not the job of the Football League to oversee the leagues below the premiership?

    and while I am at it, Grayson will use any distraction to take the spotlight off his own obvious failings.
    Even TSS must secretly see that the man is clueless although he would never admit it until we are in a relegation battle which will start very soon..

    • Craig


      “And while I’m at it…” …your postings are all exercises in discovering how quickly you can turn any topic into the ‘obvious failings’ of Simon Grayson!

    • TSS

      On the contrary Mike – What I see is the standard reaction from fans every time we start to lose a few games and they throw their teddy away! :)

  5. Paul C

    This is all starting to get embarrassing now. It was a bad tackle, it was missed by many , it is time to move on. We have a very important game today.

    The bottom line is Grayson has assembled a squad that is so devoid of quality we are obviously in for a relegation battle.

    We are the ‘Blackpool’ of the championship, very average players, out of their depth, whose only hope is to create some kind of team spirit combined with a lot of luck to stay in the league.

    We will stand little chance against the likes of QPR & Cardiff or any good footballing side come to that, we need to concentrate on games against the likes of Scunthorpe and Bristol City , it is winning those games that will keep us out of League 1.

  6. les irwin

    firstly if the ref saw it and he didn’t book him its a strange 1 it at least merited a a yellow .had that been becchio tackleing bothroyd he would have gone down and stayed down it would have caused others to rush in and the ref would have booked him .we all like fair play etc etc etc ,but its reality time and .we should be as nasty as everyone else maybe leeds players need to get with the programme and becchio should have gone down and stayed down its common place in english football . it is however no surprise that the welsh did nowt /why don’t the football league have the right to fine palyers who play in the football league the whole thing is a joke including becchio not going down and rolling about trust me beckford would have

  7. wombat

    yes he shud av been sent off but im fed up with inept performances . it has to be sorted out very quickly . in 45 years of watching leeds this team is one of the worst ever . cas required ken in jan because i dont want to see us relegated . is grayson up to the job ? im beginning to wonder because its his players hes brought in .

  8. Dave

    Totally disagree with almost everything written by everyone above. You can’t just brush a tackle like that under the carpet. That was a couple of pound of pressure short of career ending and bothroyd got away with it, and had the cheek to laugh about it after the game in the sky interview.

    And if any intelligent Leeds fan could see that uncle ken has given SG a transfer kitty less than Wayne Rooney earns in a week now they may realise why we are so poor. Support Grayson and let’s get bates out. He is shafting this club and getting away with it because unfortunately a large percentage of Leeds fans are blaming SG for lack of quality in the squad. No manager can make those players perform well.

    SG has made a few mistakes , Ie the Preston game which he owned up to but we can’t compete with teams who sign Bellamy and spend millions when all we get are. Freebies. They are freebies for a reason

  9. Nasty Jim

    Not surprised bothroyd hasnt been punished,had it been a leeds player on a cardiff player then i am pretty sure it would have been a different outcome!

  10. Howard Bartle

    I agree with TSS. I think the FAW should charged with bringing the game into disrepute. Both Cardiff and Swansea should be governed by the Football League.

  11. sunnyleeds

    I do not usually comment. But this is all about consistency. How can two seperate associations overviewing the same league come out with consistent decisions? And secondly, when Beckford foulded the Millwall goaler and the match was being aired on Sky, he was not seen by the ref during the match but got a three match suspension following a review. So Simon Grayson has a point here. I do not agree to leave things lie because when it comes to decisions Leeds have to a large degree always ended on the wrong end.

  12. Gryff

    The problem with this is that it wasn’t a silly tackle, it wasn’t a little kick, it was a man putting all his strength into stamping on another man’s shin. I think people are mixing up Alan Smith style bitey-football with a disgusting tackle that has no place in football.

    Full points to Becchio for getting up and carrying on, but his reaction is all the more reason for the FA to start doing something on incidents like this. After all, if they don’t then it encourages players to role around like Spaniards to ensure the referee punishes the opposition.


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