Kudos to our Middlesbrough supporting friends over at ComeonBoro.com for being the first team from a ever-increasing list to realise Leeds United fans don’t consider them a rival. The author of their latest post admits that this week has been an real eye-opener for him, and whilst the first fixture Boro fans looked for at the start of the year was Leeds, this wasn’t the case over in West Yorkshire.

A post made by the same site earlier this week was picked up on by both myself and Darragh over at Clarke One Nil, with me describing the clash as ‘the one way rivalry of the season’ and Darragh also puzzled by the hype the Boro fans were trying to create. Whether their latest post is in reply to myself and Darragh, I have no idea, but whatever it was that made the Boro fans realise we don’t see them as rivals needs to be repeated for the vast amount of similarly deluded clubs out there, not least, our six-fingered friends down in Norwich.

Whilst the Boro site is quick to accept the distinct lack of mutual rivalry, they continue the banter by taking a swipe at the great Don Revie’s side (as is the norm). They also remind us of that ridiculous exchange deal that saw Michael Ricketts arrive at Elland Road with Mark Viduka heading in the opposite direction.

What really seems to stick in the memory of Boro fans however is the relegation party we enjoyed at Elland Road in 1997. Admittedly, the Leeds fans weren’t exactly sympathetic that day and the Boro fans really seemed to enjoy their revenge several years later.

You can read more tiresome digs at Don Revie and the rest of the reasons Boro hate us here.

There’s no real rivalry today for me, but that doesn’t mean I want to win this one any less. After the poor results before the international break, it’s important that we register some points. Middlesbrough haven’t made the start many were expecting them to, and there’s growing rumours that their manager could be sacked if he doesn’t turn things around quickly. Boro have plenty to play for then, but if Grayson has managed to sort out our defensive frailties, maybe we can help send Boro’s manager on his way…

Anyway, time for me to head off to the birthplace of the Don. For those of you that won’t be in attendance today, don’t forget the game is live on Sky Sports at 17:20. MOT!

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  1. mike

    Most of them are that daft that they still think they are part of Yorkshire, hence the one way rivalry I suppose

  2. Attax

    Someone’s tired !
    You seem to be mistaking Boro fans for someone who gives a f*** about you, How novel,
    Chin Chin

  3. mike

    clearly the boro fans are tired! looking at the attendance figurs, good job we are coming along today. If you had given us 12,000 as opposed to 4,000 you could have had a full house!

  4. richard

    They`re just drumming up the hatred to get fans through the turnstiles, it aint gonna happen and if it does, as the song goes…


  5. mike

    Anyway Attax – I am setting off to watch my team now are you!! or are you a sky sports fan.

    God knows what it would be like if you had just had 8 years like us, it would be rent a crowd or free tickets for the girl guides.

    No fans have seen a demise like ours but we still fill away grounds – its called getting behind your team – something boro fans seem to have difficulty with.

  6. Chicago White

    I’m in Atlanta for a Leeds United Americas meet, were taking over a local pub for the game with 30+ local Whites plus quite a few lads coming in from California, DC, Florida and myself from Chicago. The NY Whites are doing a NY event in our NY pub and the Virtual LUA chatroom will be very active today. Will there be any smoggies fans about I doubt it! Last season when we played the spuds we took over a so called spuds pub in Chicago, there were a few bemused faces including the staff, how does a lowly 3rd division team out support a prem team same happened in Boston when we played Cess! As for the smoggies editorial I only have one comment deluded.

  7. richard

    Im an armchair fan with away games, i dont give a toss really cos my fridge is stocked with beer, and im gonna watch the game with my son.

  8. kev cressey

    Good luck today Leeds,it’s all about a good performance and coming away with 3 points,lets not get drawn in to this crap that the boro websites and fans are trying to create i’ve got a good feeling about today’s game boro are there for the taking, Somma to get 2 !!

  9. les irwin

    sat watching game at miserable side stadium its empty and at mo they are loosing but owt could happen yet anyway i digress boro should of had the decency to hold this game at elland road
    a = for a full house
    b= so the winning side could go straight to the pub instead of travelling back
    c=so their manger could go somewhere he is liked

  10. Colin

    Errr, okay, I’m happy with the 3 points but what was with the 10 mins of desperate defending – ie. the taking it into the corner, playing for throw ins etc.?? A bit dangerous and not entirely entertaining – just as well that Johnson, Snodders and Howson held the ball up well and kept it in the final 10 minutes.

    The only thing I can think of is that Grayson thought if Middlesbrough were going to play dirty (and they did), then we’ll just do what we need to and get the 3 points.

    Again more injuries, one injured himself, but Watt and Faye were injured by callous challenges and i don’t think they will recover for the next game. The challenge on Watt was a yellow at least and could (should?) have been a red and the guy who tackled Faye knew exactly what he was doing – took the ball with his first leg and left his trailing leg to get the man.

    Was it just me or were Leeds the only team that actually wanted to win?? Apart from Tavares and Arca, the rest of the Boro team just didn’t seem to be bothered. Fair enough, Kris Boyd got the goal, but he wandered round the pitch with a face like a smacked arse. Boro have got problems.

  11. Colin

    And isn’t it 6 league goals for Somma now?? I’m liking his yellow boots and it looks like Becchio has finally realised that he needs to step up a gear and start scoring consistently.

  12. TheReaper08

    @colin That’s a little harsh. I think we are all impressed with Somma and his start to the season. Let’s not forget though that Becchio has been a tireless performer for our team for several seasons and not just 5 minutes.

    Great result today though and it’s always a bonus when both your strikers get on the sheet.

    • Colin


      Firstly, great to speak to you and everyone on the site again!

      I don’t think i got my thoughts across – i think time and again Somma has shown that he has to be the first striker on the team sheet for Leeds, and I hope that with his goal tally SG agrees with that too.

      As for Becchio, i think the start to the season (being dropped, coming back in etc.) is the kick up the backside that he needed, but for all the right reasons. I think he’s a team player and he lived in Beckford’s shadow, working so hard for him, but now I think he realises that he has to be more selfish and become the No. 1 striker. I saw his interview with Sky after the game when he got MOM award and he struck me as a really decent and kind man. I like that a lot, though I don’t think that the Sky commentator liked the fact that he didn’t really understand him – i don’t think his english is too great!

      Like F1, there’s a no.1 and no.2 driver and with Beckford in the team he was happy to be no.2. Now he has to take the No.1 seat.and I think the fact that McCormack and Paynter are waiting in the wings, he’s finally pushing himself to his full ability.

      Okay, i know i’ve contradicted myself because i earlier said that Somma was No.1 on the team sheet, but I think they both have to be big headed and think of themselves as the best striker.

      • Colin

        And I’m still confused on SG’s favoured first team – i guess it will be sorted by Christmas, but as I see it, the definites so far are Snodgrass, Howson, Schmeichel, Collins??

        Have i missed anyone??

      • TheReaper08

        @colin I thought his spoken English was excellent, it seemed he was struggling more with the stadium noise and the speed of the questions.

        In my personal opinion Becchio will always be a better 2nd striker.

      • Colin


        Completely agree. So what do we do with McCormack and Billy Paynter who are on a higher wage than Somma & Becchio???

        McCormack has previous on being a Championship goal machine, Paynter looked good in pre-season and then we have the likes of Gradel to throw in the mix.

        We can’t keep them all happy!

      • TSS


        You do realise the last two characters in Reaper’s username are numbers, right? Or did you think he was called The Reapero 8?

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS @colin I quite like Reapero, sounds kind of Spanish don’t you think ?

        Anyway Colin’s a good fella, as long as he keeps it clean he can call me whatever he likes.

  13. richard

    Great result but for the last 10 minutes it felt like a cup tie. we were ok but luckily boro were crap.

  14. Colin

    @TSS @TheReaper08

    I did think it was 08 but was never sure why the 0 is smaller than the 8, so i did use the letter o last time round – Reapero :)

    08 it is from now on!


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