Oscar Wilde famously said that ‘consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative’ and here at TSS HQ, we’ve been taking note! Rather than a stable, reliable source of Leeds United rants and opinion, what we decided to do instead was disappear for a while just to keep everyone on their toes!

Just like the team we all love, TSS has now officially had it’s own ups and down(time)s!

Now we’ve picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off, normal service can be resumed.

Luckily for TSS, we were down for the 6-4 humiliation at Elland Road a couple of weeks back – recalling the events of that night may have been enough to send me over the edge!

Welcome back everyone!

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  1. Roger Womack

    That’s a relief, thought you had gone, welcome back and keep up the good work.

  2. TheReaper08

    @TSS Right that’s it your grounded, do that again and you won’t be allowed out for a year.

    Oh and welcome back……

  3. Pete

    Soooo glad your back I was actually starting to muss ya! Is this a sign of hope for our Saturday clash with the smoggies? Welcome back TSS

  4. timm

    Come on then TSS, what’s the REAL reason for your absence? I was worried sick! Don’t ever do that again!

  5. Svein-Magne Forsgren

    Nice too have you back, rest asure that you were missed every second…

  6. TSS

    There’s very little to reveal really. Contrary to some widely held beliefs, I wasn’t trapped down a mine (although the timing is certainly a strange coincidence).

    The site’s downtime was completely out of my hands and prolonged for numerous reasons – not least, me working away from home and having limited internet access the last few weeks. I don’t want to go into the tedious details, but for the benefit of those that wondered about financial issues, I can assure you that the ads more than cover the bills and we have no issues on that front.

    The downtime was as much of a surprise to me as it was to rest of you, but I can’t imagine there will be any repeat of this going forward, so sorry for the disappearance but as Mark Twain once said (and someone reminded me of on Twitter), ‘the reports of my death were greatly exaggerated’

    • mike johnson

      Sooo glad you’re back! I feared you’d gone broke, or worse! No games and no TSS for 2 weeks …it’s been dreadful. MOT
      (btw: how was Chile…)

  7. simon

    Hello TSS

    I have missed you commentary and anecdotes

    dont leave me in the dark again

    Nice to see your posting once more

    Lets hope its a good one after saturday

  8. Dje

    I wondered whether the the death of the unfortunate Mr Segway had something to do with it – ie. TSS was actually a multi-millionaire web-sugardaddy with too much time on his hands.

  9. Jonathan Oldroyd

    Even across the Pacific and across the great Canadian landscape to the Southern Interior of British Columbia, your refreshingly intelligent commentary and insights and those of your contributors has been greatly missed. Welcome back.

  10. Matt BB

    6-4 against preston, 2-1 ipswich. all down to simon not being able to read our advice, good to have you back.

  11. les irwin


  12. White to the core

    Welcome back our friend. Thought old grey beard the financially challenged pirate,( he who controls all things leeds in the seas of elland rd) had you tied to his mast and given you a good whipping. Or had you shut in his infamous war chest. Whatever the reason good to have you back mate.

  13. Craig

    Great news you’re back TSS. I had been starting to notice a worrying increase in my productivity in the time you were gone.

  14. Mark R

    Ring the church bells and break out the dandelion and burdock !

    Welcome back TSS.

  15. Colin

    “The site’s downtime was completely out of my hands and prolonged for numerous reasons – not least, me working away from home … the last few weeks.”

    Prolonged for numerous reasons? Working away from home? Last few weeks?

    TSS – do you work for RBS and have you been in Liverpool :)

    TSS quotes Oscar Wilde. I too have a quote:
    “Hello, hello, it’s good to be back, it’s good to be back”
    G. Glitter

  16. Paul South Wales

    Ahh, and relax Clarkeonenil even wrote your obituary thinking you’d gone for good

    • TSS

      @Paul South Wales

      I read MG’s post, and was speaking to him earlier via email. I know you all enjoy the banter between the two of us, but we get on quite well truth be told. We agree on pretty much nothing, but that’s the fun of football.

      Incidentally, I’ll be defecting to C.O.N (he hates it when I abbreviate the name – not sure why?) next week to take part in the ‘Life After Bates’ feature they’ve been running. Inter-blog lovin’ at it’s finest I suspect…


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