Davenport at West Ham

Davenport deal still possible

Contrary to reports last night, there is still a possibility Calum Davenport could sign for the Whites.

After leaving Thorp Arch and heading back to London, several sources claimed Simon Grayson had passed on the opportunity to sign the defender. But the manager revealed today that Calum has personal issues to resolve before any decision is made on his future, and that the defender may yet sign for Leeds United.

Beuna suerte Tres!

Sky Sports has revealed that former Leeds United striker, Tresor Kandol, has finally found himself a new home after his contract at Elland Road was ended this summer. The 29-year old is believed to have agreed a one year deal with Spanish side, Albacete. We wish him well.

Paynter and Snoddy back in training

Injured duo, Billy Paynter and Robert Snodgrass are back in training following injuries that have kept the pair sidelined so far this season. Simon Grayson told the official site that the injured duo were coming along nicely, and that they are currently doing some running work and should be doing some football training ‘in the not so distant future’.

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  1. Gryff

    Tres hardly showed himself to be the model professional, but he always played to a decent L1 level.

    I’m not sure this Davenport deal will go through though. If he has ‘personal issues’ on top of a long battle to get fit (let alone to regain his confidence and reawaken his “automatic brain” with footballing) I can’t see this ending with a deal at ER.

    • Craig

      Hmm, I’m not sure either but he may just be going home to ask his family if they fancy a move to Leeds.

      • Gryff

        @craig I hope so! He’s obviously got a long way ago to be half as good as he was, but once he has the footballing brain, it’s always good to have a guy like that around.

  2. Jordy P LUFC

    Is it just me or is the reason we signed McCormack but gave him number 44 leaving a perfectly good number 17 stay empty a coincidence considering said picture above has a certain Davenport with a number 17 shirt??? Hmmmmm… Haha :’)

    • Howard Bartle

      I think that McCormack had the number 44 shirt at Cardiff, it could mean something to him!

    • Dje

      @Jordy P LUFC

      No. 17 is being reserved for the prodigal son’s return
      (or any old ‘Mr. Smith’?)

      [I will get this rumour started…]

      • jacko

        I still think Smithy would be a great signing, but unless it was a loan, I guess that is gone now. Also he has looked good so far in the prem, especially against Villa.

  3. Christopher Gee

    The same news sources which reported Leeds had waved goodbye to Davenport also suggested that Cardiff and Forest were still interested. It’ll be a bit thick if, having sorted out his personal issues and got him up to speed, we do end up in a Dutch auction for the lad, particularly with these two.

  4. Hugh Fox

    gud luk tres i think did us well in that 1st season in league 1. watched the season review dvd for that season the other day nd u forget how many vital goals he scored.

  5. tim campbell

    After a little digging around I discovered the following defenders are still available on free transfers, but whisper it kenneths ears just pricked up when I mentioned the word free! Stephen Wright (right back) – Wilfred Bouma (left back) – Jay Demerit (centre back) – kerra Gilbert (left back) – Sam Sodje (centre back) – Danny Shittu (Centre back) and if you must have another freebie striker try Darius Vassell (centre forward) ; ALL clicking their heels at present. Would any of these guys do any better than what we have – I’m not so sure!

  6. Dje

    @tim campbell

    I always liked the look of Sodje when he was with us. No better at distribution than what we’ve got, but more reliable (until he gets himself sent off). Doubt he could look any better in the Championship than League One though. DeMerit has loads of experience, just not sure how far his aging legs would carry him and he’d only good for a season tops.

    I wouldn’t take any of the others and Bouma’s now with PSV.

  7. tim campbell

    i agree mate, Demerit would have been an interesting one – im surprised we havent been linked with him – larry mustn’t see him as any better than what we have – i still think its the lack of mobility that frightens so many of our supporters as regards our defence

  8. Gryff

    @tim campbell that could be an outside chance. I mentioned weeks ago that I would have expected him to have been snapped up by somebody by now. A little while after I stumbled upon this from the BBC website:

    DeMerit, for example, is far too capable to be cast into the footballing wilderness and the defender, who was a regular for Watford during their 2006-07 Premier League season, is hoping that his situation will develop now the window has closed.

    He started all four of the USA’s games at the World Cup in South Africa but spent the weeks following his side’s elimination on a beach in Bali contemplating his future.

    The central defender had six years with the Hornets and felt he was ready for a new challenge, parting company with the Championship club on amicable terms at the end of last season.

    “It is not that there has not been any interest but nothing has really bitten me,” DeMerit told me.

    “I am not suggesting that I am going to get a move to Chelsea or anything like that but I am hoping there are teams in England or around Europe that can test me at the highest level.

    “I like to think that I have got a lot to offer. That was the original thinking, but things haven’t really gone to plan.”

    By the sounds of it he was looking at the Premiership but may have to lower his expectations. I suppose being in the playoffs (even if we have only played easy teams/teams not on form) is a plus on our side I suppose…

  9. Colin

    DeMerit strikes me as a player who wants his cash. Didn’t he have a good deal at Watford? Guess what, they can’t afford him anymore and they’ve told him that.

    “I like to think that I have got a lot to offer. That was the original thinking, but things haven’t really gone to plan.”

    I’m pretty sure he could get a club at the drop of a hat, but he wants big money and no-one can afford him. He strikes me as a big head.

    He could easily join a Championship team, if he was 1) any good and 2) affordable.

    Sounds like he’s got a bad attitude and everyone’s told him to sod off – “i played in the World cup blah blah blah” – sod him.

  10. Gryff

    @colin at least twice as good as any of our current centre-backs, apart from Kisnorbo who’s on the long-term injury list…

  11. TheReaper08

    @gryff I think if that were true he would be plying his trade somewhere by now. The reality is he is better in his own head than he is on the pitch.

    Mr DeMerit needs to realise he used to play for a selling club, whilst he was there and at the peak of his powers (now 30 but @ Watford since about 24) nobody wanted to buy him. Now he is on a free & still he is not getting the offers he thinks he deserves.

    Taxi for Demerit.


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