With the international break over and our attention fixed firmly back on domestic football we look forward to the visit of Swansea City to Elland Road.

Thanks to Martin Jones from the site Swansea City Mad for doing the interview.

Ryan – You’ve had a mixed start to the season and we seem to be hitting some form. Are you looking forward to coming to Elland Road? Can Swansea get that vital first away win?

Martin - To be honest I never look forward to the Swans playing Leeds at Elland Road, its not a happy hunting ground for us. We are playing well but the best I think we can get is a draw.

Ryan – Your squad is looking particularly strong this season with the likes of Scott Sinclair and Craig Beattie being obvious danger men. Is there anyone else we should be looking out for in your squad? Who is capable of causing us problems?

Martin - Stephen Dobbie is an excellent player for us, and I expect him to cause you some problems. Beattie’s injured again at the moment. Watch out for Nathan Dyer, he knows Bessone’s game well and should give him a torrid time!!

Ryan – In pre-season we signed former Swansea left back, Federico Bessone. So far his performances for us haven’t been too convincing. What can we expect from him? Is it a good bit of business to get him in on a freebie?

Martin - He played well last year and improved considerably under Sousa. He’s still a bit suspect in defence, but should be a good attacking player for you.

Ryan – Andy Robinson, who was player of the year at Swansea, is currently on our transfer list & is looking a bit on the chubby side. What do Swansea fans think of him? Where do you think it has gone wrong for him?

Fede Bessone

Former Swansea man Bessone is yet to convince Leeds fans

Martin - He should never have left Swansea in my opinion. He was very popular when at Swansea, but the way he left us to join Leeds left a bitter taste with the Swans fans. In saying that mind, I still think he can do a job for a League One side and I hope he finds a club soon.

Ryan – You just missed out on the play-offs last year under Paulo Sousa. Realistically, where do you think Swansea will finish this season? What are your first impressions of new manager Brendan Rodgers?

Martin - The football we played under Sousa, especially the last few months, was some of the most boring I had watched in my 30 years as a Swans fan. Most supporters are pleased he has gone. Brendan Rodgers has brought with him a different approach, more exciting to watch.  I am already impressed with his style of play and you can see that the players are responding to this. On saying  that, I think we’ll finish mid-table this year.

Ryan – Obviously your main rivals are Cardiff City but a lot of Football League clubs seem to invent a bit of a rivalry with Leeds. Are the games against Leeds something that Swansea fans particularly look forward too?

Martin - Yes, simply because your fans create an excellent atmosphere. The game at the Liberty a couple of seasons ago when we beat you 3-2 was one of the best I’ve been to, apart from the atmosphere at Cardiff games. You are always supported well on your travels, unlike some of the so called big teams that bring a couple of hundred with them.

Ryan – Our strong start to the season has surprised quite a few fans. Where do you expect us to finish this season? What should we be aiming for in our first season back in The Championship?

Martin - If you keep on  playing the way you are I think you should at least make the play-offs.

Ryan – If you could sign one current Leeds player for Swansea who would it be and why?

Martin - Luciano Becchio. Great player would fit in well in our current squad.

Ryan – Finally, what is your prediction for the game? I’m going for a 1-1 draw.

Martin - 2-1 Leeds. As I said Elland Road is never a happy hunting ground for the Swans.

Thanks to Martin for taking part in this week’s interview and good luck to Swansea for the rest of the season.

16 Responses

  1. superhoops

    What a kind chap he is. Not so confident myself! Swansea will pose us a huge threat because of their pace up front.

  2. Ryan H

    Im feeling quite confident about tomorrow and fancy a 3-1 victory, can’t wait for the game it’s been too long!

  3. Raph

    Interesting, home games have been kind to us against swansea, but history doesnt count for anything present. I think 2-1 win maybe 2-0 if kasper has his way COME ON LEEDS

  4. richard

    2-0 I hope, wont be easy but we could do with going on a confidence boosting unbeaten run.

  5. Jonathan Oldroyd

    I will always remember the timing of the Andy Robinson signing as one of the factors contributing to Leeds losing the playoff promotion game. For management to be preoccupied with a “major” signing and announcement at that time was pure incompetence which undermined the players and distracted the manager going into that game. That is my take on it.

  6. trueyorxman

    Even the Swans know Bessone is suspect in defence but good going forward, what use is that for a defender? Get rid asap

  7. Dje

    On an aside///

    After signing yet another half dozen players this week, I think we’ll have to start a separate prediction league: what’ll be our starting XI.

  8. Bill Fox

    We seem to be finding some very balanced and reasonable opposing fans – can we get a complete tosser in for entertainment value sometime!

    • Bury White

      Absolutely – who wants a reasonable conversation with opposing fans they should be as blinkered and unreasonable as we are – bring on the tossers

  9. Ryan Parrish

    I’ll bear that in mind next time! Living in Hull I will easily be able to find you a tosser when we play them if thats what your after!

  10. Dje

    Jason Brown signed on a one month loan from Blackburn Rovers. For others also unaware, he’s a keeper.

    Schmeichal / Higgs injury we don’t know about? Or has Grayson signed so many players in the last few months that we need a few extra keepers to fulfill training sessions without needing to constantly play ‘three and you’re “in”‘?


  11. Colin

    You got it spot on – Schmeichel injured.

    Another win! I’m enjoying this sitting near the top of the table lark.

    When McCormack, Paynter, Snodgrass and Kisnorbo come back from injury/get fully fit, that’s 4 quality Championship players who you’d struggle not to include in the first team. Just like 4 new signings.

    Looking promising!

  12. Dje


    Entirely agree about the talent we have still to come, and the excitement it brings.

    I am wondering if I was I the only one today who was childishly disappointed that we didn’t have any of our new toys in the starting XI. And barely on the bench. It would have been nice to see to see Nunez-whatever-his-name-is come off the bench to score a thirty-five yard screamer; or Faye strut his stuff as a supreme midfield general – crushing all who questioned whether it was a Amandy Fey or Amdy Faye.

    But as I said, childish … and it’s all about the points – so no(t many) grumbles.

  13. Colin

    Watched the highlights and from what I could see:

    – Clown Naylor made yet another blunder costing Leeds a goal.
    – Higgs (and I am not his greatest fan) kept Leeds in the game. He was excellent.
    – Kilkenny, Gradel and Collins were excellent.

    I still maintain that Naylor is a liability and if he wasn’t playing for Leeds then he would struggle to find a place in a League 1 side. How on earth he gets a first team start for Leeds is beyond me, and how he is still captain is baffling.

    I really don’t care if he is Leeds through and through, but how many times do we have to say that we won the game despite Naylor’s mistakes. He is shocking. 5 games in the league and he has made a goal for the opposition and put one into his own net.

    I’m really really sorry to have such a go at Naylor, but you have to ask yourself the question, would anyone else in the Championship take him on as a defender? The answer is clearly no. And yet he is Leeds’ captain.

    He’s awful, truly awful


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