George McCartney

Northern Ireland international George McCartney

Sunderland full back George McCartney is set to join Leeds on a one month loan deal on Thursday.

The 29 year old Northern Ireland international has fallen out of favour at Sunderland after suffering a knee-ligament injury. The move is seen by Sunderland as a means for McCartney to regain match fitness though Leeds will see him as cover for the problematic left back position after the unconvincing performances of recent signing Fede Bessone.

McCartney is currently in his second spell with Sunderland after starting his career with the club.

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  1. TSS

    Don’t know much about him, but definitely the right move from Larry. We need someone to fill the void until Parker returns or January comes. Bessone is an absolute liability.

  2. Tim Campbell

    As a northern Irish leeds supporter I can tell you hes a heck of a lot better than Bessone

  3. LSD&2Es

    White’s not a Full Back. A Wing Back or Left Mid perhaps…

    Good move if it happens and Snods will know him from the NI set up

  4. TSS




    Have to agree with the above, that Aidy White isn’t a left-back. He did well at the weekend, but would prefer to see him in midfield.

    • TheReaper08

      @TSS Snodin.

      Also agree with the consensus on Aidy White for midfield.

      Left back appears to be a modern day curse at our club

    • TSS

      @TheReaper08 @Tim Campbell

      Ahh of course! Must have been having a blonde moment – I once had my hair died several years ago and I think some of it affected my brain. If someone says Snods these days, I automatically assume we’re talking about our greatest midfielder.

      • Tim Campbell

        I bet yours did’nt turn out ginger TSS – emm enough said lol

      • TSS

        @Tim Campbell

        The first colour it left was open to some debate. My girlfriend of the time insisted it was blonde, but after a severe ribbing from my mates, I had to get it done again fearing it looked a little ginger.

        Bet yours wasn’t the result of a drunken bet? I had mine done sometime in the early 00’s after betting a friend Smudger wouldn’t hit double figures that season – I agreed to have my hair died in his honour if he did (it was the only season he reached double figures as well, so I claim full credit). A similar bet was proposed with Max Gradel this season, but I’ve learnt from my mistakes!

      • Tim Campbell

        Sensible chap!! However I’m just glad I came from the side of the family who had a mop on top. No offense to any baldies past, present, or future lol

  5. Colin

    Okay fine maybe he can do a job for us, but why does SG sign Bessone on a 3 year contract if he has a few stinkers of matches and then drops him. If he was bought with being cover for Parker long term, then 1) surely Bessone wouldn’t have signed up to that and 2) don’t give him a 3 year contract.

    If Parker is the long term choice, then where does that leave Bessone? Surely he has to be played to get him through his off form patch. I think SG has been somewhat harsh on Bessone – i don’t think he needed the berating he got from SG in his Barnsley post match conference and maybe would have done better with an arm round his shoulder and support from his manager?

    • Gryff

      @colin come on mate, it’s been more than a few stinkers. Bessone’s looked all at sea in too many matches thus far and it’s been affecting the performance levels of our centre-backs.

      If he was working in HR or a bank and he had the kind of performance levels he’s shown now he’d be out of the door by Thursday, no ifs or buts or time to settle in!

      • Colin

        I know what you’re saying and I agree to an extent but the rest of the defence have been pretty awful at points as well. Maybe that’s an excuse. But my main concern is if Bessone isn’t good enough then SG has to be asked questions of, for giving him a 3 year deal.

        How many times has he signed a player on a decent length contract and then left them hanging on their contracts such as Crowe and Bromby. That’s what really frustrates me and not the fact that he’s dropped him.

      • Gryff

        @colin I definitely agree with you on the latter. Bessone did a decent job at Swansea for one season and was put on a 3-year, rather than a 2-year deal. On top of that Bromby was put on a ridiculously long contract if Grayson had any doubts about him.

        For me a transition team like Leeds shouldn’t be giving out 3-year contracts to many players at all, because our circumstances can and will change every season for the next couple of years…

    • Dje


      I did wonder why Bessone didn’t play in the reserves match against Middlesborough yesterday. Clearly he needs as much time on the pitch working alongside his fellow teammates as possible, so why wouldn’t Grayson play him?! Three possible answers:

      i.) as rumourmed he’s homesick and has been given a week (or five) to sort out his head / private life. So he wasn’t in Leeds to play.

      ii.) he’s picked up a knock and is injured. Hence didn’t play, and added reason why the Ulster boy has come in on loan.

      iii.) Grayson has lost so much faith in him that the lad isn’t even good enough for the reserves where even Andy Robinson gets a regular outing! In which case welcome to three years of wasted wages, and an unhappy Argentinean face lurking around Thorp Arch.

      • Craig

        @djedjedje @colin

        I’m sure it was mentioned on the LUFC website and in the interview with Grayson before the Donny match that Bessone was one of two players with injuries.

  6. Bill Fox

    Agree left back is a cursed position but this loan makes good sense to me. We get a proven left back in to boost the defence for a few games and it’s then up to Bessone to come back all guns blazing and start over. If he does great, if not then Parker will be just about ready I guess.

    A plus one/thumbs up for Larry.

  7. Gryff

    @most of the posters (heh)
    Why shouldn’t we be pragmatic in using White as a left-back this season? I too think he has a lot to offer as a winger but he has spent a lot of time in the Academy playing left-back as well as left-wing and he is consistently solid in that position at the levels at which he has been tested. With the likes of Snodgrass, Sam, etc. on the left-wing I don’t think we’d have much to lose by giving him the odd first-team start at the back to ease him further into professional football.

    • Craig


      If you think back to last season White suffered a similar fate to Bessone and was substituted a number of times whilst playing at left back. Apparently it rocked his confidence.

      • timm

        @ gryff.
        White was regularly subbed last season as he has a real problem with nervousness. Eddie Gray spoke in depth about this on Yorkshire radio, apparantly, he gets so nervous in front of the crowd that he’s regularly exhausted by half time & it actually makes him physically sick! It’s a real problem & hopefully he’ll get over it, as he looks a real prospect.

  8. Matt

    Personally Aidy White reminds of Ian Harte. Very promising going forward but doesn’t have the heart,body and brain body of a good full back. He needs to man up in the gym to stamp authority on any right winger he’s up against. He needs more of a nasty streak to be a defender. Championship defending is a world away from Academy defending Gryff. :o)

  9. Mark R

    Tend to agree with Colin on this one.

    Aside from Kasper, a back four consisting of Connoly, Naylor, Collins & Bessone has looked vulnerable.Someone in the back four should have been talking and guiding our new players. It just hasn’t happened. Also the midfield cover for th eback four has been shocking at times.

    Whose been the left midfielder supposedly linking up with left back and forming a playing relationship ??
    Sadley Bradley.

    Bessone’s been no worse or better than the back four pre Doncaster, and he never scored an own goal !

    Also hasn’t Bessone has been carrying an injury
    as well.

    Fully fit and with a cnentral defence including Bruce and a steady left midfielder in front of him – I think we’d see a much improved Bessone.


  10. Craig

    Is this story ‘fact’? I’ve only seen it reported in tribalfootball and have treated it as just another rumour until now.

  11. love leeds

    SG is a great manager and we are lucky to have him, but what is coming apparant is he signs some dogs in defence on long term contracts (Bromby,Crowe,now it looks like Bessone,). Plus i dont rate Paul Connolly at right back. Maybe better that k.bates doesnt give him lots of money?He is good though at finding attacking players.

  12. Tim Hodge


    I saw it reported on BBC Sport which is normally fairly reliable for transfer stories as they tend not to commit to a story unless it’s pretty solid.
    Having said that, with our history of transfer stories there’s always a chance it could fall through.

  13. Tim Wilsom

    Bessone will be ok when his English improves, then he can stop running up to ask Becchio was the hell Naylors talkin about

  14. Mike

    Looks like we are getting another loanee, this time to utterly destroy Bessones confidence and maybe Whites too. Great man management.

    • TheReaper08

      @craig Mikelufc just doesn’t rate Larry mate, nothing you or I can do to change that.

      • Craig


        My earlier suggestion as to Mike’s identity was never refuted:

        “I think Mike’s true identity is slipping out from under his disguise as an ex-pat living in Spain. I can reveal that he’s a former employee of Blackpool FC who was replaced by Grayson and will be forever embittered!”

        It explains his frequent references to bad man-management.

  15. Colin


    I’m not entirely convinced by SG either, so you may want to put me in that camp as well. If we hadn’t got promoted last season, he’d have gone, he was one game away from getting sacked. And that day it was the ten players on that pitch that got Leeds promoted, not Grayson. In 2010, we were poor, very poor and Grayson’s job was to get Leeds promoted and it should have been easy but he made it hard.

    I don’t see how he’s been any better than Gary Mac to be fair.

    I don’t like the fact he’s lording it around on Football Focus etc. – he wasn’t on it when he was Blackpool manager. The only reason he’s there is because he Leeds manager.

    A team that prior to Barnsley were unbeaten in 4, winning the last 3 games, then we get a 5-2 loss and it could have been worse.

    SG laid the blame on the players and maybe it was their fault for that loss. But it was the same players who had done so well in the previous games – so what happened? The manager has to take some responsibility.

    This is the same manager who had an uncatchable lead at the top last season and then it went pear shaped. Poor game after poor game. Was that down to the players or does the manager have to take responsibility as well?

    He seems to shirk responsibility for poor results and take the plaudits for being “an exciting young English manager” and sitting on BBC sofas chatting about football.

    I seriously hope that SG is the one that get Leeds back to the Prem, but I’m not entirely convinced that he’s special.

    Just to re-iterate, I hope I’m wrong. But we all know that if Leeds decline to the lower end of the league (but safe from relegation) which is where we were tipped to finish by journalists/media etc., then all the current SG supporters will be calling for SG’s head come the late part of the season.

    • timm

      @Colin. Come on Colin, Graysons a total tracksuit manager & he looked really uncomfortable on Football Focus. I’ve rarely seen such a ‘football man’. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s actually bound by the terms of the BBCs contract with the FL to appear on there? Grayson built the current Blackpool team & should be given a lot of credit for that (Jimmy Armfields words not mine). I don’t know of any occasion when he’s shirked responsibility for a defeat either? He took responsibility by being brave enough to make 5 changes for the Donny game. He’s better than Gary Mac because we’ve been able to go on sustained runs instead of constantly winning one week & losing the next. I love Gary Mac but he’s too nice a guy to manage teams with little or no transfer budget. Mark Robbins & Grayson for me are 2 of the best younger English managers in the game today.

  16. Mike

    Craig has bigger issues with me than I do with Larry ! :-
    Time will tell with Larry and a I have said before I will be delighted to be completely wrong but nothing he has done in the last 12 months apart from Casper has been great.
    I know a little about man management and Larry is hopeless at it.
    If your face fit you cant do wrong and if it doesn’t you are out, never mind if he just gave them a 3 year contract on around 6 grand a week. I am astonished at Ken tolerating it,
    I think we have Mcartney in to add support to Naylor who will probably be playing again saturday..

    I think Craig is Larrys Dad! :-)

    • Craig


      I’ve been rumbled. I’m surprised no one can remember the 1969 news story that reported a 7 year old fathering a boy named Simon.

  17. Matt BB

    This is a solid signing, but yes there is a worryingly large number of awful defenders being signed up each year, and before anyone says it yes Larry did sign Kisnorbo, but isnt that exception to prove the rule?

    Parkwer will definitely make the left back spot his own, but like white he is physically fragile. OOn paper Bessone was a good signing and so were Naylor, Collins, Connolly, but in practice they are lightweight and dont have much pace amongst them. When i say lightweight i mean ineffective, i dont think anyone could call Richard Naylor a lightweight – if he caught them.

    I bet we end up with a back four of Hughes – Faye – Bruce – Mccartney in about 3 months from now and thats all about signing players who arent up to it. I have to admit sitting and watching the swansea game my heart was in my mouth when scott sinclair ran at Bessone or Dyer, Collins and Naylor had to mop all of that up.

    Overall though with his budget its hard to be critical of Larry, and these are just opinions on how good a manager he is, he could come up trumps again, and remember we are a newly promoted team people, anyone who thinks we will walk into the play off places is deluded. Yes we are a good team but we also need to be consistent and keep concentration levels at better level than in division 3.

  18. Anthony Lewis

    Good good signing! Exactly what we need a premier league standard full back to sure up our back four! Hopefully sunderland will let us keep him for longer, would like to see him at leeds for more than a month! Good signing, tidy player

  19. Ted Maul

    Larry had a fairly frank interview with the Beeb earlier.

    He said Bessone has niggling injuries for the next week or so and he see’s White as more of a midfielder than a defender and feels he needs to go out on loan.

    Parker is training with the youth team but should be in an around in just over a month. Also Grella turned down a loan deal but Grayson agrees he needs to go out to get experience. While Nunez hasn’t been able to play because of a paperwork issue but now has full clearance.


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