The more eagle-eyed readers out there may have noticed that the ‘Ten Things’ series took a break last week. The reason for this was that I’ve been away for two weeks and unable to update the site, but Tim Hodge and the other writers did such a brilliant job keeping things going in my absence, that no one actually noticed! (..sobs)

Anyway, while I come to terms with the fact that The Scratching Shed has outgrown me and taken on an independent life of it’s own, here’s a quick fire round-up of everything that’s happened since our last ten things on the 3rd of September.

#01 – We need to go behind to win

Leeds United were making a habit of scoring points after going behind, and the home game against Swansea was to be no exception. Comical defending from Richard Naylor gave the Swans the lead, but a resilient Leeds United fought back to take all three points.

#02 – Embarrassed in Barnsley

It all started so well for the Whites in Barnsley with Jonny Howson netting early, but an atrocious display of second-half defending made for an embarrassing 5-2 defeat away to Barnsley. Davide Somma’s late appearance and the defiant singing of Leeds United’s army were the only positives to take from a truly dismal performance that Barnsley won’t be letting us forget any time soon. Revenge at Elland Road to follow…

#03 – All square at the Keepmoat

After an embarrassing defeat away to Barnsley, few were expecting great things against a Doncaster side we haven’t met since… erm… well, you know when… no need for reminders…

Larry rung the changes, dropping flops Bessone and Naylor and awarding Bruce and Somma with first team starts. A much improved performance from the Whites deserved all three points, but Somma’s thunderous shot was tipped onto the bar by Neil Sullivan, and the former Leeds keeper once again denied the South African a golden opportunity one-on-one as the match ended goalless.

#04 – Snoddy’s back!

Robert Snodgrass made his return to the Leeds United squad away to Doncaster Rovers, and with Billy Paynter believed to be nearing full fitness too, Leeds United’s squad is growing in strength.

#05 – Whatever happened to Millwall?

After a surprising start to the season, cocky Millwall fans were running riot on internet forums telling us all how they’d be going up. Oh how we laughed. After a 3-1 masterclass show at Elland Road, we laughed again. But nothing prepared our sides for the thoroughly hysterical 1-6 home defeat they took at the hands of Watford this weekend. Not so mouthy now I notice, Millwall…

#06 – Striker wars!

The hottest debate of the moment is undoubtedly who Leeds United should play upfront. With McCormack finding his feet in the team, Becchio as consistent as ever and Billy Paynter on his way back, just who should partner our new hero, Davide Somma?

#07 – Ju’ve been watching Doncaster Rovers v Leeds United

When Juventus scouts turn up for a Championship match between Doncaster Rovers and Leeds United, you can be certain they’re not there in an unofficial capacity to enjoy a superior clash of footballing brilliance. You can also rule out the friendly hospitality, intelligent conversation, fine cuisine, great climate, and quality beverages as none of the above are found at the Keepmoat. The real reason he was there remains a mystery, but does have Leeds fans understandably concerned.

#08 – Got wood?

A bit of pointless trivia was shared on twitter the other day, which tells us that Leeds United have hit the woodwork more times than any other Championship team. Although I have no way to confirm this presumption, Bradley Johnson also holds the record for most shots over the bar/wide/out of the stadium.

#09 – Bradley Johnson scored!

Usually when you hear the three words ‘Bradley Johnson scores,’ you can safely assume that one of Leeds’ premier slags is enjoying a night with Leeds United’s premier playboy. What you don’t expect, is for Leeds United’s premier playboy to be a celebrating a goal. His rare contribution hardly makes up for the million and one shots he misses every game, but everyone’s got to start somewhere…

#10 – The Richard Naylor retirement bash

I’d like to extend an invitation to all my fellow Leeds United fans, to a celebration of Richard Naylor’s retirement to be held tomorrow morning at Thorp Arch training ground. The defender doesn’t know he’s retiring yet though, so please don’t ruin the surprise. And don’t forget to bring a heavy, blunt object along with you, like a bat or golf club (just in case…)

13 Responses

  1. TSS

    @captaincrash Unfortunately not mate, was travelling backwards and forwards for the matches. You can imagine my annoyance after travelling from London to Barnsley and back, to watch that crap. I literally, finished work, belted it up the motorway, watched that crap, then belted in home to get no less than THREE hours sleep for work the next day. (Still a little bitter…)

  2. TSS

    More like, motorways, uncontrollable, heart-attack inducing rage and the somehow never predictable, but all too common, ups and downs of Leeds United.

  3. Bill Fox

    Still got a feeling we will have a few more ups than downs this time around. Anyway, welcome home and here’s too a first derby win this season on Saturday in front of 35,000!

  4. TSS

    Cheers, although the welcome home is a little premature. I aren’t done in London yet unfortunately, so this is more of a brief return.

  5. graham allen

    Didnt see the game (Doncaster) but pleased with all I have read. Really pleased Somma is still looking classy – I see him and Becchio working well together as the first choice partnership. McCormack better get used to sitting on the bench again.
    I have heard that Bruce looked good at the back – is that right? How about Johnson and White on the left? Better than Bessone probably, but good enough to continue?
    i wonder if grayson will stick with his favourite team and bring Bessone and naylor back anyway – but he did surprise me with the changes he made against Doncaster, so who knows?

  6. steve underwood

    just like to have my say on nayler,at the moment he looks like a mistake waiting to happen this in turn spreads to the rest of the team,against donny with bruce in the defence got stronger as the game went nayler must be left out wat i would say to the fans remember when he first came how well he played so lets thank him for wat he did he is leeds and it must hurt him that he is playing poorly so richatd nayler thank you but goodby

  7. les irwin

    #07 the reason for JUVE scout was that it was friday he turned up a day early and that was the highest ranking league game so he was bored and turned up either that or his wife wanted some new t–s from the donny chairman who makes his money from plastic surgery .other things we learned was that we never missed becchio or naylor and somma should be starting more

    • Colin

      Very good point about the scout, that makes complete sense. I never thought about that.

      On Naylor – i think he was always going to be a filler until Kis came back. SG likes Collins and Kis and Collins is SG’s ultimate partnership, but that’s a big risk as we don’t know how Kis will come back from his serious injury.

      I think SG is just planning to keep getting as many points as possible until a big push in 2011, when everyone’s fit and ready.

      We’ve actually had a lot of injuries and you could see a much different team in Jan – i would say IMHO:

      Parker, Kisnorbo, Collins, Connolly
      Johnson, Howson, Faye, Snodgrass
      Paynter, Somma

      6 of those aren’t first team starters at the moment

      or stick Sam or Gradel in there for a 5 in midfield with Paynter up front if you like.

      I think that’s Leeds’ ideal team.

  8. Ron

    Very happy Somma was given a start and he clearly proved he can be a handful for 90 minutes. I hope Lloyd Sam and Sanchez Watt see plenty of football too as they were our best players in the opening weeks. Gradel is worthy, but I think his role is coming off the bench as an impact player. Alex Bruce certainly took Naylor’s shirt and I look forward to a better foundation once Faye is fit and sitting in front of him.

  9. Chrisb

    The only consistent thing about Becchio is the chances he continually misses. Must be Somma plus another but not Becchio! Doesn’t score. never strikes the ball cleanly, too slow , average hold up play, doesn’t win enough headers – can anybody tell me what he brings to the party?


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