Amdy Faye at Stoke

According to the ever-reliable (ha!) Daily Mail, Leeds and Blackburn Rovers are chasing former Stoke City midfielder, Amdy Faye who was released by The Potters after sustaining a back injury last season.

Faye has served for several clubs including Newcastle United, Portsmouth and Charlton Athletic, and has also represented Senegal 31 times at international level.

His career is one that has been marred by injury throughout, and he has also been involved with some controversy surrounding his transfer to Newcastle United.

In fourteen years as a professional, Faye has managed 274 appearances across eight different clubs, scoring just ten goals. Faye is considered by fans of former clubs to be a more defensive-minded midfielder which would account for his poor goal-scoring record and would also mean he fills a gap many Whites fans have been concerned about.

Despite playing at a decent level of football throughout his career, and now believed to be beyond his previous injury problems, I can’t help but think this is another Paul Dickov type signing from Larry and one we could definitely do without.

Several injuries throughout his career suggest he doesn’t have the best of luck with fitness and the last thing we need is someone to keep Patrick Kisnorbo and Ben Parker company in the injury room!

At 33, I guess Faye is looking for one final challenge before retirement, but I aren’t sure he’s the kind of player we need. Considering he’s played for five clubs in the past seven years, had numerous injury problems and is nearing the end of his career, I really hope this is another one of the Daily Mail’s invented rumours.

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  1. Craig

    Like you TSS, it isn’t news that interests me much – but, if true, it is interesting that Blackburn are looking at him too. It suggests Faye may still cut it at a level higher than we are.

  2. Craig

    Did anyone hear the article on the Today programme this morning on Roberto Carlos’ free kick? I’ve just found this in the Telegraph which is reporting some research from the New Journal of Physics:

    “When shot from a large enough distance, and with enough power to keep an appreciable velocity as approaching the goal, the ball can have an unexpected trajectory. Carlos’ kick started with a classical circular trajectory but suddenly bent in a spectacular way and came back to the goal, although it looked out of the target a small moment earlier. People often noticed that Carlos’ free kick had been shot from a remarkably long distance, we show in our paper that this is not a coincidence, but a necessary condition for generating a spiral trajectory,”

    I couldn’t help wondering whether this was something (Dr) Bradley Johnson was already aware of and he’s using Leeds United as his personal test bed.

    • Mark R

      Interesting Craig.

      Therefore Dr.Johnson should try shooting from further back .. perhaps our own half.

      Noticed at Watford last Saturday that he also seemed to kick it and head it as high as he possible could. Some Guiness Book of records attempt.

    • TheReaper08

      I fell asleep half way through that, haven’t people got proper jobs to do these days ?

      I am working my butt off at the moment and this clown is studying one particular free kick.

      • Matt BB

        @TheRepaer08 I am also left a little cold by this free kick thingumajig? isnt this one about senegalese mistype `Amdy’ Faye?

        @TSS I am sensing from your title concerning the injury ravaged journeyman that you dont like the look of this..

      • Matt BB

        @TSS not sitting on the fence then! I think this is the mail being lazy, If Graysons big surprise is to come bnext week then it’s going to be a bellamy-esque signing, most likely in defence from a premier league club as a season long loan. Wonder if it’s Woody!

      • Craig


        It doesn’t look as if there is a surprise on the way after all. Grayson has just said that the player decided he didn’t want to move. So Ken’s insistence that we get everyone we want has been shot to pieces – not that we believed it anyway!

  3. Zorro White

    I find the news that Danny Shittu is a free agent a lot more interesting. Now there would be a signing. In my humble opinion…

  4. Gryff

    @Craig you may be on to something with Bradley Johnson!

    Amdy Faye was one I thought one of the upper Championship clubs might snap up near the start of the window given he wouldn’t ask for particularly big wages (given his age and injury-status).

    I was also looking at DeMerit but after his interview with BBC, I guess even Daily Mail couldn’t link us to him (wanting a challenge at the ‘highest level’).

  5. Max.

    Andy Faye – Don’t see it happening. Doesn’t really fit Grayson’s profile, which is usually mid-20s, and bonus points for coming from Leeds in the first place. If he came, he might get a contract to the end of the season, but then there’s the fitness issue.

    Re the free kick, Nigel Martyn came on 5 Live to discuss it (briefly, was mainly the annoying Nicky Campbell talking over him); he pointed out that at that time players worked out you could hit the valve point on the ball to add more spin to it.

  6. Craig


    Yeah, but what attracted my attention this morning was the physicist who speculated that any player could reproduce Carlos’ free kick if the ball was far enough from the goal and hit hard enough. It is that which reminded me of Bradley Johnson!

  7. Pete Allison

    I very much doubt this is true. Our signings this summer have primarily been relatively young and attacking. I know we are after a defensive midfielder but signing a 33-year-old seems to completely go against Grayson’s new transfer policy.

    Mere agent talk I think and hope!

  8. Dje

    Being said that we’ve lost interest in Davenport – which makes sense, IMHO – so I wonder if we have a loanee central defender lined up?

    Of course an ‘icing’ sugar-coated world class central defender would be preferable, but I’m not holding out much hope there…

  9. TSS

    Physics? Am I in the right place? Christ, we’ll be discussing the morality of stem-cell research next.

    • Craig


      Surely you aren’t against your site becoming, if only very occasionally, a bit more highbrow ;)

      • TSS


        See what happens when you leave them on their own too long! I really think it’s time you packed in the day job and committed to 24/7 TSS’ing

  10. saltburnwhite

    so who is this icing on the cake transfer simon grayson missed out on transfer deadline day …apparently the player decided against moving at the last minute and pulled out of the transfer …be interesting to know who turned down the leeds.


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