Amdy Faye

Amdy Faye

Senegalese midfielder Amdy Faye is set to play for Leeds United reserves against Grimsby tomorrow night. The player was released by Stoke City at the end of last season and has been looking for a new club. He has been training with Leeds last week and Simon Grayson sees the reserve game as a chance to check Faye’s fitness.

It was rumoured that Faye was also attracting interest from Blackburn Rovers. Faye is 33 and has suffered with injury problems but should he prove his fitness, Simon Grayson will see him as an experienced head in the defensive midfield slot that we need to fill.

It seems strange that Leeds would release this news before coming to a decision. Fans may be interested to know that Faye’s agent is Willie McKay, the same one who spoke to Sky before the Ross McCormack deal was finalised, forcing the club to issue a statement. Faye and McKay were arrested with Harry Redknapp, Peter Storrie and Milan Mandaric in 2007 amid allegations of corruption.

Faye has represented Senegal at international level including at the 2002 World Cup. He has made over 100 appearances in England, playing for Portsmouth, Newcastle, Charlton and Stoke.

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  1. Matt BB

    @TSS youre not liking this are you.. and to be honest neither am I, we seem to have one holding mid who is too young and one too old. Come on Larry we can do better than this.

  2. Christopher Gee

    This feels such a bad idea on so many levels. Wrong field position to fill with a player lacking fitness and reaching the end of a career that has failed to live up to its promise. Based on experience at Stoke he doesn’t sound the sort of player to bring a wise head into the squad either. Would it be too cynical to suggest we must owe McKay this as a favour after the McCormack transfer?

    • Matt BB

      well it was on Sky Sports before our website so Mr McKay at work most certainly. Cant saee a problem with a pay as you play if we must take him on.

  3. Ryan Hartshorne

    Injury prone journeyman looking for one last pay off, just the sort of player that we don’t need.

  4. Dje

    Considering the deluge of players Grayson likes to bring in, more the merrier. Can Grayson manage to juggle the skill of keeping everyone happy regardless of being in the starting XI, just the squad, or playing with the kids in the reserves? Hmm, time will tell …

    Faye will be looking for a two year contract – perhaps with coaching possibilities, Leeds should be looking at a pay-as-you-play contract – seems unlikely that a contract will get hammered out.

    [Maybe Leeds agreed with McKay to take a look at him and ‘talk him up’ in public as part of the McCormack deal. All unofficial of course, gentlemen’s agreement and all that]

  5. Bill Fox

    Grayson will be using the trial period/reserve game to make sure he’s not a bad influence as well as checking the injury. If he buckles down, is positive and is fit then for me he could do a hell of a job for a year or two.

    • sean stokey

      he is a solid, tough- tackling centre midfielder who would do well for u boys for a season or 2 in the championship. he never let us down!

  6. riccardo

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  7. matt

    I’m not sure about this one. I think he would be a good addition if he could stay relatively injury free One of the things i think Leeds have been missing in recent years is an older head in the midfield department. We have Johnson, Howson, Kilkenny, and Clayton as central midfielders that are 24 or under. So if it was on a pay as you play contact it could turn out to be a good acquisiton.

  8. Max.

    Willie McKay is also, lest we forget, the agent who brought us, in one package loan deal, Salomon Olembe, Didier Domi, Lamine Sakho and Zoumana Camara. And, by the way, he is the agent of the “will he join Leeds? oh no it was never on the cards, he’s gone to Wigan” player James McArthur. And (you may spot a pattern) Jason Roberts. And so on.

    And he’s based in Monaco.

    If Faye is genuinely attracting interest from Blackburn, I doubt he’d come to Leeds (unless he’s secretly a lifelong fan, like, um, Robbie Keane). He’s not going to get a long term contract at either club, and surely the pay at Blackburn is better. More likely Blackburn aren’t interested, methinks.

  9. Gryff

    Depending on his fitness I think he could do a decent job.

    Frankly, given the free transfers left in England I doubt Grayson could do better than this.

  10. Christopher Gee

    I read that Simon Grayson took part in a Homeless World Cup yesterday. Was this guy the first prize?

  11. Loki

    This guy has done a solid job at a very high level for years, would it be so bad if he came down a division to do a job for us? There’s more than a few clubs in our league who could use him, there’s probably a couple in the Premiership too.

    I think we all assume the worst when we read a headline like this and think exactly what Ryan Hartshorne (Injury prone journeyman looking for one last pay off, just the sort of player that we don’t need.). Truth probably is that we’re the only club in this league who he’d consider joining, or certainly one of a very select few.

    I trust Simon will make the right decision at the end of the day, and it’s a position we all agree needs filling. Another thing to consider is that experience can be passed on, and a few of our midfielders could learn a lot from this guy.

  12. TheReaper08

    Pay as you play/one year contract at most then not a bad signing, anything more than that is not so good.

  13. Matt BB

    I agree with repaer in respct of the caution needed with a player of this age bracket, but our options in terms of defensive midfielder are very limited, kilkenny is a central midfielder, but not physically imposing enough, Howson prefers to get forwards – and is better when he has license to, and Johnson is not a good passer of the ball. Someone like Faye will at least be able to do a job, and at 33 he may well have a couple of seasons left. Remember Strachan signing for us when he was deemed surplus to requirements at Manchester United. Hes not in the same class as Strachan but we are so lacking in that position that his signing will have some benefits purely by him being there.

  14. Mark R

    Interesting post by Max re: Willie McKay.
    It’s not a good idea to get such close links with one particular agent. By all means keep him onside – but at arms length.

    As for Faye – as per Reaper & Matt BB – a cautious approach and let’s see what he can do. If he fits in with the squad and is injury free, his experience will be of benefit .



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