Calum Davenport

Calum Davenport heads home

Former West Ham defender Calum Davenport returned home recently after training with Leeds. Simon Grayson offered an open invitation to Davenport to continue training with Leeds but the player has decided to play for his local side, Wootton Blue Cross, in the United Counties League Division One (level 10 of the English football league system). The decision seems to be based around Davenport’s desire to play regular competitive football over reserve games. Simon Grayson has said he will keep an eye on him.

Davenport is obviously a player of some ability and the possibility of Leeds signing him brought a positive reaction from many fans. Though it seems his acquisition is unlikely any time soon, Simon Grayson and fans will be hoping he manages to regain his fitness soon and feels prepared to return to training at Leeds.

In other news, former Stoke and Portsmouth midfielder Amdy Faye, played ninety minutes for Leeds United reserves in a 1-1 draw against Grimsby last night. However Simon Grayson isn’t giving much away other than saying the club would talk to his agent and see what options are open.

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  1. Colin

    “the player has decided to play for his local side, Wootton Blue Cross”

    That amazes me. Aren’t Ossett Town, in the EvoStick (was Unibond) Premier far higher than that in the football rankings? No chance we’ll be taking him on if that’s his level. Sure, I understand he’ll regain his fitness, playing regular games, but he won’t be stretched playing at that level.

    I guess the refreshing thing is that he’s obviously not in the game for the money, because he’d at least pick up some decent wages in the reserves or even if he decided to play locally (say, Dagenham & Redbridge) in League 2.

  2. Side Before Self

    This has mistake written all over it. He’ll be a target for every player in that league. Roll up roll up, come and kick a premier league star. Even if he does regain his fitness without having his legs broken, knowing our luck and the fact that us helping him out will prob have no effect on him he’ll go somewhere else

  3. Gryff

    @colin Grayson was only offering him the opportunity to train with Leeds at TA, he never offered a contract to the lad.

  4. Colin

    Didn’t SG say that Davenport had left Leeds and gone back to London to sort out personal issues.

    So his personal issue was signing for Wooton Blue Cross? I hope he was straight with SG and told him what he was doing before he signed for Wooton.

    Or maybe SG was just being coy and knew that he was going to sign for Wooton but didn’t want to say anything in case other quality United Counties League Division One teams came in to hijack the deal :)

  5. paul wilde

    “Davenport is oviously a man of ability” Says timlodge.Dont make me laugh he is a has been.Why do you think Forest got rid of him.Overated big time

    • Tim Hodge

      I think for a former England U21 and Premier League player “a player of some ability” is a reasonable assessment. And at 27, despite his injury, I’m pretty sure he has a career left in him.
      At the very least he can’t be any worse than Naylor, Collins, Bromby et al.

  6. Matt BB

    how odd? davenport is now a target for every white van man, accountant and 14 year old chav playing in that godforsaken league. sure we must have offered a pay as you play? hut who knows. shame hes taken the route he has but good luck.


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