You Watt, you Watt?

Sanchez Watt has been officially confirmed as Leeds United’s eighth summer signing after revealed he was to re-sign yesterday.

The 19-year-old joined Leeds United in March last year with his spell ending in the 2-1 promotion clinching victory over Bristol Rovers. He returns to Elland Road this time on a season long loan.

Although he only made six appearances, Sanchez Watt became an instant hit with the fans and the summer has been ripe with speculation about his return.

Definitely one for the future, Sanchez Watt’s electrifying pace, flair and impressive ball control should make him a valuable addition to Leeds United’s squad this season.

Simon Grayson said that;

“We’re delighted we’ve managed to bring Sanchez back.

“He did well last year and he’s another good addition to our squad.

“He’s a young and up and coming player who has plenty to offer and his arrival will only increase competition for places.”

The news will come as a huge relief to Leeds fans who have been worried about our midfield options since Robert Snodgrass was injured in Norway. With Max Gradel also set to miss the first four games through suspension, it’s likely that Sanchez Watt will go straight into the squad for this weekends fixture at home to Derby County.

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  1. Petter-Andre (Norway)

    Fantastic! I am really pleased to see Watt back with our troops! He did very well for us last year, and should progress even further this year. Great addition, and now I really can see this season as one where we can compete for the play-off’s. This really lifts the quality of our team, and I sincerely hope for a breakthrough season for Watt! And for all of you who ask why we don’t spend this summer, I am pretty positive he’s not excactly for free when he’s on a season long loan. So here’s to Larry and the Smurf for actually showing some ambition this season!! MOT

  2. Kevin O'Connor

    I said we could trust Sky :P

    (Though not with their league predictions, I hope)

  3. Arthur Graham and Alex Sabella fan club

    great – hope there is one more to come in still mind – to bang in goals – Watt supplies we need a converter too – bring in either of the Villa lads SG

  4. simon

    We now have flair and pace throughout our team………Iam as excited as Ihave ever been since our first relagation.We could and hopefully will do very well and a top 6 finish may well happen now!!

  5. Shez

    Calm down he’s only 19 and it’s not like we’ve ACTUALLY SIGNED him. We’ll be paying a portion of his wages (he’s probably on no more than £2,000 a week as a young lad even if he is in the Premier League). It’s hardly hats-off time to Papa Smurf and his pathetic arse licking CEO! Yes it’s a good move, but we should and more importantly COULD have brought in a striker to replace Becks and add to Beccio, Paytner etc

    • TSS

      @Shez He’s a striker as well as winger to be fair. Bit like Thierry Henry ;)

    • timm

      we didn’t exactly look like we were struggling to score v wolves on saturday. Like i said then, if we play a 4-5-1 we’ll see a lot more goals from midfield, & im actually pleased we never signed Hooper, he’s not the type of striker we need. It’s just unfortunate about Gradels ban because i can see him scoring 20 goals this season. I wouldn’t bring anyone else in now, i’d see how we go up to christmas.

  6. Scot Harlow

    i agree an out n out striker was more of a priority but this is a cracking signing all the same. he can push for a starting place when we have a full squad let alone when both of our wingers i.e snoddy and Gradel are out for the first month.

    Hoping we could still see either a striker or a holding midfielder (ideally both), before the end of August but a good signing in time for Saturday.

    finally is it me or have Betfair linked us with just about every player under the sun and when we finally do sign a player today it’s one who hasn’t been linked from them at all….i think there researches need to work a tad harder ;)

  7. Jason

    This is interesting Watt has been a favorite of Wenger for years but has fallen down the pecking order at arsenal
    But maybe a good loan spell is just what’s needed for the guy to come back into wenger’s thinking

    P.S I really hope to see Leeds in the PL next season

    • TSS


      Cheers for that mate, I hope we’re back the PL next season too.

      I think it’s possibly an experience thing with Watt rather than Wenger not rating him. Once he’s got some match practce, I expect he’ll feature more as he’s clearly very talented.

      Also, your midfield is pretty impressive it has to be said. I can’t see who you’d replace at the moment to accommodate him?

      • timm

        Nice to see we have a good relationship with Arsenal & Villa too, they’re probably the 2 most credible clubs in the premiership in my opinion.

  8. Adolfo

    good signing, i seem to remember waaay back when we were in the third division, this lad coming on in his first game. dont remember who we were playing though but thats not important really. anyway, this lad comes on and the very first thing he does(according to my brain) was not a sprint up the flank or a dribble with a triple crossover and a flick, it was a Batty/Jones/Bremner-ish tackle right on the sideline at the 85 minute mark. loved it!!

  9. Phil

    Happy with that addition, if only Ken could have brought himself to part with the cash to buy Hooper and meet Montgomery’s wage demands I think we’d be looking dead certs for a top half finish now. As it is I think we are still a bit lightweight in the middle of the park and short of goals up top, think we have enough to stay clear of the relegation battle, hopefully Simon has a few more irons in the fire as well.

  10. Dje

    Love the picture of Watt with the bottle of champagne. I say champagne, but knowing Bates I bet it is cava.

    I take it that picture was after the Bristol Rovers match, only the other lads behind seem to be much more interested in getting changed and going home. Maybe it is just how Watt always celebrates after a match – win, lose or draw!

  11. yorkwhite

    Probably the strongest part of our squad now attacking midfield with Sam, Gradel,Snodrass, Watt and even white all able to play out wide it’s looking good.

  12. Scot Harlow

    it makes perfect sense that Larry has invested wisely in wide attackers given that Becchio is very strong in the air which i can only assume means the majority of goals will probably come from crosses out wide?! clever purchasing for me as most of our wide players now are capable with chipping in with a goal or two.

    MUST sign a striker or a holding midfielder as atm i can still see us leaking a few goals with out protection of h/midfieler and maybe havin dry spells in front of goal without a ’20 goal a season’ striker.

    my opinion always seems as useful a chocolate fireguard anyway so we probably don’t need any in reality :)

  13. Dje


    Not wanting to be too down on what you rightly see as a healthy looking attacking midfield is a fear that this might come and haunt us regarding our lack of pace at the back. Speedy mazy runs down the wings from Sam, Gradel and Watt, perhaps involving overlaps with Bessone and Connolly, will suck the likes of Johnson and Howson into the box to support the lone figure of Becchio or Paynter (taking that we’ll play the 4-5-1/4-3-3 combo). Great when this works, but if we lose possession from a cross or as interplay o the edge of the box then the opposition will be countering at pace against out exposed back two plus probably Kilkenny as a defensive midfielder. That’s a lot of pressure on Kilkenny.

    Let’s hope that we win more matches 4-3 than we lose them 3-4!!

  14. marlon

    am i alone in hoping we get aliadiere? free transfer, wouldnt be on massive wages, and better quality than some of the shower we’ve been linked with so far

  15. Jason

    you know if you guys want to make you midfield the most impressive in the championship you should add Lansbury
    he’s a gem but ramsey is so so good that he’s not getting a look in

    or Eastmond if you want to add steel to you midfield

  16. Scot Harlow

    if we want to add steel to the centre of the park shouldn’t Papa smurf splash £7m for Seth Johnson and give him a 30k a week contract?

    seems wise to me?!?


  17. John8oy

    Apologies if I sound negative, but;
    At the start of today I was of the position we needed two more signings, a replacement for Beckford, and a holding midfielder.
    Sanchez Watt has alot of promise, and TSS hit nail on head, “He’s one for the Future” who’s future? Arsenals ofcourse. I could get excited about a permanent deal, but 1 yr loan is not that.
    So, does this mean we’ve signed our Beckford replacement? or is there another Striker to come in followed by a “David Batty”?!?!


    • les irwin

      cant beat being a horrible cnut is that the same as a cunt but spelt differently shaun m show yourself you miserable CNUT

  18. Ilkleywhite

    Good move, was very impressed with this young man last season, think Leeds is an ideal move for him, it will give him a platform to step up to Arsenals first team and it would also appear that the club has good links with Arsenal how about a few other starlets on loan, Fabregas for a start.

  19. Gryff

    I’m very pleased my cynical thought about Skysports’ rumour was wrong :-)

  20. Tim Campbell

    Looking at most of the other championship teams at present I would say that our midfield looks like one of the fastest and threatening around, I would love to see another striker arrive. possibly delfouneso on loan or austin from swindon. I have to agree that our defense and grit in midfield look a little weak, possibly bradley johnson or killkenny could fill this void

  21. Matt BB

    Make no mistake if we get promoted and Watt plays a part in that he’ll be getting a leeds contract.. Arsenal just have too many attacking players for him to get a chance in this decade, look at some of the players theyve let go that you kind of went – huh? at – David Bentley, Jeremie Aladiere, fabrice muamba

  22. les irwin

    lets kill two birds with one stone sky’s 19th place for leeds is bo****ks we are better than that didnt see it but who are they predicting to go down then, alright we are not gonna win it but i would say 14-15th
    sanchez watt if we play the lad as striker he will shine for us he does remind me of a walcott or henry .and he is here for the full season which is even better we have though to play him he is old enough to play .

  23. Tim Wilsom

    Kasper will be keeper, Bruce is the holding midfielder, Goals could come from a number of places. Guess I’m one of the few that thinks we’re looking pretty fn strong. Top 8 finish. Curious if he’ll add another.

  24. Paul South Wales

    I can see one more coming in, hopefully a surprise quality striker !!

  25. Max.

    Website watch: Bruce has been added (as a defender). Somma still missing.

    Somma scored this evening, though. No trialists played (difficult to follow, if you don’t know the names: the website’s academy list at is well out of date (includes Mike Whitwell, for example), possibly to throw Chelsea, Spurs and Everton off the scent). Poleon is the only one I haven’t seen on the reserves teamsheet before, but the official site report points out he’s an academy player – he scored the first goal.

    Keogh – Doncaster are trying to get him on loan, to play alongside Sharp.

  26. Dje


    Lol – like the bit about keeping a three-year out of date academy website to throw of grooming Premiership clubs. Maybe we still get inquiries about the availability of Jacob Burns.

    I noticed Sheehan didn’t play in the reserves match but Michalik and Robinson did. I wonder if this means Sheehan is on the verge of an exit from Elland Road, like Kandol?

    Somma’s continual absence from the website is starting to worry a bit. I was going to email LUFC about it this afternoon, but couldn’t find any contact email address at all. Transparency, huh!

  27. Colin

    Sorry to be all negative but if Watt was all that then we wouldn’t have got him. He’d have been at West Brom or Newcastle. Remember, he was at a 3rd division club last season and did okay.
    No way is he PL class and he’s not proven as Champ class either. He’s a Leeds substitute player.

  28. Max.

    > Although Somma’s pic is not on the website he does have a squad number of 27.

    Yes but his squad number is not on the website either.


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