A bit late, but with two weeks until we return to action in the League I thought I’d share a little YouTube discovery with you all. This is a video filmed from the John Charles West Stand which shows the players and management in the final few minutes before our promotion to the Championship was confirmed.

The video shows various players biting their nails and watching on anxiously as the seconds ticked away. Jermaine Beckford is also substituted during these final few minutes to a standing ovation from the Elland Road faithful. It’s also clear to see afterwards, just what promotion meant to him as he celebrates with the Leeds United staff and players.

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  1. Loki

    Awesome feeling, although I don’t remember being as jubilant as Paddy was before the final whistle. I saved all my energy up for after it was over! Is that me being miserable?!

    Good find TSS, I realise this isn’t you but where do you sit? Out of curiosity. These seats are epic, I envy whoever has them.

    For the record I’m a North-West Corner boy. Used to sit in the East stand when I was a kid though.

    • TSS

      @stevie @matt Paddy’s an absolute legend!

      I sit in the Kop, Stevie. Have previously sat in NEL too, but you can’t beat the atmosphere at the back of the Revie stand.

  2. TheReaper08

    I echo the comments above, Paddy K is a legend. I had heard that he had insisted at being at every game home or away but to see that level of passion warms the heart.

    This vid brings back the total emotions of the day, my despair and heartbreak at 0-1 with the sending off and my total elation at the final whistle.

  3. Mark R

    Brilliant TSS.
    My mate & myself sat just right of the player’s entrance – ( dugout to the left of it ) 5/6 rows from the front. Paddy was as excited as we were. One of my greatest memories of watching Leeds over the years. An emotional day.


    • Craig


      Yeah, but the guy who saw him at Blackburn says: “Bad news for Leeds fans, I’ve just seen Luciano Becchio’s long flowing locks driving in to Blackburn’s training ground. Top player.”

      Unless Becchio is wearing a wig that doesn’t sound like him to me.


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