Simon Grayson

Simon Grayson has just been interviewed on Yorkshire Radio (14:15 GMT) as the transfer window heads into it’s final few hours.

The Leeds United gaffer confirmed Sky Sports earlier reports that a fee has been agreed with Manchester City for the permanent signing of Adam Clayton. Contract talks are currently ongoing with the youngster.

Grayson also spoke of Lubomir Michalik’s move to Carlisle, wishing him the very best and adding that he expects one or two more players to leave Elland Road today. The most likely candidates would appear to be Andy Robinson and Alan Sheehan.

Finally, Simon Grayson finished off by teasing Leeds United fans with the hint of one more signing before the window closes, saying that it would be ‘the icing on the cake’ for his 2010-11 team, but admitting he wasn’t too concerned with the emergency loan window open afterwards.

Keep updated with all the latest on deadline day with TSS’ live feed here.

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  1. Dje

    Hmm, Grayson and metaphors. A dialectic relationship I’m sure.

    “Icing on the cake” – does he mean the last thing to go on the cake – as in last signing of the day, the full set has been completed: ie. some jobsworth fullback none of us have heard of.


    “Icing on the cake” – the sweetest and most desirable (formerly the most expensive bit in days of past) part of the cake: essentially Vierra showing up at 5.50pm and saying he wants to join and is willing to pay his own wages.

    Of course it’d be clearer if Grayson had referred to the ‘cherry on the cake’ signing still to come. But that’s just a simile too far.


  2. Mark R

    The question surely is what kind of cake does SG believe he has made ?
    -Worst case scenario > A fruit and nut cake.
    – A rich lush chocolate cake ? …. not with the investment so far…
    – Best case scenario > A spicey apple and cinnamon cake which is waiting for a smooth coating of double deep icing , on top a model recreation of the delerious on pitch scene after the Bristol promotion match at Ellan Road last season ? … I hope so….put the kettle on !


    • Dje

      @Mark R

      A good few seasons back, when we were in the Premiership, I managed to walk into an argument in a bar when it came to making analogies between football clubs and chocolate bars.

      The stumbling block and major point of tension seemed to be an Everton fan who objected to having his team compared to a ‘Toffee Crisp’. He didn’t seem to get the Toffee(men) connection at all, and thought his club was being slighted as something fairy-light and brittle. Utterly bizarre.

      Leeds were rightly a ‘Boost’.


      I bet Grayson is a carrot cake man. Not sure what that says about the sort of team he’s building though.

      • Arthur Graham

        nah Graysons not a tree hugger .. he’s a Mr Kipling man ! the little yellow , pink n brown ones …with the cream on top …Fairies but filling LOL

      • Tim Campbell

        Was it not old Cloughie who believed in fairies lol

  3. Dje


    Anything to get through transfer day.

    Seriously, they should make these days ‘bank holidays’ for football fans: no lumpen afternoons spent getting dragged around Meadowhall with the misses and irritable kids, just a bunch of (mostly) blokes sat in front of computer screens upfdating transfer gossip and done deals, tweeting twitter feeds beeping up on phones, Yorkshire Radio ebbing away in the background, and the big kitchen clock ticking away up to 6pm.

    Oh, Dandelion & Burdock quaffing nicely too.

  4. Dje

    Makes you wonder though, (for Grayson) how big (or thick) would the ‘icing on the cake’ be?

    It’s got to be someone quite big to warrant mention it in his press conference. If it turns out to be, say Rob Hulse, then he’s sort of set himself up to show the level (read as: ‘lack’) of mid-term ambition. Hmm, pressure.


  5. Christopher Gee

    If Grayson is allowed to bring in another player without first having removed Messrs Robinson and Sheehan from Uncle Ken’s payroll it’ll be birthday cake he should be handing round, cos his have all come at once.

  6. Arthur Graham

    icing has to be lansbury or Caulker – hope we’d bag em both – maybe tomorrow – one would do for us

    • Tim Campbell

      Have to think arthur that now hes got nunez and clayton in, its more likely to be a defender (Caulker). I would laugh however if it was another striker lol

  7. Arthur Graham

    attack attck etc .. Nunez can hit them – that long range effort is stunning – he curls it and watch his left leg pull the trigger – helluva skillfull shot …not some hoof n hope effort

    Caulker in for for Naylor .. yes would be ideal but Lansbury instead of Killa too

  8. Tim Campbell

    I know its a pet gripe of mine but with the signings we’ve made it p***es me off that some supporters just want to consolidate for a few seasons before getting promotion. You bloody well have to earn promotion and then earn the right to stay in the Premiership. I can guarantee that there would be real quality coming into elland road if we get promotion

    • Mark R


      I have high hopes for this season.
      I want my cake and I want to eat it.
      If SG wants to put some icing on it – so be it.

      Keep the faith


  9. saltburnwhite

    Just heard on TALKSPORT that Luciano Becchio has been linked with a deadline day move to Blackburn !
    honestly after all the good work grayson has put in on transfers this season i would be absoloutly gutted !
    it better be 3 million plus if its true!

    • Craig

      Check on the ‘latest’ page on here. You’ll see its rubbish.

      Talksport are the Betfair of the airwaves.

  10. saltburnwhite

    adam clayton has officially left man city for leeds on a permanent newsnow

  11. Dje

    I’ll be absolutely mortified if Grayson thinks Clayton is the icing on the cake. Or Nunez (even if he turns out to be so).

    Got to be another half an hour before the cake tin is officially empty.

    [returns to waiting area]

  12. trueyorxman

    Andy Robinson seems to be still with us…maybe he ate the ‘icing on the cake’!!

  13. Marc Butterworth

    trueyorxman…..”maybe he ate the ‘icing on the cake’!!”

    PMSL……so so funny… so funny…lololololololololololololol

  14. Dje

    Still no ‘Grayson happy with his summer signings’ update on the LUFC site – surely the deathknell to announce no more comings or going when it comes. Got to be something still in the pipeline, got to be!

  15. Colin

    The wage bill is going to be rather large. Still, glad to see that the board have backed Grayson.

    Re. another player – surely we can take on someone who is a free agent. Could it be a deal for Calum Davenport that SG is working on??

    • Dje


      Free transfers can be brought in at any time, so Calum Davenport is probably not what Grayson meant by icing. Besides, it’d hardly be a surprise considering how public it’s been about him being at Leeds, and how massively unfit and out of shape he is takes the gloss of the icing itself.

      I might be mistaken but the deadline of 6pm is for clubs to agree a fee and submit the paperwork for it to the FA. After that speedy medicals and personal terms would follow and announcements to the press after that. This could take a few hours – especially the wage negotiations (which I reckon will be the stumbling block of any icing deal).

      Might take Darius Vassell a few hours to fly in from Greece too.

  16. henry vincent lewis

    Rather a disappointing day!
    Nunez on a short deal, and Clayton “one for the future”?
    No defenders or a holding midfielder!
    Simon was really teasing us with nothing!!

  17. Dje


    Sort of sums up the summer transfer period really. We’ve gone for quantity and a bit of quality. We had quite a large squad to start with, so I’d have preferred one or two players of quality and one or two of excellence, then used emergency loans to cover when injuries require it.

    Overall with the ten signings we’ve brought in (to date), I’d have to say that I’m ‘more happy than not happy’ because of Schmeichal, Sam, and Watt for the year.

    Hopefully McCormack can re-find his form, Nunez turns out to be a gem, Somma becomes an all-round player and Paynter can cut it at this level.

    Collins, Connolly, Bessone, and Clayton (hopefully he proves me wrong) are only infills for better players that we will need to bring in in the near future, or gladly replace when our long-term injured return.

    Out of ten? 6.

  18. Bill Fox

    Loan window opens next week for PL players not in their respective 25 (I think)? Icing must be there??

    Vieira a loooooooong shot still…..

  19. Dje

    And still no ‘Grayson happy with his summer signings’ update on the LUFC site. Me wonders if something (probably a loan, possibly a ‘free’) is still going on behind the closed doors at Elland Road.

    [does sudoku whilst waiting]

  20. Craig


    Reading Grayson’s comments again convinces me that he had a bigger signing in the pipeline. The headline in the YEP carried the “Grayson delighted with transfer deadline day deals” tag you’ve been waiting for but I note that Simon wasn’t being quoted.

    Like you, I’m still hopeful that there is a player to come. Maybe papers were signed yesterday but Simon is waiting on a medical? Maybe it is a loanee from a top PL club?

    On the other hand I’m also in agreement with most others that, apart from defence, our squad looks very promising. And the much maligned back four kept a clean sheet against Watford so maybe they just need time together and will improve.

  21. Dje


    Yep, it just seems odd that Grayson would even mention any icing unless he was almost convinced that it would come through. The mind boggles what would constitute an ‘icing deal’ but, good as they may well be, the loan signing of Caulker or even Lansbury isn’t ‘high profile’ enough for the media/average Leeds fan.

    The other possibility is that a bit of wheeling and dealing with a Premiership club might see a ‘biggish name’ player who is now cast outside the 25-man squad essentially having his contract terminated to clear their wage bill and allowed to join us on a ‘free’ – essentially what we did with Sheehan going to Swindon.


    I am also happy enough with the transfers. And a ‘big name’ coming in could mean a ‘big ego’ coming in too, unsettling the squad and really being ‘one step forward, two steps back’. In which case you’d have to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

    … And yet, in the back of my mind, a ‘big name’ icing deal for a tried and tested central defender could really seal the summer transfer results from being ‘OK/Good’ to being ‘Very Good’.

    Come on, we both know that Grayson is pulling out all the stops to try and turn his ‘Dje: Summer Transfer Bronze Medallion’ into a shiny silver one!


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