Nunez at Chivas USA

The official Leeds United site has confirmed Ramon Nunez as our latest addition, after the Honduran midfielder spent a month with the club on trial.

24 year old Nunez, grew up in the United States and started his career in the MLS, before moving to Olimpia in 2008. Nunez has made 122 appearances at League level scoring 22 goals. He’s also represented Honduras at full international level 21 times, scoring 3.

A selection of Nunez’s goals can be seen below.

No details about the midfielder’s contract have yet been released.

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  1. Dje

    Jesus, TSS, I can’t keep up with all your threads today!

    I have to say that I’m genuinely excited about seeing Nunez play for us. The unknown element means he could be absolute class (don’t consider the alternative). If I knew he was going to join us then I’d have shown more interest in Honduras at the World Cup when he played for them. As it was, Honduras battled hard to be my least interesting team to watch and although I’m told that I saw them play the full ninety-minutes twice, I’m damned if I can recall a positive football comment to make about them.

    • TSS

      This is linked from the live updates thread. Just keep an eye on that, and I’ll post full stories up whenever someone signs.

  2. Gryff

    I’m quite hopeful on Nunez. He’s a small lad who hasn’t really played European-style football yet let alone English football, but he seems to have tidy footwork from highlights that include him on youtube (and the WC) and he knows where the goal is.

    With a relatively young Jonny Howson and Kilkenny who seems to struggle finishing a game (like that other, now disgraced Aussie) i’m happier having more high-level depth in the middle.

  3. TSS

    @henryv No details released so far. Simon Grayson just been on YR and gives little away as usual

  4. Arthur Graham

    bechio seen at blackburn this morning for medical – allegedly – accordibg to reports … but not confirmed

    been coming tho so wouldnt be surprised

    • TSS

      @Arthur Graham

      Those reports have been dismissed. See the deadline day live thread (currently top of the home page)

  5. Arthur Graham

    thanks TSS …Im a late arrival today bit behind the times – i hear it was his look alike the other blonde arriving at Rovers … lol

  6. Lewis g

    his contract is just till january, so im not sure how much grayson plans on using him as for such as short contract i think he’ll need to significantly impress in training to just get in the team and impress in the team if he is to have his contract extended, sounds to me like grayson still hasnt made his mind up on this guy and sort of just extending the trial till january by giving him such a short contract

  7. Dje

    His wage demands were a big stumbling block prior to to-day. I think the club didn’t want to commit to such high demands for say a three year deal for a player who has only ever played against Bradford Park Avenue in English football. Makes sense, and now we can all see what he’s made of in the Championship games.


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