Leeds United global

It’s a bit of an ‘I told you so moment’ for me as Leeds United and their LUTV brand head into the world of global PPV.

The Wolves friendly game on LUTV Pay-Per-View marked a new dawn in the era of the Leeds United brand as Ken Bates was amongst the first to embark on plans to capitalise the global market and sell the Leeds United brand across the world.

Since taking over Leeds United, Ken Bates has invested heavily in LUTV and Yorkshire Radio to ensure he has a saleable protect to our legions of fans overseas. The success of his efforts has only wet his appetite for further expansion though, and the bearded maestro has now seen the profit making capabilities of PPV LUTV. As predicted pre-season, PPV is here to stay.

To this end, our chairman has negotiated an agreement allowing the club to stream live coverage of Leeds United v Millwall to viewers in Spain, Germany and South Africa. The club is hoping that further territories will be permitted before the weekend too, and will undoubtedly be looking to offer further fixtures throughout the season to a huge audience that has the potential to make the club millions.

Whilst this may only be another fixture against Millwall for the UK fans of Leeds United, this announcement marks a historic day for Leeds United and football as a whole. PPV football will be big business for a club like Leeds United with masses of supporters around the world, and Ken Bates et al haven’t missed a trick.