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It’s a bit of an ‘I told you so moment’ for me as Leeds United and their LUTV brand head into the world of global PPV.

The Wolves friendly game on LUTV Pay-Per-View marked a new dawn in the era of the Leeds United brand as Ken Bates was amongst the first to embark on plans to capitalise the global market and sell the Leeds United brand across the world.

Since taking over Leeds United, Ken Bates has invested heavily in LUTV and Yorkshire Radio to ensure he has a saleable protect to our legions of fans overseas. The success of his efforts has only wet his appetite for further expansion though, and the bearded maestro has now seen the profit making capabilities of PPV LUTV. As predicted pre-season, PPV is here to stay.

To this end, our chairman has negotiated an agreement allowing the club to stream live coverage of Leeds United v Millwall to viewers in Spain, Germany and South Africa. The club is hoping that further territories will be permitted before the weekend too, and will undoubtedly be looking to offer further fixtures throughout the season to a huge audience that has the potential to make the club millions.

Whilst this may only be another fixture against Millwall for the UK fans of Leeds United, this announcement marks a historic day for Leeds United and football as a whole. PPV football will be big business for a club like Leeds United with masses of supporters around the world, and Ken Bates et al haven’t missed a trick.

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  1. Craig

    You certainly told us TSS – what else do you see in your crystal ball?

    Here’s a question: I met someone in Peru who uses a program called “Identity Cloaker” to get BBC TV through the internet out there. Could we do the same to watch LUTV games in the UK?

    • TSS


      Unfortunately, my predictions only seem to work when it comes to money – probably explains the tedious job I’m in!

      Anyway, I’m assuming Identity Cloaker is software used to bounce your IP address? Basically, this means that it appears as though you’re logging into LUTV from elsewhere. Theoretically, it should work, but that’s assuming LUTV is using IP addresses to determine where you are and not something more conclusive (like a hostage-style picture of you and the local newspaper)

      • Colin

        @craig @TSS

        i don’t think it’ll work – problem being that LUTV will probably check that you’ve paid for the £5 to see it and they’ll check against your credit/debit card details and I guess that has your identity and nationality on it. With your friend’s example, obviously there’s no payment for BBC so you don’t have to get over this hurdle.

        But in the same way that you can see dodgy streams on the internet of Sky games, there’s nothing to stop your friend from getting the live feed and streaming that onto the internet in the same way.

      • TSS


        I’m not so sure? What if it’s someone like me that occasionally (albeit very rarely) travels abroad with work. While ever I’m overseas, I should be allowed to view the game same as the countries residents can. Same goes for those that are holidaying in Spain – which will be a fair percentage of the customers I reckon.

        I don’t think they receive any confirmation as to where you are anyway from your credit/debit card. The only information the seller really receives is numbers and name. If for any reason you need anything else (suspected fraud for example) you have to chase this up with card issuer, and even then, they deal with at their end rather than give you the information.

  2. Mark R

    PPV is a sign of the times, and if I was living overseas I would welcome any opportunity to see the Mighty Whites in action.Positive news for our global fan network.

    Another revenue stream for the club can only make us economically stronger – as long as a significant portion is reinvested. I think it will be as it’s in everyone’s interests – the owner(s), the staff, the players, the fans.


  3. clive

    I’ve watched a few Leeds games now on line, forest last week and the bristol game at the end of last season to name a few.

  4. henry vincent lewis

    Great news for our many fans abroad. I live in Lancashire so I should qualify!
    I would love to know how many fans use it on the day!!
    All good for the club!
    Greybeard can buy more bricks!!

  5. spanish white

    Watch the forest game online on sunday as can’t afford sky out here.Most games available thru different media.

  6. RoystonLUFC

    ha ha, you’ve go to admit: King Ken has saved the club from bankruptcy, brought us Larry Grayson and, now, he’s selling Leeds to the world. I know there are a lot of Bates haters out there but I suggest you all look at what he’s done for the club. I know he’s a hard-nosed businessman and an obnoxious bastard, but rather he be with us than against us. After the previous shower of s**t (remember our earlier saviours?) Bates is a breath of fresh air. I know he’s on the make but at least he’s providing revenue streams from which to make.

    • Ryan

      I totally agre with this comment. People tend to forget that we werent only a club in League One but also a club crippled with debt. We were still paying Seth bloody Johnson money as of 2005!

      Bates cut the ‘crap’ so to speak and turned the defeciet round. I think sometimes we dont give him the credit he is due…although its KB were talking about, he probably will do something wrong soon :)

  7. Colin

    @TSS @RoystonLUFC

    Unless I’m mistaken, LUFC won’t get a penny from this.

    Who owns LUTV? Who owns Yorkshire Radio?

    The owner takes the profit from this deal and the owner is not Leeds United Football Club.

    LUFC’s owners are FSF – they own the players, staff, sponsorship rights, shirt sales etc. but also all of the outgoings as well (wages, agents fees etc.) That does not turnover a big profit and this is the pot which allows players to be bought.

    FSF/LUFC don’t own the key assets:

    Elland Road makes £1.75m a year in rent for it’s owner. We don’t know who that is. But FSF/LUFC pay them the £1.75m.

    Thorpe Arch makes £1m a year in rent for it’s owner. We don’t know who that is. But FSF/LUFC pay them the £1m.

    It’s the same with LUTV/Yorkshire Radio. Bates as Chairman negotiates a deal to allow live match feed to be broadcast by LUTV. Guess what – I bet that goes for a very small amount. Any profit is then made by LUTV/Yorkshire Radio and not LUFC.

    The only money LUFC will see from this is the payment for the rights to broadcast the live feed.

    TSS – you’re right Ken Bates hasn’t missed a trick. He owns the profit making entities that surround Leeds and takes the profit and leaves Leeds with all the bits that make very little profit.

    I doubt Leeds United FC will see a sausage from this deal.

  8. Tim Wilsom

    I just got a strange charge on my credit card from WP-ONLINE SPORTS , SVCS , LONDON . I was about to complain about it until I saw LUTV mentioned. Apparently that’s where my $$ went. I didn’t authorize a renewal but had my mind made up for me. Good thing is with the exchange rate it cost me $64 this year compared to $82 last.;)

    • TSS


      Interestingly, that’s a subsidiary of Sky. I didn’t realise they were involved in LUTV.

      • Colin

        @TSS – yep that’s right, it’s sky – it’s not a Leeds United business. The same company do the same for West Ham as well. Remember that Sky had a 10% share of Leeds Utd in the O’Leary days and I don’t think they sold it off.

        That’s what this is all about – Sky own the UK rights and have their share of the overseas PPV market also.

  9. AussieWhite

    I use the t’internet a hell of a lot to watch Leeds games over here in Aus and am an LUTV subscriber, so this latest initiative is welcome.

    I’m sure that Pappa Smurph is ensuring that Leeds get a healthy return on LUTV and Yorkshire Radio, as his over zealous protection of the Leeds brand has been demonstrated through his threatened legal action against fan sites and blogs that have ‘unlawfully’ used anything associated with LUFC.

    if we don’t know who owns Leeds and we’re not sure about the ownership or shareholders of Yorkshire Radio and LUTV, then does it matter anyway?

  10. Ryan

    Id imagine this system will get hacked pretty quickly. Credit card details to select nationaility are unrealiable at best. I imagine though that the feed will appear on sites like Justin.tv

    I also imagine that shrewd Kenneth has his sights set on a Sky channel!

  11. Andrew Hough

    Sounds like a great idea for all us fans in Australia, just hoping they do show it here!
    5 quid is a small price to pay to see out team and i’m sure it will be very popular here!

  12. henry vincent lewis

    The last I heard it was just Germany, Spain & South Africa, but the club said they hoped to add other countries before the weekend!!

    Good luck!!
    It is almost worth emigrating!?


  13. TBG

    PPV is not the future. It’s a just another stepping stone along the way towards clubs being media companies which play football. The English game will slowly drag its broadcasting contracts out of the stone age towards something resembling the comprehensive value of Major League Baseball’s MLB.tv, a package which offers all 2,500 games a season live and “as live” for just $19.95 a month.

    Being exempt from the constraints of existing local TV deals mean that, as with LUTV’s forthcoming broadcast, such packages are hugely favourable to the overseas viewer. Football over here has huge strides to make yet with online broadcasting, and PPV will be forgotten along the way. The market will see to that.

  14. We Beat The Scum One-Nil

    I doubt it matters how many shares sky had in lufc 10 years ago. Like me they will have lost all their shares when the company that was lufc was wound up – the cuurent lufc is a different company!

    I suspect any link with sky now is just on an outsourcing basis, to use either their billing capability or their broadcast facility or both.

    I read articles complaining that lufc carries the cost/debt of lutv. In that case lufc also gets the profit. If lufc doesnt gain any benefit from lutv ppv then surely we’ve got to stop moaning about the cost of running lutv – we cant have it both ways!!

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