Lincoln City visit Elland Road tomorrow night for the first round of the 2010-11 League Cup. With almost half a century since the last time the two teams met, The Scratching Shed is joined by Grace Storr for a low-down on the visitors.

Ryan – Its 49 years since we last met in a competitive game. Are you looking forward to playing the mighty whites?

Grace – Of course we’re all looking forward to it! Definitely one of the best draws we could have got! Obviously being 19 I’ve never seen City play Leeds so I’m very excited to get to Elland Road!

Ryan – Its the first round of the Carling Cup. Is it a cup that Lincoln fans get excited about or one that they could do with out? Is Chris Sutton likely to put his strongest team out?

Grace – We have to be excited about all the cup runs we can get! Being in the lower leagues it’s really good to get a big tie eg. Bolton away in the 3rd round of the FA Cup last year, it’s something the fans (and players!) never forget. I think a strong team will be fielded, Sutton’s got his head screwed on!

Ryan – Do you expect many Lincoln fans to make the trip to Elland Road?

Grace – I know we’ve sold quite a bit of our initial ticket allocation already, so hoping with a good performance against Rotherham a few more fans might be interested.

Somma enjoying his time at Lincoln

Ryan – Our man Davide Somma ended up being your top scorer last year and helped you avoid relegation. He’s suspended so wont be playing on Tuesday night but what can we expect from him? Do you think he is capable of the step up to The Championship?

Grace – He’s such an excellent player. He really is! I think every Lincoln fan was gutted when we found out he wouldn’t be returning this season. I’m so grateful to him and to Chris Sutton for bringing him in and saving us from the drop. He should do really well for you (I rate him more than Beckford!)

Ryan – Chris Sutton said that you are aiming for promotion this season. Where do you expect Lincoln to finish this season? Is promotion a realistic target?

Grace – To be honest, it’s hard to judge not having seen a competitive match this season. I can’t see it happening if we don’t bring in another forward soon, we’ve played well in pre-season but are lacking the finishing touch!

Ryan -Sticking with Sutton, he appears to be another strong young manager much like our very own Simon Grayson. Do you think he has the ability to manage at a higher level and has he made a good impression with Lincoln fans so far?

Grace – I didn’t take to him much at first, but he really does know what he’s talking about, and now I am a big fan of his! Even though he has no managerial experience, he has links with many clubs and brings in some awesome players. I’ve got a lot of faith in Sutty, I think he’ll go a long way!

Ryan – Who should we be looking out for in your squad? Anyone capable of causing us a few problems?

Danger man - Carayol

Grace – Mustapha Carayol and Albert Jarrett have looked dangerous in pre-season. They’re very pacey, and Carayol is so skillful! Cian Hughton is solid whatever position he plays in and Andy Hutchinson is a young player to look out for too, he’s just signed a contract extension as Sutton is pleased with his progress.

Ryan – Lincoln have always had good players coming through their academy. Are there are any youngsters tipped to be the next big thing?

Grace – As I said above Andy Hutchinson! It’s difficult to say because Jack Hobbs (now captain of Leicester City) came from our academy, but he only played around a minute of first team football before being signed by Liverpool!

Ryan – How do you think Leeds will do this season, back in The Championship?

Grace – I think Leeds have every chance of being up there this season (as much as I hate to say it!). To me there’s no stand out team in The Championship. I wish you the best of luck, but not against Leicester City, I have a little soft spot there!

Ryan – Finally, what’s your prediction for the game? I think Leeds will put out a weakened team but will edge it 1-0.

Grace – As much as I’d love to say we’ll win 2-1, I think our team haven’t played as a team enough yet (with all the new signings) so I think you will most probably beat us. But I’ll remain optimistic til the final whistle! UTI!

Many thanks to Grace for joining us this week and best wishes to Lincoln City for the season ahead.

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  1. TSS

    Always remember Sutton’s ill-fated move to Chelski where he failed to live up to the hype after an impressive spell at Blackburn Rovers. Running off to Scotland ended what could have been a much more impressive career as far as I’m concerned – especially at international level. Still, I wish him well in management.

  2. les irwin

    it,s a strange 1 the carling cup better than J P T not as good as F A and nowhere near U E FA and years away from champions league, now thats how premier league teams see it apart from JPT of course how should we see it .well i think we should beat teams til we get to a prem league team and get out ,same with the F A cup really in my opinion cup runs nearly cost us promo last season and seemingly it was of no benefit to the club in terms of spending on players .i,m not going tomorrow because of work but i’ve made my mind up that because of our lack of spending on players i,m only going to league games this season i am fed up of lining bates pockets and him not spending on the team it seems that what cup runs do

  3. Colin

    I could actually see this being very close. I think Leeds have zero interest in any of the cups – for me it’s all about consolidation in the Championship. There can’t be any excuses for distractions from the league through putting in a run in one of the cup competitions.

    Good opportunity for some of our players to gain experience and fitness so I see Grella, White, Bruce, Clayton, getting a start, maybe even Jason Crowe and Robinson.

  4. les irwin

    robinson is about if reports are true to join NEATH in wales where his mate trundle is don,t know how true it is but its a massive down sizeing of ambition if true but its better than not playing

    • Colin

      I saw that as well but I think it can’t be right. If he joins Neath, then he’ll probably be on a tenth of what he’s on at Leeds. I can’t see a player sacrificing that much of his wage or Leeds loaning him out to Neath where Leeds would still probably have to pay 90% of his wages anyway.

  5. Tim Wilsom

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Sommas on the bus back with em. Still not on the site, Watt is. I’m obsessing but it is strange

  6. Christopher Gee

    Like most on here I’d be happy to give the cup ties a miss this year. Hopefully Lincoln don’t have any big clumsy Norwegians in their squad because I think Grayson will put out a strong team and the last thing we need is any new injuries to key players.

  7. TheReaper08

    @derbyshirewhite I’m with you, I think they almost led to our downfall last year so I would like to see only fringe players and kids playing.

  8. Mark R

    I think a good team performance and a victory are confidence builders in any competition we play .

    It’s good the match has come quickly after Derby, and it’s a chance to correct things that didn; twork for us on Saturday. Should set us up nicely for Nottm Away – which I think will go better than currently expected.


  9. Matt BB

    i’d really like to see us use some of the youth set up in these games, Hatfield, Poleon etc, why not? I saw the rumour about robinson but i cant see it being true, i also had no idea lee trundle was plying his trade at such a dire standard, surely these guys should at least be getting a gem in league two?

    Saying that i’d like to see whether there is a prt to play for robinson during max’s enforced ban. I’d also be interested to see whether lubo could plug the gap in midfield, he is a good passer of the ball and comfotable on it. While his defensive qualities are often exposed i think he could do a job there.

    • TheReaper08

      @mattbb I agree with the use of kids in these games. Despite the fact we all enjoyed the cup games last season the early rounds are not profitable (if not on tv) and it had a negative impact on our overall league campaign.

      I think Messrs Robinson and Michalik were never in favour with SG so won’t ever feature again for us regardless.

  10. TSS

    @TheReaper08 Does make you wonder what went on there, doesn’t it? I’m sure it’s more of a personal grudge than anything else, because even if they were only used as subs, there’s times when both could have been handy.

  11. TheReaper08

    @TSS It does yes. It’s just my opinion not fact but I think that SG simply doesn’t rate Lubo. With Robbo I think it’s more personal, whether it’s attitude, training/conditioning I couldn’t tell you but he has some talent and a lot of people think he could still contribute something.

  12. Dje

    Not having Robinson on the bench against Derby was criminal. We only had two attacking substitutes on the bench without him so it is a no-brainer in my mind about adding him to the bench.

    I always thought that at 2-1 at half-time, the match was likely to end up being 2-2 and both teams being happy enough with that result. I reckon Robinson could easily have made the difference in the second half – but of course we’ll never know.

    I wonder if there is some ‘next installment’ add-on clause that would see money go to Swansea if Robinson plays for Leeds one more time. It’s the only way I can see some justification for how Grayson is acting over Robinson; unless he’s just an idiot.

  13. TSS


    I just think him and Grayson don’t get on – simple as! Ken won’t be happy about his wages either that probably isn’t helping matters.

  14. Dje


    I am agreement with the majority that Robinson’s time is up at Elland Road, at some point new pastures await and all. But until then common sense should prevail…

    Grayson was complaining in his post-Derby press comments about ‘unfortunately not having many attacking-minded substitutes’ at his disposal (or similar words). Such a statement just makes him look stupid then if he excludes Robinson because he doesn’t like the fella.

    Robinson could well be an utter prick and f******g irritating to have to work with, but he’s always struck me as professional enough to put any personal conflict aside when it comes to playing on the pitch. Asked to play in the reserves with the kids week in week out and he’s usually on the score sheet or getting an assist or two – so none of the “I’m too good for this s**t!” malarkey. Asked to go out on loan to crappy Tranmere and there was no prima donna tantrums.

    Also, I reckon Bates and Grayson would find it easier to drum up interest in him going out on loan too if they actually played him when needs be.

  15. TSS


    Agreed. Also shouldn’t be forgotten that at Tranmere, he helped us seal promotion!


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