Ross McCormack

Striker Ross McCormack has signed for Leeds today

24 year old Scotland international striker Ross McCormack has signed for an undisclosed fee (rumoured to be around £300 000) from Championship side Cardiff City.

McCormack is a proven Championship striker having notched up 33 goals in 88 appearances as well as two in three sub appearances this season.

The deal became public earlier in the week when both clubs released a statement on the deal after McCormack’s agent had spoken to Sky about it. A three year contract has now been agreed with the player and he should go into the squad for Saturday’s game against Watford.

There was some speculation amongst fans that the deal may not go ahead, either because of interest drummed up by the player’s agent or because it was a ploy to get another Cardiff player, Gavin Rae. There were also rumours of a late bid by Hull City that could jeopardise the transfer.

Fans can rest assured that we have now acquired the striker. How he will fit into the side is another question though. With Davide Somma, scoring three goals in two games and Luciano Becchio providing consistent performances, Simon Grayson will have to decide which striker starts in his recently favoured 4-5-1 system or whether to change the system to incorporate two or more of them.

As we approach the end of the transfer window (and the deadline for Premier League 25 man squads) fans may be hopeful of seeing another addition to the squad after Simon Grayson and Ken Bates have talked of adding an extra midfielder. This could mean we see Honduran trialist Ramon Nunez join sooner rather than later as a decision is set to be made this week.

  • Tim Campbell

    Good news indeed!! And if what you report is true TSS at 300k hes a bargain. As I said before I would start with McCormack up front with becchio or somma. I don’t like the use of this new system and think we should switch back to 4-4-2. Hopefully we’ll hear of the nunez signing soon as well

  • Dave

    great news, once snodgrass and paynter are back and as long as we can stay clear of any major injury`s we have a good chance of a play off place.

  • “Proven” is a bit strong, more a winger than a striker, 21 goals in one season on fire but no real pedigree before that. On the plus side at 24 could have something to come out.

    • Dje

      @Grumpy Old Man

      If Grayson continues to tinker for his 4-3-3 formation then a winger-striker type is what he’ll need rather than just outright strikers; variations, options, crossovers and all that.

      23 (according to Wikipedia) in one season, more than a goal in every other game, at any level should be saluted – just a case of finding what works to repeat the trick – as it’s too many goals across 44 games to be a ‘fluke’.

      £300,000 is a steal, but I suspect this fee was so low as his wages at Cardiff were quite high and they are desperate to offload (as much to accommodate Bellamy as impending winding-up orders), and probably still are at Leeds.

  • Bill Fox

    As I said on another thread I do like the current system and thought against Millwall it made us slick, quick and threatening whenever we were moving forward. Having McCormack and Somma as options to change things if necessary is something to be very, very happy about.

    Anyone seen that Vieira bloke in and around LS11, about time he showed up!!

  • Tim Campbell

    Yeah hes definitely the right age and if reports are true the blurbirds supporters are less than happy to be losing him for so little. Now the question is who we get rid of. My slant is we should cash in on becchio now before we lose him on a free next year!!

  • Shez

    Am I in a minority at not being happy about this signing? Admitedley I’ve only seen what I’ve read on wiki, but he seems to have the dodgiest hamstring known to man and has been injured a hell of a lot with it. This suggests he’s fast, because I have a mate who is like sh*t off a stick on a football field, but because he has “short twitch muscles” (basically very tight muscles that geive explosive pace) he has torn his hamstring about 4 or 5 times in the last 3 years. What I’m basically worried about it that we are simply signing a Cardiff reject who is injury prone and has had one season as a regular scorer in 2008/2009 if I’m right. Hardly the ambitiout signing we are all craving. I hope am proved completely wrong and he goes on to score bagfuls and doesn’t get injured!

    • Dje


      If it is any consolation, I’d much prefer a guy who is sometimes out with hamstring problems (3-6 weeks usually with a medical set-up like the one we have) than with knee cartilage or ankle troubles (anything from 4-12 months out).

  • Matt BB

    McCormack is a good acquisition, like kisnorbo his club have said enoughs enough because of a poor injury record, I dont think his ability is in question. I found it strange though that Cardiff then went out and signed Andy Keogh on a season loan? That to me suggests that Mccormack would have had a part to play, and either wanted to go or something additional has been missed.

    I see him as someone with plenty of pace up front, whhich we are lacking, and who is a good finisher, I imagine he’ll link up well with Snodgrass in that respect and wejust really need that depth up front, because whil eWatt, Becchio and Somma have done ok, a couple of injuries, suspensions and so on and we are absolutely knackered. We cant rely on Grella, and ourmission has to be to get out of this league so no point just accepting what we’ve got on the subs bench.

    Good signing.

  • trueyorxman

    McCormack like Paynter has had one good season but I think there’s more to come from both of them. Just need to sort out the defence now before transfer window closes then we might be in with a shout of the play-offs, but not whilst Naylor & Bessone fill half the back four

    • timm

      @ trueyorxman Did you see the Leicester game? I can assure you that Collins had no problem at all with stepping into the role of centre back clown in the absence of Naylor! & Bruce was very assured but only if the ball was on the ground, which is not much use when you’re a centre back! I don’t see what Bromby’s done wrong myself? He also has the long throw which can be important. One thing’s for sure though, Paul Connolly is no better at right back than Andrew Hughes.

  • Tim Campbell

    On the system we played against Millwall I must have been mistaken – I thought larry pushed Watt up alongside Becchio giving us 2 strikers up front

    • Craig

      I thought the same Tim – certainly that’s the way it was reported.

      Like many others, I think we might now see some departures before the window closes. Snodgrass put himself in the shop window against the PL teams last year and, now we have Sam + Watt (albeit for only a season) I think it may be wise to cash in on him now. Although I love Becchio’s attitude and workrate I’d also take a fee for him if Celtic are willing to pay.

      • Dje


        Not sure if it’s just sentimental loyalty, but I reckon we’d be one step backwards if we cashed in Snodgrass and Becchio for McCormack and Paynter. McCormack hasn’t even kicked a ball yet in a Leeds shirt and Paynter hasn’t kicked a ball yet at this level of football. Besides, I thought our cashing-in days were behind us?! Hmm, or are they?

  • timm

    I think this is probably more to do with the signing of Bellamy than anything to do with McCormacks hamstrings? There’s no shame in being displaced from the team by someone of the quality of Bellamy ( i mean footballing quality, the bloke’s a knobhead off the pitch) You can never tell with injuries but im sure the lad’s been through a rigorous medical. This looks like a very good bit of business to me. I can’t think of another club who have brought in as many players as we have this summer & i think it shows that we’re here to compete. I also totally agree with Bates comments about Premier league reserves thinking they can drop down a league & double or triple their wages at the same time. I’m guessing this is Jay Simpson? It’ll be interesting to compare his goal tally at the end of the season to that of strikers who are paid far less than he is.

  • Bill Fox

    I thought Watt went more in behind Becchio making it 4-4-1-1 at times and that was fluid meaning Millwall didn’t cope with the movement/switches. Only possible as Sam had a stormer too of course and (for me) Becchio is in the form of his life.

  • Jake

    The signing seems consistent with combining attacking, tricky, pacy wide players that can come inside with robust forwards – Snodgrass/Sam/Watt/McCormack being the former with Bechio/Paynter up top. Somma I see as an impact player or flat track bully against the struggling teams, this season at least. I think he’s now got a decent pool to pick from and should cope with an injury here or there over the season.
    I think its great to have a manager who’s constructing a youthful team with a clear vision rather than what we’ve seen the last 6/7 years – take any loan player or journeyman that’s offered then kick it long and hope for the best. IMO Grayson needs to be given at least 2 seasons to see this through and hope the fans don’t get on his back this season when the inevitable blip happens.

    • timm

      Totally agree Jake. I’ll take getting out of this league in our 3rd season anyday. This is a very good league & Grayson’s building the right way.

    • Craig


      I’m in agreement on Grayson’s team building strategy. I hope it comes off because he deserves to be given time.

  • henry vincent lewis

    Yes Tim,
    We switched back to 4-4-2 to match Millwall.


    • Craig


      The best bit about the video is the indication that we may not have to endure any more of Johnson’s wasted free kicks!

  • trueyorxman

    @timm. I totally agree with you on the subject of Leigh Bromby, he must surely have fallen out with Grayson over something. One things certain, no-one seems to be sure of what our best back four line-up is at the mo’, inc Larry

    • timm

      It certainly seems to be the case that Grayson has his favourites, as Ankergren, Sheehan & Robinson have found out. One quality intelligent midfielder & one intelligent centre half still needed in my opinion. Bessone looked like Tony Dorigo last season, he looks more like Tony Drago this season! (he was a snooker player in the 80’s all you youngsters out there!).

  • steve underwood

    happy with mcCormack he is good age can play wide or cf there seems to be a split on becchio ok work rate fantastic but finishing not great always diving im sorry if we get an offer for him take it next johnson he has to go his only contribution is from keeper kick out to head on he cant pass he cant shoot and his free kicks well must say for me bromby right back hughes at left back bruce and collins at cb looks better but atack wise we look very strong can see us getting a lot of goals it might be a case of watever you score we will score more

    • Craig


      Any punctuation marks on your keyboard Steve?

  • Mike

    “when the inevitable blip happens?
    Lost 11 drawn 1 won 1
    I think we have started on a blip!
    Larry seems to have silly falling outs all the time, if so Leigh may as well request a transfer.

    • Craig


      Looks like consistency to me Mike – getting better with each game!

      Where is the evidence for the ‘fall-outs’ you keep talking about? The fact is that we can only field 11 players at any one time which means other players are bound to miss out. OK, you and I may favour Bromby over Naylor but that doesn’t mean Larry has had a ‘silly fall out’ with Leigh Bromby.

      • TheReaper08

        @craig @mikelufc You both think Bromby is good ?

        I think he is average at L1 level and the Blunts new what they were doing off loading him to us. In my opinon he is no better or worse than Naylor.

  • pete

    Surely our best back four would be, if everybody was fit, Connolly, Davenport, Kisnorbo and Parker?

    • Craig


      Yeah but that ain’t going to happen until next season – if at all!

  • Jake

    That sounds fairly steady to me. That forms gives us 60ish points and mid table finish which is fair enough for a new division, new team, new tactics etc.
    Bit early to tell but we will either have a run now then fade or take time to gel and get it together after xmas.
    Either way i think we’d be mad to get rid of Grayson if we aren’t immediately shaping up to make the PO’s. The signings he’s made are not going to fully deliver this season. This isn’t a Blackwell team of 30yr+ pro’s that will grind its way into the PO final without any idea of how the next season will shape up.

  • Mark R

    A good signing in McCormack. On the whole SG’s been pretty astute this transfer window – signings & loans with potential. All very promising and if we can build on the performance against Millwall and tighten up the defence – it’ll be a memorable season.


  • Christopher Gee

    Whatever system we play, the current squad surely provides us with more bench quality than we have had since Robbie Keane kept the seat warm every week. Hopefully we can avoid the Mancini problem without rotating the first team each game.

  • Ash

    I am made up with the news that we have signed Ross he is a very good young pacey player, hope he goes straight into the squad for Saturday would like to see 4 3 3 formation can’t wait for sat now bring on the Watford pay back for the play offs the bastards

  • pete

    Even if it always means we have a bench option, that’s got to be a positive?

    If we play with three attacking players (two wider and one striker), that means only three of Sam, Watt, Gradel, Snodgrass, McCormack, Paynter, Becchio, Somma and Grella can play at any one time. Something HAS to give there, maybe with one leaving on loan (Grella) and one or two being sold?

    Sam is currently undroppable in the form he is in, Sanchez Watt has been fantastic, McCormack has come here to score goals, Somma has been scoring goals, Becchio has tied the whole thing together brilliantly and Gradel left scorch marks on the turf on Tuesday – at least one of those will not be in the squad tomorrow.

    Who’d be a manager?

    • Dje


      I’d mutually terminate Grella’s contract as I think he wants away/fallen out of love with Grayson. Not much coming back from that, so save the wages now and delude each other that there’s “no hard feelings”, that “we’ll keep in touch”.

      If you forced my hand I’d sell Paynter rather Becchio (but I presume Grayson will opt to flog the latter to an increasingly desperate Celtic), and I’d sell Gradel over Snodgrass (ditto, Grayson to do the latter, IMHO, and probably to the knackers’ yard, aka Wigan Athletic).

      Sadly it is a buyers’ market out there right now, with plenty of cheap Premier League surplus players (oldies, unwanted-ies, and youths) just about to flood the market. I suppose a few grand coming in from Becchio and Snodgrass might help Bates lay down a few more car parking spaces, hire a few more croupiers for his casino.

      To the future!!

  • Mike

    It sems to me that Laeey is simply trying to ease out all the players he didn’t sign, good or not and replace them with his own choices.
    If it works then he takes all the credit, if it doesn’t he falls on his own sword.
    Where I have a problem is that is not necessarily the best for Leeds United.
    Is Connelly better than Hughes? Who is better than Prutton? the list goes on but these two are 100% Leeds United but one was got rid of and the other is being made surplus to requirements. How many do we now have on staff who will probably never be played?
    What is the wasted wage bill?
    Why do all the new signings get 3 year contracts never having kicked a ball?
    Never mind me, Craig knows I love to bleat.

  • Colin

    I don’t get some of the negativity on this board. I was skeptical about this season – i thought it was a rebuilding season, but I think I’m wrong.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but we had 4 stand out class acts last season – Kisnorbo, Beckford, Snodgrass and Howson. Some of the new signings are equal if not better than those – Schmeichel, Sam, McCormack and Somma, Watt, Kilkenny have found a new lease of life.

    I seriously think that SG thinks he can have a crack at getting promoted – we’re playing attacking football, we’re going out to win every game, and sure we haven’t cracked that just yet and the team will take time to gel but the signs, for me are very very promising.

    SG reckons he can pull this off! If he thinks that he’s a lunatic, but if he pulls it off he becomes a Leeds legend. And the board have backed him.

    If it is £300,00 for McCormack, that could possibly be the deal of the season.

    If you look at our team on paper and compare it against opposition teams, it looks good and when you see how Leeds are playing at the moment – they look very good.

    I promise you this, if Leeds could get 10 points from their next 4 games and it is possible – Watford, Swansea, Barnsley, Doncaster, then Leeds will start to get touted as serious promotion contenders – and by then we’ll have Paynter and Snodgrass back as well.

    Reasons to be cheerful?

    • Dje


      I’m not sure it’s outright negativity – least not always. Personally I’m just confused/ suspicious why we keep bringing in so many strikers/attacking midfielders. If it was at the start of summer then I’d presume we were going to have a good clear out before the end of the summer. But with three days to go before the end of the transfer window, it seems a tad like rocking the boat, or potentially.

      Also, if we had had a rotten start to the season then I’d desperatly be applauding each and every latest addition, desperate that somewhere in the pack is a winning hand. But after the eye-opening finesse against Millwall for once I am/ was hoping that we’d take stock of where we are at – at least til Christmas – and concentrate on gelling the team and securing repeat performances such as we had against Millwall.


      ps. my negativity radar pinged like a doomed U-boat at your list of our current best players and recent additions, which noticeably listed only one defender or defensive midfielder; and he’s out til around Christmas.

      • Colin

        I think your radar is right – we can’t get a decent defender, because I don’t think there are any around!!

        If Parker was fit then he’d probably dictate £2 or £3million. And that’s crazy. I don’t know if anyone else can, but I can’t name 5 decent defenders in this league who could go on and do a job in the Premier League.

        • Dje

          Five!!! Beats me – I got as far as the 2009-10 Kisnorbo model and then went all blank.

          For what it is worth, I’ve always thought that hanging on to a good defender is far more important than hanging on to a good striker. Even if you can’t instantly replace that striker, at least your defense have a fighting chance of keeping a clean sheet and see it out for a 0-0 draw.

          I reckon we’ll make a loan move for a Premiership defender come Monday/ Tuesday.


          Hopefully TSS or Tim Hodge starts a ‘Transfer Review’ thread after the transfer window closes on Tuesday – so we can all thrash out the pros and cons of who has come in and who has gone out when we finally know what is what. As I said before, I reckon a lot of negativity is down to nerves and the unknown. Bates and Grayson’s ‘we don’t talk about transfers until they are done and dusted’ policy hardly steadies the boat much, but hey-ho.

          [Whispers: I’ll be interested to know Reaper’s summer transfer verdict as I remember him getting a tad agitated when Hooper went to Celtic and not us]

          • Craig

            There are rumours about a young defender from Spurs that I’ve never heard of (Steve Caulker) and, according to wikipedia the rumour began in early August. I don’t think Ward will be arriving now we’ve signed McCormack. If that rumour had any foundation he was the insurance policy.

          • TheReaper08

            @djedjedje If the thread is started I will publish my full unedited opinion.

            For what it’s worth if you remember my comments on Hooper maoving to Celtic I think my point is slowly being proved. I wonder how he felt watching his European ambitions being humiliated in the week.

    • TheReaper08

      @colin I almost agree with you 100%, right up until the point that you said Hoswon was stand out last season.

      Howson was ok but stand out, really ?

      • Colin

        Yes Howson was stand out in my opinion. He was good all of the time and most other players were not. Johnson up and down and even Snodgrass struggled near the end of the season, but Howson always always put a good shift in. He was a first team player, then dropped, then brought back in, then captain, then the captaincy was stripped from him. Didn’t moan, just got on with the job.

        A lot of people are raving about the final Somma goal against Millwall and what a great finish it was (I agree), but the only reason he could do that was because of the pinpoint pass (a la Beckford vs Man Utd) that set it up. Somma got the glory, Howson did the work. He’s seriously underrated in my opinion.

        Everyone’s raving about Paul Scholes at the moment, but am I the only one who realises his legs have gone. Darren Fletcher does all the hard work for Scholes and the Man Utd team. Yet Fletcher isn’t rated? Very similar to Howson.

        Remember the goal against Bristol in the last game of last season – that’s Howson all over. That turned the game around!

        He’s got the captaincy written all over him. For me he would be the first name on the team sheet.

        • Dje


          The problem – well, not problem, more disappointment – is Howson’s inability to take the midfield by the scruff of the neck. Scholes is a worse tackler than Howson is, but somehow Scholes seems to stamp an authority on midfield.

          Howson succeeds, as you say, through a generous amount of cracking balls (which is not to take anything away from Somma’s magical and completely at ease first touch (Beckford’s touch for his Man Utd goal was ‘fortunate’ and far from at ease (but, hey, still scored; bless him)) and his overall effort.

          I remember Stephen McPhail had as good a pass on him as Howson has – actually better – but was another one who never quite took control of the midfield. Howson’s effort therefore might be his saving grace, which is a f***ing shame as he’s a cracking local lad and for effort alone deserves his name to be associated with LUFC. Let’s hope he can find that extra bit of physicality, or, failing this, reading of the game, to improve his standing. I think the captaincy was taken away for a reason – an on the field reason though, not an off the field one.


          And I disagree about Fletcher – he’s highly rated – especially north of the border – but ‘cos he’ll never play for England means he does’ne get the flirtatious media spins that Scholes gets if he stopped being such a p***k-tease and showed a bit of ankle for the national cause once more.

          • Colin

            McPhail was poor but looked good because he had real quality around him. He never did anything outside Leeds. He was never a Leeds regular.

            Can you imagine how good our central midfield would be now if we had Howson and Delph together? It would make Kilkenny look like a nobody. Howson’s been shifted around so many times – right wing, central midfield, attacking midfield, defensive midfielder etc.

            If we had a real holding midfielder (such as Batty, though I think we’ll never see his like again unfortunately) then that would allow Howson so many opportunities to make goals and score goals.

            Delph on loan in January to help rehabilitate his recovery could be a good shout. Delph and Howson could do wonders.

          • Craig

            Howson’s captaincy wasn’t ‘taken away from him’ at all. He was the stand-in captain because Naylor was injured.

        • TheReaper08

          @colin Howson wasn’t a stand out, he contributed yes but a stand out ?

          Two pinpoint passes and 5 goals in nearly 60 games doesn’t make him stand out. He’s seriously underrated for a reason. Don’t get me wrong I like the lad and he has real ability, given the right coaching he could be a Lampard type player for years to come, not there yet though even at L1 level.

          It’s an argument I can’t win because he is a Leeds lad and I have been down this road before.

          The point about Scholes is longevity, he is still cutting it albeit in a part time basis after all these years. Fletcher is average.

          • timm

            @ Colin. Howson has a hell of a long way to go. He needs to stop giving the ball away so cheaply in midfield. He doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes when it comes to turning into trouble. He needs to get consistent too, he was fantastic v Millwall but he had a shocker v Forest. The potential’s there but he’s no longer a young kid & he needs to get rid of the stupid mistakes. His attitude’s first rate but you can say that about most of our squad.

      • Colin

        Reaper – like the Hooper comment. I’m off to Scotland on holiday – if I bump into Hooper I’ll pass on your regards!! :)

  • Tim Wilsom

    Yeah, what Colin said

  • Rish

    Couldn’t Beccio possibly be better utiized in an attacking midfield role or playing off a lone striker?

    • Dje


      Problem with that is Becchio doesn’t score many from the edge of the box – more of a headers from corners/ crosses, in-amongst the pinball in the box type of scorer. Viduka excelled at that role – holding it up for Smith / Keane / Fowler / or Kewell, but Viduka had a great shot from the edge of the box too; remember that little knock to the side he’d do and then swing that massive leg around to get an angled shot away past the close-marking defender. Beyond that he could be a right lazy f**k, but hey-ho…

      Also, if you set Becchio deeper in midfield his only real service then is keeping possession and holding up the ball for other midfielders to link up with. I can’t remember him ever playing a great through-ball from deep either – alla Kilkenny/ Howson.

      I’d prefer to see Snodgrass in a more ‘free’ midfield attacking role as he’s got a cracking work effort, an eye for a pass, and a decent shot from just outside the box. Let’s face it, we’re going to have to accommodate all these strikers somehow!

      • Craig

        4 – 1 – 5 anyone?

        • henry vincent lewis

          Total Football Craig!!
          We could move to the 1 – 10!!

          I don’t know about the takeover rumour.
          However it would make perfect sense for a buyer looking for
          a big club on the rise!!
          We must be ripe!!!
          I would NOT fancy a Man City situation. It is almost vulgar!!
          The owner of Man City visited the club for the first time last week!
          He has owned the club for 2 years!

  • Paul Solk

    If the price of 300000 is near to true, then I’m not surprised KB and SG were ‘upset’ about the leak of a deal a couple of days ago. We’ve got a real bargain when you consider they were talking millions after his prolofic first season with Cardiff.

    • TheReaper08

      @raza With the money banging around right now and the age he is if he get’s a few goals he could be worth ten times that.

      Time will tell.

  • JonnyLUFC

    think mccormack is a good signing! however beyond that i have it from a good source that some big news will be published on tue! not sure if this means anything to anybody but i cant say more than that. MOT

  • Dje


    Thanks Jonny. Can you give us a hint as to whether it’ll be big news as in someone coming in – or big news of someone going out?

    Or, failing this, just big good news (Man City have offered us £30m for Paul Robinson, Michalik and Sheehan), or big bad news (the club has ceased trading with immediate effect)…

  • Mike

    Colin was spot on and the Captaincy was taken from Howson for no other reason than Naylor was “fit” :-)
    Fit to mow the lawn maybe.

  • JonnyLUFC

    i’ve heard a rumour that the club has been sold. Obviously its only a rumour and as with alot of the rumours i’ve heard in regard to Leeds its probably bollocks, but, i’ve heard it from two people. they are not announcing it until the transfer window shuts so we dont get held to ransom on players by clubs who think we are ‘loaded’. Again only a rumour but with us actually spending some money on mccormack i wonder whether it is a sign some funding has already been provided. nevertheless keep an eye out for a story on tue (or no story at all in which case i’ve been told a load of crap) MOT

    • Craig

      I’m not holding my breath Jonny. Ken Bates said in the summer that there was £4m in the bank so if its the spending of £300k that kicked off the rumour it is dead in the water.

  • Driver

    I think it might be Woodgate coming back on a pay as you play deal.

    Alternatively I’ve looked at the premiership and think I’d like Danny Rose, Ramsey (can’t see him making Arsenal squad as injured), Smalling (as already 4 centrebacks), Gibson

    Steven Taylor would be good but his salary demands caused problems at Newcastle plus he’s injured.

    • Craig


      Is that Woodgate paying us for each game we allow him to play?

  • pete

    @sanchez We’ve already got one crocked, potentially-never-playing-again-but-if-he-does-he’s-too-good-for-this-league centre back training with us, do we really need another?

    If Woodgate was fit and was never allowed near Majestyk ever again then I’d take him 11 times out of 10, but let’s just concentrate on getting Paddy and Calum Davenport fit and playing together before we take on another rebuilding project.