Tresor Kandol

Tresor Kandol leaves Elland Road

Tresor Kandol has left Leeds United today after having his contract cancelled by mutual consent. Kandol is now free to find another club.

The Congolese striker was signed by former Leeds boss Dennis Wise in 2006 and impressed during the 2007/2008 season, helping Leeds to climb to 5th after starting the campaign on -15 points. He was unable to recapture this form though and was later loaned out to Charlton and Millwall. He has since struggled to find his way back into the first team, making just 13 appearances last season. Fans will remember the bizarre incident which saw Kandol sent off after just 20 second on the pitch against Norwich in his last outing for the club.

Although fans will be thankful for Kandol’s efforts during his time at Elland Road and would not deny him the opportunity to find first team football, the loss of a striker is sure to concern many who are still awaiting a replacement for Jermaine Beckford. With Mike Grella and Davide Somma seemingly not in Simon Grayson’s first team plans and Billy Paynter injured for the start of the campaign Leeds currently seem light on attacking options.

Young Scottish goalkeeper Alan Martin has also temporarily left Elland Road for Barrow on a loan deal that will see him with the Blue Square Premier side until January. Martin spent some of the 2008/2009 season at Barrow and Simon Grayson will hope an extended run of competitive football will help the Scotland U-21 ‘keeper to develop and fulfil his potential.

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  1. CastIron

    always like tres so best of luck to him and i hope he finds a new home soon. MOT!

  2. les irwin

    to be fair to tres he had quite a big part to play in a lot of beckford goals in our -15 season
    will not be sad to see him go cos he is not playing but wish him all the best and he goes with this in mind “he was always better than showumni”

  3. Simon

    Yay… that’s at least 2 wages worth back.. though I am sad Tres didn’t stay, make the impact he started with.
    Where’s he going? Millwall, Charlton, Swindon?

    Bye bye and good fortune, thanks for your services.

  4. yorkwhite

    I was half expecting a singning today. A decent name to sell a few more tickets before Saturday but not yet anyway. Best wishes Tres. I hope you find a new club soon.

    • paul wilde

      Shame about Tres.I think he had a lot of personal isues with family etc.Everyone talking about the 20 seconds he played at Norwich.I remember Hallowean last season when he came on for Beckford against Yeovil and he was outstanding.Then at the final whistle all hell broke loose and I think he was sent off.Thanks for the memories.Dont come back and haunt us,Good luck Tres

  5. Gryff

    Played a decent part and then got unprofessional. So long Tres, thanks for the -15 season, and as far as the rest of his stay with us: good riddance to bad rubbish.

  6. BOO!

    So we’ve just signed a six figure sponsor deal with SportingBet and got Kandol off the wage bill. Maybe, just maybe, Papa Smurf might splash the cash on a quality,proven striker ,to give Paynter a bit of support. But we still need our midfield sorting out. It’s too lightweight. I’m worried!

  7. Rish

    I’m actually not really familiar with the procedure of releasing players. I assume it has to be done by mutual consent or you’re forced to essentially pay them off? If not, why aren’t they able to just release the likes of Robinson and Michalík?

    I always found Kandol to be very inconsistent, although at times he and Beckford looked like a Championship quality front two. If he was reliable to act a little less self-indulgent, he could’ve been utilized well in the current 4-5-1 set up.

  8. EYLeeds

    Can’t knock him because he always seemed to play with passion. Leeds are moving onwards and upwards and we need players with more quality if we are to get back to where we belong. Reckon Tres would be a good signing for most league one teams,

  9. TSS

    I’m actually quite sad to see Tres leave. If nothing else, he was always interesting and I’ll never forget the Soccer AM MJ tribute act he did “TK20 – Sub’s bench!”

    I wish him well and hope he finds a new home soon.

  10. Tim Wilsom

    Yeah all the best to him, the temper tantrums screwed him up last season, but I’m inclined to think some of it was frustration at his limited use, he did make an impact when he came on.

  11. Graham Hugill

    I assume that ‘released by mutual consent’ means that we have paid him off. Probably not as much as the entire value of his contract but I would imagine 50% or more.

    Presumably thats why nobody has signed him to date – lots of interest but nobody willing to compete with his current wages – and Tres not really willing to wave goodbye to his entitlement. Hence he leaves by ‘mutual consent’ and walks straight into a new club on less money.

    All a bit disappointing really.

    • TSS

      @supergray Not sure. By ‘mutual consent’ suggests they’ve both agreed to end the contract, therefore no money would be owed. If he’d been paid off it should have read his contact had been terminated.

      Leeds United not one for full disclosure though, so hard to say.

      • Dje

        ‘… his contact had been terminated’ – is a bit sinister sounding, a bit too Bourne-esque.

        Sorry TSS, I’m only here to irritate the hell out of you by sniggering at innocent typos!

      • TSS


        Damn you! I even have spell-check built into my web browser, but since my typo left a real word it ignored it!

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS Not correct mate. By mutual consent means a deal has been done for the remainder of his contract, maybe not paid in full but certainly some of it.

        Think about it if he was available on a free anyway and nobody wanted him why was that ? It was his wage demands. Why sign for club x for £5k a weeek when you have 12 months left on one that pays you £10k ? The club have simply said your remainding contract is worth £250k we will give you £125k to leave. Take it and we will release you now and you can go and sign for whoever for this season, stay and you will not even play with the kids and you may find it difficult to find anyone interested in you next summer.

      • Dje

        True, but it still frees up £5k a week on the transfer budget.

      • TheReaper08

        @djedjedje Absolutley, please don’t mistake my post for thinking this wasn’t a good decision, it was. No point having someone around not playing being negative and eating up valuable wage space.

  12. Loki

    My (limited) understanding of terminating by mutual consent means both parties agreed to ripping up the contract effectively. Anything else and we would have released him from his contract (paid him off).

    Will he be missed? No. To suggest otherwise would be short sighted and excessively sentimental. He was average for 1 season when we were first relegated.

    This club is moving forward now, and personally i’m not interested in ever looking back.

    That said, I do appreciate his contribution and I think he will go on to do well for another club.

    Best of luck Tres.

  13. Clive Sanderson

    Whoever gets Kandol will get a proven goal scorer and a player that put 100% into his game. I rated him. It’s a shame his temperament was a bit fragile. Surprised he never had a chance to prove his worth in the pre season games. I can see him scoring a lot of goals for whoever gets him. His record of only 16 goals in 77 appearances does not reflect properly on his goal scoring ability as many of those appearances were for short substitute appearances.

    • Acid

      That’s a given.. he’ll score goals a plenty where ever he goes..
      Oh and this “Prima” Clive Sanderson?

  14. Lewis g

    now for sheehan and robinson to go, wouldnt be overly fussed if michalik stayed as i personally believe hed get back to his best for us now were in the championship, or at least i think we’ll be likely to be holiding out for arounda 250k fee for michalik as he was a big money signing for our standards a couple of years ago

  15. AcresLeeds

    A legacy of Dennis Wise and his wobbly eyes granting Kandol a 4 yr deal on big wages and yet, the imbecile (Wise) only decided to give Beckford a 3 yr deal at the same time.Me thinks he got that one the wrong way around somehow !!

    As for Tres – good luck to him – he had that fabulous season with the -15pts and was a real handful for defenders but never really rekindled that what with the family issues and falling out of favour.

    Having said that, I think he could have been used a lot more last season although, injury , personal issues and a short fuse put paid to that.

    Good to have on your side if you want an on field riot I guess !!!

  16. les irwin

    kandol getting sent off against norwich after 20 seconds ,someone must have said something to him probably racist ???? so therefore he desrved it goodluck tres

  17. Matt BB

    I’m a little sad to see kandol go, he never really lived up to his potential, and i remember seeing him, showunmi and snodgrass having a little kick about together at elland road the season before last, he looked like someone who really enjoyed his football , and when you watched him very closely he was a pretty skilful player.

    But for whatever reason he just didnt get much of a chance under mcallister or grayson, Becchio is a better player but surely there was some mileage in using him as a sub a little more. I happen to think he could probably do a job in the championship and will come back to bite us.

    Good news is the space on the wage bill that has been freed up and that means given his whopping great salary that we have a few thousand a week to spare.

    I hope this means we do bring in a ball winning midfielder and probably another stiker but I suppose I will find myself wanting!

  18. Matt BB

    Did anyone else notce that the official statement didnt even wish him well for the future? pretty shocking considering the part he played in getting rid of those minus 15.

    • TSS

      The only player I remember them wishing well recently was Prutton (who wrote us that tear-jerking letter)


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