Deal of the summer?

With the English transfer window due to close tomorrow (31st August), you can expect a day of non-stop rumours and speculation as the clubs make their final permanent additions to the squads until January.

So far, Leeds United have brought in a total of eight new faces (which includes Watt on a season-long loan) with an estimated total spend in the region of £700,000.

Transfer deadline day can often bring huge surprises and panic buys from managers desperate to add the finishing touches to their sides. This year, the Championship could be a little quieter though as many teams are expected to wait until September the 1st when the Premier League clubs have to submit their final 25 man squads for the season.

Other than the possible signing of Ramon Nunez, I expect a quiet day for Leeds United tomorrow. Simon Grayson has already said that he hopes to benefit from the Premier League’s new 25 man squad rule, and I suspect a lot of Championship managers will feel the same.

With little activity expected, here’s a summary of what’s happened so far starting with players in;

Player Pos Age From Cost
Kasper Schmeichel GK 23 Notts County Free
Paul Connolly RB 26 Derby Free
Lloyd Sam WNG 25 Charlton Free
Billy Paynter STR 25 Swindon Free
Federico Bessone LB 26 Swansea Free
Alex Bruce CB/DM 25 Ipswich £200,000*
Ross McCormack STR 23 Cardiff £500,000*
Sanchez Watt WNG/STR 19 Arsenal Loan

With eight players added to the Leeds United team, Grayson and Bates were undoubtedly hoping for more interest in the likes of Andy Robinson and Alan Sheehan who continue to add a touch of over-paid quality to our reserve team.

With a lot of attention on the players we’ve struggled to get rid of, it may surprise some Leeds fans to learn that more players have moved out than in over the summer. A full list of these is below;

Player Pos Age To Cost
Jermaine Beckford STR 26 Everton Free
Rui Marques CB 32 Unattached Released
Paul Dickov STR 37 Oldham Released
Casper Ankergren GK 30 Brighton Free
Andrew Milne CB 19 Barrow Released
Tresor Kandol STR 28 Unattached Released
Liam Darville CB 19 Tranmere Loan
Tom Lees CB 19 Bury Loan
Alan Martin GK 21 Barrow Loan
Tom Elliot STR 19 Rotherham Loan

*Please note that the transfer fees used in this article are estimated. The price used is based on an average of other sources estimations.

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  1. Tim Hodge

    At the risk of playing the same old record, I’m dying to see us sign an experienced central midfielder.
    I also think we’ve missed a trick with Matthew Kilgallon going on loan to Boro. Wouldn’t have minded him coming back to sort out the defence.

  2. Paul Cranswick

    You forgot Neill Collins (I somtimes wish Grayson would!). To be fair some of the signings are not bad but most reflect either a lack of ambition by the board or shortsightedness on the part of SG. Bruce, Collins, Connolly, Bessone, Paynter and McCormack are not in my view premiership quality players and I believe we should be planning for the top not the middle. Kilgallon, Spurr, Clyne and Hooper would have fit the bill instead of the squad deepening undertaken. We also needed a midfielder and Arfield should have been brought in instead of going to Town. Of course the last two would have cost us 4 million but the league is worth it. One good striker would have been enough as Somma and Grella are promising. Also very disappointed that the academy seems to be uncared for under SG. Elliott, Darville, Hatfield, Lees ought to have been on the fringe of the side and blooded occasionally instead of sending off and into oblivion. Must say though that Schmeicel and Sam look good “acquisitions”.

    • Dje

      24 hours to go and Paul Cranswick looks to be talking a lot of sense about the limited ambition of our signings – especially in defense. Could all change tomorrow though, so I’ll stay stum til then. Perhaps.

    • Craig

      @Paul Cranswick

      Premiership quality players want to play in the Premiership so they can earn Premiership wages Paul and this is money we can’t afford until we are guaranteed to be playing in the Premiership.

  3. henry vincent lewis

    Adam Clayton is on a short loan deal and will probably depart, with his spot going to Nunez, if we sign him, or somebody else.
    So 9 in plus maybe another 2 tomorrow?
    We do need them and a couple more (defence) to bring us close to par for the league.
    We have started OK but it is long season in a difficult league.
    There are doubts over Bessone, Bruce, Clayton and Collins, so it is a shaky 9!
    Add to that Johnson who may not be able to cut it in this Division.
    Overall I am happy with our progress, but we are not there yet.

  4. Robert Harrold

    Pretty sure yeah, was only a month loan so I guess as theres no game till 11th he’ll have gone already

  5. Paul South Wales

    I think Clayton’s still here and SG was contemplating extending it

  6. Johnny Bangkok

    I must say some of our fans have to trust the manager more..a front line with Somma, Grella and Elliot?? Come on lads wake up please! We need experienced players in each position with back up from the youth and I think that is what SG is doing.

  7. kev cressey

    I think SG has made some very good signings so far and the players are gelling nicely,like SG said we need 3 or 4 dimensions of play this season,what is going on with Calum Davenport has he been given any kind of contract yet still think we look nervous at the back.

  8. Luke Kinder

    I think we have made some good signings this summer but literally only a couple. schmeical has got to be the signing of the summer and sams is also a good signing for us. none of are back 4 can pass. adam clayton can go back all he has done is come on last minute and mess up because he is not confidant. paynter will be good when returning from injury and watt give his all and looks like a good player. watt and gradel will play well together. we could do with loaning a player like lansibury or shelvey. both young and very good. when paddy kisnorbo is back he will sort the defense out but for now we could do with signing a replacement on loan, a decent player like steven caulker from spurs or cieran clarke from villa would be good. jay spearing would also be a very good player to loan in, he has made a few apperances for liverpool and could do with first tem football.

  9. Gryff

    A productive transfer window and one that has improved our wingers and forwards immensley. Very happy if we get in one or two central midfielders to round this off.

    @TSS with Sanchez Watt i’d be surprised if we hadn’t paid £100k or so for his loan.

    • Tim Campbell

      Arthur I wish you had’nt put these video’s up I’ll be cut up if we don’t get him now lol

    • macadamia man


      Watt, Sam and Paynter together? Should frighten the life out of a whole bunch of Championship central defender/tankers. Let;s hope they are all durable too, ’cause there’s going to be some equalizers flying in early . . .

  10. Arthur Graham

    pop this Nunez Goal up as a spereate article to show it off
    very exciting … so fans can see it maybe TSS
    I hadnt seen it so i guess a lot of others havent ?
    Excited if we get him now ( be like Alex Sabella all over again tho .. I dont recall Alex doing that !!! ) LOL

  11. TSS

    I’ll be sure to add the Youtube vids when/if he signs for us. Cheers for them.

  12. Dje

    Just a thought…

    I take it ‘free players’ not contracted at any club can still join teams after the transfer window closes at 6pm? If so, if I were Sheehan, Robinson, or Michalik then I’d see out the transfer window at Leeds and then negotiate a ‘mutual termination’ fee with Leeds, pocket the cash and then get my agent to go knocking on Championship (Scunthorpe) and League One doors (well, Southampton or Sheffield Wednesday). I’m sure there’d be takers for players of their calibre then.

    Not helping LUFC of course, but makes sense on an individual level.

  13. Dje


    10.20am Sky sports reckon we have agreed a fee for Adam Clayton – are we buying him? 10.28am the Sky link is mysteriously down. Bates’s lawyers have had a busy 8 minutes.

    10.30am Apparently we are waiting in the wings to scupper Blackpool’s £3-4m move for Rangers’ Kyle Lafferty (and I laughed). They can have him, for half that price. Bet Grayson would take half of that transfer kitty though. Mmmm, £1.5-2m…

  14. Dje


    I’d be surprised, to tell you the truth. A season long deal would be more than enough for us, and probably Man City as well. Reading some of the comments on the Teamtalk site, it doesn’t look like they rate him either. Personally, I can’t remember him at all when I saw him lay for us – which really doesn’t say much!

  15. Mikelufc

    If this lad is anything like as good as he looks, then we done good getting rid of dear old Becks and we are really showing ambition finally.
    Thanks Larry :-).

  16. Arthur Graham

    we see he is signed only on trial technically til January to prove himself – well i hope he gets proper first team game time with this ability … and not just ten minutes as a sub every other week …. hope its not the plan to give him Reserve time to see if he can cut it


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