A solitary twitter update from Yorkshire Radio commentator, Thom Kirwin is the only new news we have on Robert Snodgrass’ injury.

Eddie Gray asked Simon Grayson about the injury following Saturday’s win over Wolves, but the gaffer was giving very little away telling the Leeds United legend that Leeds would look to bring in cover if Snods isn’t fit for opening day.

Since that interview, Thom has also caught up with the manager – Grayson told Kirwin that Leeds wouldn’t be revealing anything until a second opinion had been sought. His Twitter update read as follows;

#lufc getting second opinion on Snodgrass injury although Grayson did say he’d get a replacement if it’s bad news.

Leeds’ Championship campaign begins on Saturday with Derby the visitors to Elland Road. It seems extremely unlikely Snodgrass will play any part against the Rams, the only real question is when will he play a part again?

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  1. Ryan H

    Doesn’t sound like Snoddy is going to make the start of the season if he needs a second opinion, he will be major loss, lets hope it’s not that bad and he’s back in the team sharpish.

  2. Colin

    “Grayson did say he’d get a replacement if it’s bad news.”

    What does bad news mean? 3 months, 6 months? With Leeds’ lack of spending I can’t see how SG could just go out and get a Snodgrass replacement. 1) it will be difficult to find a player nearly as good and 2) if you find a good player they’ll cost good money – which we don’t have.

    • Craig

      I agree that Snodgrass is not easy to replace Colin. But What else cal Grayson say given that Gradel is also out for the first 4 games? Maybe we could loan Robinson from whoever ends up buying him!

    • Jacko

      It would be a huge loss, especially as I think he will shine in a higher division, but think we should go for Sanchez anyway, so now makes good sense!

    • Craig

      Wasn’t he left sided?

      It is all very well saying ‘sign Sanchez Watt’ but Arsenal will have a say in whether he can come.

  3. yorkwhite

    Gutted if we’ve lost one of our most creative midfielders for 3-6 months. I was really looking forward to see what he could do in the championship. I don’t think it will be that easy to find such quality on loan!

  4. Dje

    I haven’t seen the tackle, but I presume the worst they are fearing is a cruciate knee ligament damage – which would take him out to New Year (for an anterior rupture) at least and maybe the entire season (which I doubt as he’d have gone straight to hospital and not flown back with the squad). A twisted knee would be much shorter a time out or cartilage damage would be much shorter a time out (4 weeks to 2 months)

    Not sure how to read the need/desire for a second opinion – “it was such a bad prognosis that we all can’t believe it, so we’ve asked for a second opinion”, or “What, only out for three weeks?! Wow, that’s a let off for such an ugly looking challenge. Hey-ho, better get a second opinion all the same”.

  5. TSS

    @djedjedje Not sure I’m comfortable with your avatar. I understand the significance of it, but couldn’t you have found a better player to be lifting the trophy? I’m still bitter about his departure!

  6. Dje


    Lol – I’m looking forward to replacing it with a picture of the next trophy we lay our hands on; hopefully with an even more skillful player lifting it. I might be wrong, but in the last 18 years I can’t think of one, sadly.

      • Dje


        The link brings back many a happy memory.

        I was reading the other day that Cantona ended up in Ferguson’s hands via a coincidence of astrological proportions. Wilkinson calling the then Man Utd chairman to see if Denis Irwin was available for a transfer to Leeds. Ferguson happening to be in his chairman’s office at the time was quietly asked about Irwin to which he said “no” (probably with expletives), but needing a striker to cover someone average who was just recently injured (I forget who; someone average, probably Brian McClare) told the chairman to tell Wilkinson they wanted Cantona (possibly in a ‘get stuffed you cheaky b*****d’ sort of way). It all spun out from there (although some backfill involving Leslie Ash, allegedly, might have eased Wilkinson’s affirmation to the Man Utd request).

        I’m not sure exactly how true this is – and I’m sure Scum fans would love to elaborate the swindling of the Cantona transfer – but Wilkinson hoodwinked Trevor Francis over the 1st Cantona deal – and Ferguson hoodwinked Wilkinson over the 2nd Cantona deal. Looking back over the last 25-30 years of football and management history, between these three contenders you’d have to say that the rankings were reflected in the transfer history of Cantona. Let’s hope Corry Evans can be the unjinxing of that past jinx.

  7. Jon

    Just got very bored and followed yet another betfair link which has to be applauded for its irony – albeit probably unintended!

    “At last! It’s a Leeds rumour that doesn’t involved them being interested in a striker! Having been linked with enough forwards to cater for the whole of the Championship, Leeds are today reported to be lining up a loan move for Manchester United’s 20-year-old Corry Evans”

    We have to ask who has been at the very centre of pretty much all of the striker rumours…could it have been betfair

  8. Dje

    Yes, Betfair is certainly going bi-polar!

    Never heard of Corry Evans, sounds like an american tweenage star of some god-awful TV programme; possibly a girl, possibly a boy.

  9. Kev cressey

    Does anybody know the name of the idiot norweign player that tackled Snodders,I heard he was missing tackles all game?

  10. Anthony Lewis

    I think it was David Nielsen? I read some pretty nasty quotes from him about the tackle after the game…looks like Snoddy won’t be out for months though which i suppose is better news than expected


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