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Publicly criticising Ashley Cole, Nigel Clough and Fabio Capello is more than most chairmen would manage in a year, but for our very own Uncle Ken, it’s all in a days work.

Before our League Cup match with Lincoln City last night, Ken Bates stirred up his usual controversies by criticising the pre and post-match antics of Derby and Nigel Clough, before turning his attention to the England manager’s selection.

On Fabio Capello and Ashley Cole, Bates said;

“Capello comes back refreshed after his month-long holiday to tell us what we all knew.

‘Namely that England were c**p and there will be changes — but he still includes the disgraced “Cashley” Cole who has publicly stated that he hates England (and the English).

‘I suppose Cheryl thinks the same about you, Cashley.’

First off, I have to admit, I can’t stand Ashley Cole. I know I’m not alone either as he’s probably amongst the least popular footballers in the Premier League. If he was excluded from the England squad, I wouldn’t be at all disappointed even though he’s probably the best left-back in World. It’s the arrogance and lack of interest that grates on me – he just doesn’t seem to care, so I fail to see why I should?

As for publicly stating he hates England and the people of this nation, I can’t comment as I have so little interest in him, that this one passed me by. I sense another law-suit coming on though for old Kenneth. Should keep him busy for a few months…

On Derby County’s pre and post-match antics;

“I thought they were childish quite frankly. It always pays to be dignified when you have won. But I didn’t understand this ceremonial march, 500 yards apparently, through the roads. I don’t know what that’s suppose to signify.”

Let’s ignore the hypocrisy of expecting others to be dignified in victory, because quite frankly, it’s laughable coming from Kenneth given some of his previous programme notes reflecting on victories against people he disliked!

What was really interesting about the above comments is that Ken is clearly unaware of why the walk to the stadium was significant. I don’t expect our chairman to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of our club’s history, but Don Revie’s superstitions are the stuff of folklore around these parts – surely he could have asked?

Personally, I was quite impressed by the mind-games Nigel Clough played in pulling that one!

Finally, as child-gate continues, we have his reaction to Nigel Clough;

‘We had a couple of tantrums from the visiting manager… who made much out of his failure to take his little boy on the pitch, apparently confusing the football ground with a playground.’

To not allow a child onto the match 90 minutes before kick-off does seem a bit ridiculous, but if those are the clubs rules, then why should Nigel Clough’s child be an exception? There’s people that pay hundreds of pounds a year to take their children to Elland Road, and I doubt many of them have ever contemplated taking junior on for a run around before kick-off.

Here, you can’t help but agree with Kenneth. In being denied entry to the pitch, Clough has had his ego dented a bit and thrown a strop in retaliation. Expecting to be granted special permission solely because you’re the opposing teams manager is nothing less than arrogance – So him and his father have something in common after all!

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  1. Matt BB

    Sorry TSS and probably everyone else, i actually agree with Clough on this one, hasnt he earned a right to get something approaching special treatment from the footballing fraternity he scored about 200 goals for forest, played for england, and has proven himself one of the better young english managers. That sets him apart from most of us, and if as the manager of a visiting team he couldnt even take his kid out onto the field – lets face it because his kid was probably excited about coming to a great club like leeds, and thats the response he gets – rudeness and jobsworthness, then he has every right to have a laugh at us.

    Agree with Ken on the england stuff though, actions speak lourder than words fabio, and the tantrums of robinson and brown need to be put into their context by fabio, and he shouldnt have picked brown anyway, he was awful last year.

    • timm

      I agree Matt. I really do think it was very petty to not let Cloughs lad on the pitch. I’m assuming the lad just wanted to walk on with the players, & not throw a couple of jumpers down & have a game of knock-out wembley?! I think the walk was a bit pointless to be honest & was just Clough getting something out of his system for his dad. Not sure if it did happen but it was only supposed to be in cup games anyway, & Derby got one over us many many times after that game. We have to remember David Peace is a Leeds hating Huddersfield fan & the book is a work of ‘faction’. Totally agree with Bates on all the England stuff though, however, i do wish he’d keep his mouth shut about the state of other clubs, he should have enough to keep him occupied at our club without making ill-judged & uninformed comments about others & we don’t need any more court costs & damages settlements coming out of our £4m war chest.

    • TheReaper08

      @mattbb Do you just pick numbers from the air mate, Clough scored 102 goals for Forest. And in management he has one non league propmotiuon to his name in 12 years.

      Whilst I agree there is nothing wrong with him taking his lad on the pitch let’s not get carried away with an average player/manager.

      • Colin


        Nigel Clough – A much better player than Grayson ever was though – as if being a decent player was important when it comes to being a manager.

        If Grayson’s son had been refused in the same way, we’d all be moaning.

        All petty. If Leeds United want to make themselves look like arseholes then fair enough. It makes not one iota of difference to anything if Clough’s boy is allowed on the pitch.

      • Matt BB

        blooming hell reaper lighten up. nigel clough is a well known ex pro of good pedigree… i didnt have time to researxh wikipedia. my point is hardly diminished is it 102 goals is still a skipful. i think others got my point.

  2. brooza

    Did the Don Revie walk to the stadium actually happen?

    Was listening to the Yorkshire Post podcast yesterday and they said it never happened, even quoting Peter Lorimer on the fact that if it had happened and the fact that we won the match, he would have made the players do it before every match

  3. kev cressey

    I’d rather ignore most thing bates has to say and just thank the boys on a better performance last night, all being against 4th division team but it could of gone wrong like Forest at Bradford,Bessone looked better,Sam Lloyd looked better on the ball,just to mention Ian Stansfield Exeter striker who died last night aged 31 of cancer RIP young man !!

  4. Paul C

    To be honest TSS , I take little notice of the ridiculous rants that Bates goes on. I suspect most of the football world also treat him and his comments with similar contempt. I sincerely hope though that the extremely expensive lawyers engaged by the club routinely now check every single word printed in his name for expensive comments. I fear the club and fans cannot keep on affording to pay for his mouth.

  5. ash

    Is there nothing else to write apart from clough and capello and england? Think master bates needs to stop thinking of other things and get his hands out his pockets and invest on the team.

  6. Mark R

    Capello should have never been made England Manager in the first place, and should have resigned after the World Cup fiasco and put on a boat to Italy.

    Cole is a quality left back, but really couldn’t care less about his private life. As for the comments attributed to him – I haven’t read them or heard about them before. I’d like to hear his comments on them – if true then don’t pick him and put him on a boat to Timbuktu.

    The episode with Clough’s son was petty – let’s have some common sense, and as for the Derby team walking to the stadium – as long as they arrived on time – they could have travelled on rickshaws for all I care.

    KB has entered the old man zone ….he’s just trying to remind people he’s still breathing. Now settle down old man…and board your boat to Monte Carlo.

    Good victory last night, sets us up for the Forest match. Naylor on the bench, & a clean sheet.
    Nottm going to extra time and losing at Bradford.
    I’m optimistic we’ll get at least a point.


  7. Dje

    Personally I reckon it shows a fair bit of respect and homage that you even want to take your kids on to the pitch pre-match. I really doubt Clough, or anyone, would want to take their kids on to the hallowed turf of Tranmere, or Stockport, and probably would call in social services if they were expected to.

    Having had their granddad actually manage at the club – albeit for only weeks – I can see some personal connection whereby exceptions to rules could be made:

    Nigel Clough: “Now then kiddies, you see all this, all these seats around us, well this is Elland Road and once your Granddaddy managed the team that plays here and they all supported … err … well, they all called out his name!”

    Clough’s kiddies (in unison): “Who’s Granddaddy, Nigel?”

    Nigel Clough: “Oh well, he was your Granddad! He was Daddy’s daddy!”

    Clough’s kiddies (in more unison again): “Where is he, Nigel?”

    Nigel Clough: “He’s sadly dead now, kiddies. Drank himself to death before you had chance to know him”


    Clough’s kiddies (in increasingly sinister sounding unison): “Is he the scary monster in the big picture on the staircase?”

    Nigel Clough: “Yes that’s him!! Now, who wants to go see the other scary monster?”

    Clough’s kiddies (now talking with each other’s voices): “YEAHHH!!!”

    Nigel Clough: “OK! 50 pence for the first one of you to punch Mad Uncle Bates in the cock; ready, steady, GO!!!!”

  8. Matt BB

    Thats it really, when we are shown respect insofar as an opposing manager wants to walk on the pitch with his kids and say, look at this, Elland Road, one of Englands most vaunted grounds.. you dont ignore them and say rules are rules.

    If anyones read the damned united, and indeed seen the film the crunch point for clough senior comes when revie refuses to acknoeldge the huge effort he’s gone to when he visits him in the cup. some debate over this point but apparently clough had bought a vintage claret and spent a whole week cleaning the gorund sometimes himself, the don didnt even shake his hand, so some echoes of histroy there. Be nice to people on the way up and so on!

    This is where Bates loses respect for me, the key fact here is that derby beat us, who cares if he got some petty revenge in in advance on their manager and his ten year old kid. focus on that ken and buy us a pacey centre back, a holding midfielder and a striker.

  9. Matt BB

    @TSS you need a new photo of ken, apparently he’s had laser eye surgery (could have had a new defender for that) and is cutting a dashing new figure, apparently its taken ten years off him not wearing his riggers goggles now and he looks a youthful 70.

  10. leedslad

    Irrespective of Pappa Smurf being “right or wrong”, his mouth is going to get him into yet more legal battles soon. This will result in more hefty fines and legal costs, ……… but ………… as usual, he will screw the fans for some more cash to ensure he doesn’t have to meet the bill himself !!!

  11. kev cressey

    Yeah who’s paid for the laser eye surgery for that mad old cunt? I’d also like to know who pays for him and his wife to fly back and forth to south of france every week buisness class ?? and as for nigel clough and his sproggs fuck him !!

  12. Zidhenry8

    Brown shouldnt have been given the pleasure to retire from the english team. He shouldnt have been there ever. He was in the national setup because he played for Man Ure. Lets hope his brother in the U19s is not a chip of the old block.

  13. kev cressey

    well mikelufc if u want to carry on lineing bates pockets until he retires and not do anything about it thats up to u mate I just think he’s laughing at us

  14. Mark

    The Don only walked his players a few yards to the ground on cup games as it was part of his ritual, Clough did this to try and prove some kind of misheld point, what infact did do is to cause even more disharmony between the two sets of fans which led to trouble outside the ground. What a complete idiot you really are young Clough. You have a great deal to learn from your father.

  15. Gryff

    @mattbb I agree with your sentiments. Having said that, Nigel Clough did handle LUFC’s unnecessary protectiveness of their pitch and their refusal to allow a track-suited individual sit in the directors’ box very badly (indeed perhaps childishly). Plus, The Damned United is, when all said and done, a work of fiction.

    I agree with Ken Bates on England and these comments aren’t far off what you might find me writing in a paper, but it’s slightly worrying that Bates seems to want to make enemies of people. When all’s said and done, people are going to be reluctant to do business with bigmouths.

  16. Bill Fox

    If the whole walking in charade was desinged to get under our skin then shame on us if it worked and led to the later issues mentioned.

  17. White to the core

    Sadly we all know the old grey bearded coffin dodger with his newly squinty little eyes cant help but shout his gold dentured mouth off in order to rub someone up the wrong way. Sometimes we can agree with his sentiments, mostly not. Its his way of having fun and letting people know hes still around. Equally sadly this odourous canker on humanity (assuming hes not from the planet talkfromURANUS) only brings negativity upon our great club in the process or legal action upon himself. Yes he should probably have let the Clough lad on the pitch but are we really interested in reading him gloatingly refering to said incident in the match program? Is that going to ensure our team or fans are welcomed at Derby, Forest etc, after our chairmans riled there fans + heirachy. As a club wouldnt we rather let our football do the talking and read in matchday program about exciting things at Elland rd ie Bates working on bringing in players and unwelding his wallet. How hes going to invest more in our youth etc, ( i know these things arent going to materialise but we can hope). Bates give us something in print to give us hope and raise our spirits before a game not more of the contents of your colostomy bag. Great result last night, Johnson still hoofing the ball into row Z everytime hes passed the halfway line and wasting possesion. Improving performances from others though. Still need a ball winner in midfield who can pass it accurately mind, defence not tested so reserving judgement. Becchio scored again ;o) p.s it was Ol big ead who would park the bus down the road and let players walk. The author of the Damned United was just using artistic licence.

  18. Chareose

    Bates is an embarressment, I just wish hed shut up. However on the brightside, everyone hates our club anyway………

    • Matt BB

      @chareose Totally agree, he needs to focus on building our club into a premier league squad not on making stupid comments that just make him and us look ridiculous, he’s a little like an elderly relative who spouts off in public about immigration, or a child with tourettes syndrome. The football world must look at the long suffering leeds fans with some sympathy as we all do at those poor souls with toddlers ranting in the supermarket.

      Has anyone seen whats happening at Blackpool, if we thought we had it bad, apparently Huddersfield have outbid them for Marlon Harewood, Holloway on veege of resigning, he hasnt even been able to bring back DJ Campbell.. are you reading this Ken!

  19. les irwin

    bates is a disgrace he should keep his gob shut he is an attention seeking knob does he think he is so well liked in football he can slag everyone off, he brings our club into disrepute daily, eventually there will be another court case for something
    when we were stiil in championship last time we played preston it was on sky etc my son was sent a letter from leeds united which he was 10 iish .it said that he had been picked out randomly to be the mascot for the game he was made up as you would be aged 10 ,then came the boult the cost was £150 to be the mascot for something he had been picked to do we had not applied or anything he was picked ,welll what can you say once he knew we had to pay it ,don’t get me wrong he had a fantastic night as it was on friday i believe or monday .healy scored the winner .the point is we couldn’t do any thing i had to leave him with chaperones etc i had to go to my seat ,we couldny go on pitch so clough junior not being allowed on is no surprise to me and remember we paid a £150

  20. pete

    Blackpool aren’t totally screwed until they get Charlie Adam sold from under their noses…

    • timm

      Agreed Pete. I’d have him here tomorrow. he transformed that team. Im slightly biased though being a Rangers man!

  21. tim campbell

    Another trialist arrives at elland road – a honduras midfielder called nunez. He scored a goal in a friendly that was staged against bradford park avenue

  22. TheReaper08

    So cuddly Ken says exactly what the rest of the country has been saying/thinking for the last few days/weeks & months.


    • Colin


      Except, when did Cole say he hated England? He didn’t. Ashley Cole is an easy target. Personally I don’t care what he has/hasn’t done, but I saw him today and in the WC and he seemed pretty pleased to be in an England shirt. He’s a quality player.

      Bowyer and Woodgate were quality players too and I’m sure if we go through the history books, Bates probably said they were the scum of the earth as well.

      If you want to follow Hello magazine, have a go at Ashley Cole. If you’re interested in football then it’s of zero importance – he’s a football player.

      That’s not a go at Reaper, that’s a go at everyone who wants to have a go at Ashley Cole.

  23. Cant

    I’m willing to bet it wasn’t ken himself that banned the young un more likely the actions of a jobsworth steward. So Clough holds that against the famous Leeds united…. How naive. Brian would never have complained about “the young man” that wouldn’t let his ” young man” on the pitch. He would have asked for the young mans name and mentioned it on match of the day no doubt with a clever anecdote about stewards….. All the best nigel. You are a diluted version of a great manager but stop trying to emmulate him. Hes dead and even the rotting corpse is wittier and cleverer than you. You walked from the club shop then hyped it up like it was your old man from the grave you pathetic fuck. I’ve seen crisp packets with more back bone

    • timm

      Spot on about the walk from the club shop. It was pathetic & he made a right arse of himself & his team. Apparently Grayson wasn’t aware of it as he was down in his office polishing a couple of crystal glasses & uncorking a bottle of vintage claret!!

  24. les irwin

    makes you laugh leeds website are saying leeds played a honduran trialist all that secrecy when several other website including probably the most read sport site on the planet sky sports are naming nunez thye do make you chuckle down at elland road


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