1996 marked Derby County’s first year in the English Premier League and for their first game of the season they drew Leeds United at home.

The game played out to a thrilling conclusion with five goals being scored in the final 18 minutes as the teams shared the spoils and the fixture ended 3-3. A disappointing end for Leeds United however, after they’d led for the majority of the fixture courtesy of a Laursen own goal.

17-08-1996 Baseball Ground

Derby County 3 (Sturridge (2), Simpson)
Leeds United 3 (Laursen (OG), Harte, Bowyer)

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  1. Tim Campbell

    Why has ken bates been so secretive about the ownership of the club up to now – whats the big deal? It now seems that our ken and his associates will have to be more transparent if they want a share of the money that is trickling down from above. Again I say when this ‘off shore’ company is revealed will it make any real difference?

    • les irwin

      tim it is my number 1 job to find the real owners of leeds united at the moment though bates is a head of the game reading between the lines he has done already what he has to do on the site no one person owns more than 10% according to him as it stands at the moment he has done all he has to .iam conviced he is lying and believe it or not iam making steady progress no person does what he does for free if someone owns a club they should be proud to put their name to it why isn’t he .

      • Tim Campbell

        So many questions and so few answers – I guess its yet another imponderable for us leeds supporters – we are getting quite used to it by now!

  2. Matt W

    The one Leeds v Derby game I’ll never forget is the 4-3 win after being 3-0 down after about half hour….what a comeback that was!

  3. les irwin

    didn’t we playthem and beat them 1st game in championship after relegation 2-1 i might be wrong

  4. Dirty Leeds Blog

    Another cracker with Derby was when we battered them at Pride Park, I think it was 5-0. hasselbaink scored a few. Also one when Kewell dived in injury time

  5. All white on the night.

    I remember that 4-3 win very well. A Derby mate of mine was up in Leeds and visited while the match was on. Ceefax said 3-0 to them at half time and he left for home with a smug grin.

    By the time he got back to Sinfin his phone was ringin’ with me on the other end serenading him with MOT.

    So sweet. Especially as he shared his devotions between manure and Derby. Bought the shitty red shirts and everything. The mind boggles

  6. Scot Harlow

    i can remember beating the Sheep when we first got relegated from top flight. we beat them 1-0 if i remeber rightly (Frazer Richardson)… although i took a world class save from Sullivan in the last minute and a derby got which was ruled out when there was clearly nothing wrong with it!!

    lets hope the fixture on saturday is a little mor estraight forward lol!!

    I’m goin 1-0 Becchio to grab the winner


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