Somma - Itching to get going

Davide Somma will have to watch on from the stands tonight as the team he was loaned to last season visit Elland Road in the League Cup.

An impressive spell at Lincoln saw Somma score nine times in fourteen appearances, helping to save the Imps from a relegation fate that looked almost inevitable. A red card on the final day of last season means Somma will miss tonight’s clash at Elland Road as well as the trip to Nottingham this weekend, but would the 25-year-old have been considered for selection anyway?

Simon Grayson’s plans for the South African have become a major talking point with the striker missing from the first team list on the official website. Add to that the  competition from Billy Paynter, Mike Grella and Luciano Becchio and it’s questionable as to whether he’ll get much of a look in anyway.

The striker clearly thinks he’s in with a shot though, telling the official site that;

“Leeds is a massive club and I want to try and take an opportunity of my own here

“This suspension is killing me, but it’s only three games and I’ll come back into it.”

Clearly, Somma is a striker bursting with confidence at the moment and desperate to get in on the action. With Mike Grella unsettled at the lack of first team opportunities, Billy Paynter out injured and Luciano Becchio holding the line on his own, Somma’s ban couldn’t have come at a worst time!

The striker will be back in contention for the visit of Millwall on the 21st of August. The only question that remains is whether Simon Grayson has the same confidence in Somma as he does in himself?

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  1. Mike

    If he wasn’t considered or selection for such a game then Larry would have even further down in my view.
    He did get the goalie selection right but that seems to be all so far.
    I think being manager of Leeds United is so important to Larry that he will happily settle for no transfer money and therefore no ambition, no matter what he says.
    Why can he not see where he makes mistakes and try and correct.

    • Tim the White

      That’s because he is the worst kind of pig-headed Yorkshiremen! The majority of his signings and loans have been underwhelming. If you look at the squad, many of the key players were here before him.
      However, I will bite my tongue until the end of August/early September, but lets just say I have concerns for this season.

  2. Raph

    Not sure what id prefer if could only have one, a proven goalscorer or a pacey centre back. Our defence was ripped to shreds on saturday but on the attack we didnt look bad. On this weekend, me and my family are from nottingham originally…notts county side, even more incentive for me hoping of a good result :) COME ON LEEDS

  3. Ryan H

    Im not sure that Somma would cut it in the Championship, we needed a proven striker brought in, without Beckfords 30 a season i think we might struggle in the goal department with all of our current strikers.

    • Ryan H

      Yes he does mate, but it’s still a gamble he’s not proven in this league and where hoping he can cut it, where’s we should of been looking to invest in another striker, but hey i guess we should be use to that by now with Bate’s track record of non-investment!

    • Dave Howson

      I’m with you on that Mike, Beckford came with a reputation for scoring goals in non league – His opportunity came from a successful loan spell and he went on to become our prolific goalscorer, Why shouldn’t Somma do the same, Beckford is even rising to the challenge of the premiersip if media reports are to be believed Moyes is delighted with him and good luck top him. If others aren’t doing the business give Somma a go ! Grella is the same, he’s not really let us down when he comes on, and Aiden too. I reckon this season will be a season of consolidation so lets bring some young guys on…!

  4. Side Before Self

    I know people have been wondering if somma can cut it in the championship. There wondering the same about grella and paynter too. Truth is were not gonna find out till the play a few games. Paynter will get his chance, hope grella and somma do too. Don’t think somma will be watching from the stands TSS. He’s playing for the Leeds XI against Harrogate isn’t he?

    • TSS

      @Side Before Self

      Is that tonight as well? (Harrogate?)

      Seems an unusual move. I was hoping a few of our younger players would get a chance to show their worth tonight, but if we have another team in Harrogate it seems unlikely

  5. Tim Wilsom

    Thought the bans for he and Gradel were for league only so this is good timing for a leadue cup game that I don’t really care about, and before last season I cared about em all. Glad I’m not the only one curious about the fact he’s missing from the official site lineup. I’d like to see him get a shot.

    • TSS


      No, the bans are cup and league so both him and Gradel are one game closer to selection after tonight.

  6. Matt BB

    to say somma’s ban was for nothing and he’s ended up with three matches on the bench, incurred while playing in a different league with a different club is ridiculous, i also think a fine and three would have been enough for max. But as per usual a waste of time discussing as the football league just dont give a f*ck.

    I think Somma will be our dark horse this year once he starts playing… sometime in January?

  7. tim campbell

    I still am of the belief that another striker will come in – probably on loan after the premiership squads sort out their teams first. Who that will be, I have’nt the foggiest!

  8. White to the core

    Somehow i cant see Somma getting a chance whilst Larrys picking the team. A shame he looked good in the first pre season friendly. Larry appears to have his first team selected on paper and if you dont make the list you are doomed (or get 3mins here and there). He seems to stick with his first choice players even when every one else can see they are in poor form or dont make the grade. Stubborn . I think when eligible Somma deserves his chance. Give him a run in the team, he has an eye for goal, can score all sorts of goals, and has confidence. Him and Becchio may be the ticket.

  9. kev cressey

    I went to Sunderland on cold boxing day 3 years ago and saw a young man making his debut called Beckford, having never played professional football before I thought to myself this lad will last 5 games then that will be it,happily I was very wrong let’s give Somma a try I think he’ll get 15 goals if he gets the chance he’s big quick and strong and with Becchio it’ll cause any defence problems !

  10. Matt BB

    i think it was beckford and kandol that day and they were both pretty awful. look what they both went on to do the next season in the third division..!

    I think Somma has a good physical presence plenty of pace, and while he wont score 30 goals he will certainly be that striker we’ve missed since Hulse left.

    • timm

      Don’t know if anyone heard the SG interview on Bates FM after the match on saturday but it was interesting that Sommas name was one of the first he mentioned when he was talking about the key players we have missing. It really surprised me to be honest & i think we’ll see him getting a chance, SG would be mad to commit money to a new signing without making sure he doesn’t already have a gem right under his nose, & im sure Uncle Ken would need to rule out all possibles before dusting off his cheque book?!

  11. Sean

    he wont be watching from the stands – he will be playing against Harrogate tonight!

  12. Joe -ipswich leeds

    wouldnt mind losing tonight, would maybe promt some investment and also we really do need to concentrate on the league, play some younsters tonight and give grella a chance amd gove bruce his first game, he must be better than collins and naylor!

  13. Matt BB

    both this game and the harrogate game are part of a longer preseason in my eyes we need to make the system work, and lincoln will work us hard. I’m not too bothered about the result to be honest I would though love to see robinson and michalik involved and playing for their contracts, they have both underperformed.

    I also dont think ken will spend money unless grayson has convinced him he is all at sea with his current squad and @TSS I’m not so sure why you’re so panicked about him not being on the squad profiles on the webiste, which lets be honest seems to be atrociously run, hes got a squad number, and maybe they were on the verge of selling him to lincoln? but I tink given simon graysons comments that he wont go on loan and that he is considered one of the six who would comfortably be in the first team bode well for him.

    If I was Grella I’d be worried and i wonder if we will see him leading the line tonight with sanchez watt?

  14. TSS


    Just seemed strange that the other additions were put on immediately, yet no one bothered to include Somma.

    • Matt BB

      @TSS I gave up using that as a reference for who our players were in about 1998, I’ve never really liked the club website. You should take a look at portsmounth’s website i think they have something like 10 first team profiles.. any news on Jay Simpson or have we blown that now too..

  15. wombat

    come on ken get the cheque book out. whats wrong with jason roberts from blackburn . hes pacy and would do a job for us . hes available for 1.5 mil

      • wombat

        kasper is on 12 grand a week supposedly and beckford was offered 16 grand a week supposedly i think if we offered that type of money we would get him . i know for a fact rovers pay shit money mind u benjani is at ewood park now with his agent talking terms so lets see.

  16. md

    Grella and Somma both need to be given time on pitch to prove themselves over next few games.

    Priority over new striker is holding midfieler (Clayton?) and to find a solid centre back pairing.

    Signing new stiker NOT priority just yet.

    • Jacko

      Agreed holding midfielder and centre backs are the priority over a forward. Looking at the players we have I can’t see goals being an issue. I’d be more concerned about how many we are going to concede!!

  17. les irwin

    hope im wrong but i have a feeling about somma and grella firstly that grella needs a loan til xmas he is crying out for 1 if grayson thinks playing 10-15 mins a week in proper competitive football will make him better than he already is well im no footy manager but i would say it won’t somma and leeds a little i feel for ,we are paying for a suspension he picked up playing for other team thats harsh on leeds ,but of the 2 i think somma looks more the footballer at this level or any other .now the real feeling i have and i hope im wrong that grella is only still at leeds cos paynter is out or he would be on loan now and maybe both of em are still only at leeds because grayson knew there was no money to spend on a striker to replace them (or beckford really) its a shame because if we do not play em , why pay em

  18. les irwin

    i know going off point a little it seems jay simpsons move to hull is by no means settled i did think at the time they were strapped for cash it seems they have to of load some before thay can sign some ,there could still be a chance fingers crossed

    • Dje


      The infuriating thing with our recent transfer history is that we’re never quite sure that when we are connected with a player (who then end up elsewhere after the team that comes in for him stumps up some funds – alla Celtic with Hooper, Doncaster with Sharp, possibly Hull with Simpson), whether we were ever actually interested in the player in the first place, and just didn’t have the money to make the transfer happen!

      So if Simpson ends up at Hull we’ll all be here going: “Bates, lack of cash, no ambition, tight-fisted” and yet never sure whether we were ever actually interested in the player.

      Of course … you know … the best way to prove me wrong here [coquettishly fluttering eyelids at Grayson] is for our great manager [cooing at Grayson] to … you know … go out and buy some £1m+ player, or three.

      ~ So, Grayson, consider this a taunt!

      • les irwin

        thats a reasonable point we never know until they turn up either at elland road or more likely this season elsewhere if we were in or not ,and invariably when they turn up elsewhere we don’t know if we were in or not for said player to start with
        if you get my drift ?????

  19. graham allen

    I dont believe there is any money. (Has ken got his new yacht yet?) so freebies, cheapies and loans is all we will get. We have to hope that Paynter turns out to be a 20 goal striker and like someone says, who knows what Somma could do given the chance? We have potential going forward; and when Kisnorbo is back and Bruce is ready we could look a little stronger at the back. I would like to see White starting – he looked good on Saturday when he came on

  20. Max

    Latest on Simpson is that Hull have said they are interested but have not bid, and would have to offload players to sign. Not sure how where these “accepted bids” are. Sounds like Hull are talking to the player’s agent and have said “if we can afford it, we’d pay him x, so hold on” and then the agent is trying to force the pace.

  21. timm

    I think the Harrogate match tonight is actually the more important of the two. This game is all about keeping Somma & Gradel sharp so they can be ready to get straight back into the first team. I really can’t see a striker being bought until Somma is given a fair go, & i think that’s sensible. Our priority has to be a ‘proper’ midfielder. I know we’d never get him but the perfect player for us just now would be Lee Bowyer, box to box, tenacious, vision & goals. If he’d just been released by Birmingham he could be our new Strachan.

  22. wombat

    it would make leeds fans a lot easier if bates come out and said we have money to spend but we r waiting for the right striker to be available to us . if he said the funds were significant that would make us all happy . also if if he said im going to make u all happy soon trust me . the problem is till he said that we wont believe him .

  23. Dje


    It doesn’t help when he says in a recent newspaper article that we are sat on £4m in the bank in the same breath as wanting to tell and show off all the recent building work and improvements going on at Elland Road to the gullible journalist.

    At least when you’re a poor club on the brink of administration you know the score.

  24. timm

    I think money will be spent, but only in the January window. It’s a fairly open league this season & they’ll be wanting to gauge how good they are against a few teams first. It’s not in Bates (or Graysons!) nature to spend speculatively. They’ll want to see that it’s not working first.

  25. Matt BB

    @timm i think you could be right there but only inasmuch as is it worth us betting the farm on a new player come january if we are in 4th place and could go up, but even then watch bates go for a loan.. its good cash management in some ways but in others its bad asset management, a sound player on a 3 year contract will make you good money and even a profit, why shouldnt bates be looking at simpson as a £1m investment that could make him £4m in two years from now, plus get him to the premier league making him more again? £4m in the bank means people will lend him money.

  26. md

    Agree gallen, thought White look good and that Clayton and Grella showed some good touches the few minutes they were on the field.

    Major concern currently is how easily we were exposed defensively. If not sorted we could IMO be relegated. Derby not considered one of the better teams in league.

  27. Max

    @mattbb – given that he’s a Leeds player, I think Gradel was lucky to get away with a 4 match ban. Way back when, Mills and Bowyer both got deferred 6 match bans for arguing with Jeff Winter, with mitigating circumstances (1. Winter was/is an orange-skinned prat; 2. I think in both cases they were sent off for fouls on Ashley Cole, who’d dived). Although really the authorities (notably the FA) were looking for excuses to penalise Bowyer (at the time the court case was still underway, and it conveniently kept him out of the England team), but in neither case did one of them go so crazy they had to be held back and then dragged off the pitch by the team captain.


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