Ross McCormack

Ross McCormack

Leeds United has confirmed they are in talks with Scottish international striker Ross McCormack after agreeing an undisclosed fee with Cardiff City. He looks set to join subject to agreeing personal terms and passing a medical.

The 24 year old has scored 33 goals in 88 appearances for Cardiff City as well as one goal in five Scotland internationals. He started his career with Rangers and had spells with Doncaster Rovers and Motherwell before joining Cardiff City.

Rumours had been growing about a possible move for McCormack and he would certainly be a positive addition to Simon Grayson’s forward line. McCormack’s agent has however confirmed that other clubs are in the race for the player’s signature.

McCormack struggled to find form last season after suffering injuries and has now fallen down the pecking order following the arrival of Craig Bellamy in Cardiff.

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  1. superhoops

    Without wanting to curse it I’m assuming that we’re reasonably sure that we’ll sign him as it is not like us at all to make an announcement before it’s 100% done deal.

    This would be a far better signing than the others that’ve been moored and fallen through, like Simpson etc. M Cormack is proven @ Championship level and given a run in the side will do the job.

  2. Bill Fox

    A very good/proven player at this level. Means we have options going forward this season and several players carry a goal threat.

    I still like the current system of Sam/Watt behind Luciano-o-o but McCormack is a quality (potential) addition.

    Would assume Mr Grella not so impressed after first seeing Somma star and now this….

    I assume he (McCormack) is too late to start tonight in the Cup but would expect Somma to start and Gradel to have a run out too.

  3. Kevin O'Connor

    I’d have thought we would call off our striker search, what with Watt (hehe) able to play up there and Somma showing us what he’s made of.

    Still, nice signing if it goes ahead. But this is probably it for Grella, though I don’t think he’d have gotten a real chance this season anyway.

  4. Ryan H

    Would be really happy with McCormack i think he’d be an ideal player for us, young and proven goal scoring ability and would only complement our squad which is looking stronger all the time. Without tempting fate it looks pretty much a done deal.

  5. Chris

    Really hoping this one comes off because he would be a fantastic addition to our already promising forward line. Agree with @captaincrash that Grella will be highly disappointed but feel he might get his chance to shine tonight against Leicester.


  6. Clive Sanderson

    I guess this means Somma will loose his chance in the first team. Do we really need another striker when we have Somma, Gradel, Snodgrass, Becchio, Grella, Watt and Paynter vying for places shortly. It would really disappoint me if Somma looses his chance to become a regular for Leeds. Every time I see him play he does well. Grella also showed promise. I hope he goes out on loan because he’s obviously not going to get a chance with Leeds other than a 2 minute cameo role in extra time. I think the Leeds squad are in danger of becoming too big.

  7. Lewis g

    well as it is if mccormack comes in i reckon we’ll send out grella on loan, although tbh i can see us using mccormack as a utlity player and using him as a winger and cm as well, then we had two sets of wingers, sam and watt and also snodgrass and mccormack, with becchio,somma and paynter vying for striking role, cant see gradel getting much action if mccormack comes in or if he does could be curtains for johnson, the system we play means someone from midfield of the attack has to go maybe 2 due to his likely wages and versalitly, we cant keep 5 top drawer wingers/ 3 top drawer strikers happy surely!?

    • Craig

      @lewis g

      ‘curtains for Johnson…’ you’ve given me something to hope for!

  8. Matt BB

    We need that extra striker as we are lightweight if we lost Becchio, particularly with no timescale for Paynter returning, Watt being a loanee, and gradel and sam really wingers.

    He’s got some pace, a good physical presence and an entertaining player from what i’ve seen. Just what we need.

  9. graham allen

    If he does sign up our strike force is sorted – McCormack, Becchio, Somma and Paynter – goodbye Grella!. With Watt, Sam, Gradel and Snodgrass on the wings we look strong enough going forward for an assault on the Premiership. Plenty to do on midfield and defence but cant help getting excited!

  10. Dom P

    Very unusual for us to comment on a transfer deal until it is 100% sealed…hopefully this means the club is very confident of him signing. McCormack would be a great addition to the squad as he is proven at this level and is versatile. Agree that Mr USA may have to go on loan for the season but look how well that worked for Beckford and Somma (so far)…..

    Still think we could do with a tireless midfielder who isn’t afraid of putting his foot in. Howson & Kilkenny are too lightweight when the pressure is on.

  11. Mike

    Not sure if I see this as the best of news as the reason he is leaving Cardiff is because he wants to play not be on the bench, I believe he was number 4 choice at Cardiff so how good is he now?
    This means he will be seeking some assurance on this as a condition of signing.
    That in turn means one of the 2 striking positions is taken up and all others having a scrap, this despite him being an unknown quantity at the moment.
    I would be pissed off f I was Somma having just had the chance to show what I was worth, Paynter too will not be sure of a start when fit again.
    Grella is once again being sidelined.
    The strike force is getting too big, too many will be fairly confident they will spend all their time on the bench,

  12. Arthur Graham

    Somma will rise to the competition – he will thrive on it – and score even more – watch tonight
    this new signing is good cover unless others drop in form …as you dont drop any of that starting 12 from the Millwall romp
    Grella off on loan and I have a worry that Bechio is already lined up to go ( celtic or abroad ) ….. hence McCormack coming in first ..if his agent is spoling for Bechio to stall on contract and move … then let him go …hope not though ..hope im wrong ( i usually am )
    Still Want Henri Lansbury though for CM – great player

  13. Mark R

    Interesting point Arthur about Becchio possibley being lined up for a move, and as MikeLufc says why would McCormack leave Cardiff as a bench warmer, to be a bench warmer at Leeds.

    The strking berths are over flowing which can only mean that some are either out on loans or transfers.


  14. jesmondwhite

    Can see a McCormack / Somma strike force developing here. Love Becchio, but can’t help feeling he’s not quite got it at this level.

  15. henry vincent lewis

    McCormack is a nippy striker but cannot hold the ball up with his back to goal.
    He is someone who needs a Becchio to take the heat!
    Becchio is the only target man we have!!
    Not seen enough of Somma but suspect he would prefer to play with Becchio
    rather than take over for him.

  16. mshub

    I’d feel a lot more comfortable about the prospect of losing Becchio if Paynter were fit. I still think our transfer priorities should be a holding midfielder, a centre half and possibly another fullback for cover

    • Joe Black

      Couldn’t agree more. We can sign all the strikers and nippy wingers we want but unless we toughen up the soft centre in the middle of defence we will have all sorts of trouble. Certainly in need of a defensive midfielder and with Patrick being out for quite a while yet we need back up as Naylor is not up to it. Why is Bruce not getting more of a chance?

  17. Colin

    Just announced – Leeds fined £7,500 for failing to control players at Forest.

    Forest fined £12,500.


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