Calum Davenport

Calum Davenport

Simon Grayson has confirmed that 27 year old former West Ham United central defender Calum Davenport will be training with Leeds this week.

Davenport, who left West Ham in March, is a former England U-21 international who started his career with Coventry City. Davenport was stabbed in the leg a year ago and lost 50% of his blood after being attacked at his mother’s home in an incident which left him with a fifteen inch scar. He was also the centre of a court case which saw him cleared of causing actual bodily harm to his sister in the same incident.

Davenport, now looking for a route back into football, has Premier League experience and was recently training with Nottingham Forest who did not follow up with an offer.

Should Davenport join he will be the fifth defender to join the club this summer. I had heard us linked with him earlier in the summer before we confirmed the signing of Alex Bruce and while on current evidence, our defence does require strengthening; talk from Leeds fans has suggested that a holding midfield player and a striker should be top of Simon Grayson’s shopping list.

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  1. trueyorxman

    Give the kid a chance, got to be better than you know who…? Also fee agreed with Cardiff for McCormack allegedly, fingers crossed that one comes off would make the squad pretty much complete for now

  2. Craig

    I’m excited about both of these.

    Davenport was a quality player when West Ham signed him and, as long as his rehab went well, he’ll have something to prove. The only slight question mark for me is that he’s already been training with Forest this summer and if he had shown potential one assumes he would have been offered a contract there. Still, if Grayson gives him a month to prove his fitness who knows?

    McCormack is a proven scorer at this level – but I guess there are questions about his temperament and why his goals tally was so low last year. It seems that he fell out with Cardiff over a transfer request and was then banned from driving which may have contributed but still played over 40 games but with only 5 goals. Was he put on the wing?

    These two and Viera :) would pretty much set us up for the season!

  3. pete

    McCormack is probably up for sale to keep the wolves away from Cardiff’s door…he’s a very good championship player, but is he necessarily an improvement?

    I know Sommamania is running wild right now, but is McCormack a definite improvement?

  4. Arthur Graham

    as long as Lansbury arrives ( in talks we here ) Im happy
    … the lad is quality – Viera ? can stay put where he is if we get Henri Lansbury for DM …. and we have the Honduras lad as cover for Lansbury in DM

  5. Arthur Graham

    edit … Henri Lansbury creative central / holding midfield playmaker I meant not DM – more holding like Molby

  6. graham allen

    i agree – i think we are looking strong going forward so not sure McCormack is an improvement on what we already have.
    I think it is the defence that needs strengthening. We mustnt forget how rocky at the back we looked against established Championship sides, Derby and Forest.
    Bit surprised Bruce has had so little opportunity so dont know how good he is.So Davenport’s got to be given a chance.
    Anyone know how the Honduran midfielder trialist is getting on?

    • graham allen

      I have been pleasantly surprised with Collins – so far so good.
      Never heard of this Lansbury guy – who is he?

      • TheReaper08

        It’s Angela Lansbury the old chick from the tv programme Murder She Wrote, apparently she is crap but after every game she can tell you who did it ;)

      • Colin

        I heard that Angela is doing a Murder She Wrote Leeds Special. I’ve seen the script and sorry for the spoiler here but the baddie is Richard Naylor. It did seem like it was special guest star Dennis Wise for a while but in the end Naylor was arrested under suspicion of murdering his own net.

      • timm

        Come on now Colin, we all know it was an accident! What happened to that old crook Bates anyway? Is all this talk of new strikers & players coming from Arsenal finally making him popular?

  7. Loki

    I’d take McCormack any day for the simple reason that at the very least he’s better than Mike Grella, and has a better track record in this league than Davide Somma, Billy Paynter and Lucciano Becchio put together. Also he’s 24, should get better and I can’t see Cardiff wanting much for him seen as they are probably struggling to pay everyone’s wages at the moment. Risdale Economic… you can’t beat it. Or believe it.

    As for Calum Davenport, I wasn’t impressed with what Forest’s defence had to offer and if he can’t impress them then I’d be reluctant to sign him. It’s also another question of is he better than what we already have? I couldn’t say, but I’d suspect not. Ex-Premiership player also, I’d like to think we could spend those wages better elsewhere.

  8. tim campbell

    More excited about the mccormack link and as Sky Sports reported it I guess there could be a grain of truth in the report. He is the right age, has pace to burn and can succeed at our club with the right service from our midfield. Getting good vibes about the midfielder nunez too

  9. steve underwood

    not so sure we need another forwerd looking stronger with each game and if you swap paynter for becchio and snodgrass for johnson going forwerd thats going to scare a lot of teams they will be scared to attack us also who put the batteries in howson on sat hope it was not a one off just shows wat he is capable off really optemistic for the season

  10. Arthur Graham

    yes – we are looking a surprise to many – SG has been shrewd – the style of attacking play is what is so heartening

    as for the comment above that McCormack has ‘a better track record in this league than Davide Somma’

    I think sommnas Championship record reads
    played 15 minutes scored 2

    not a bad average so far Dave – keep going mate very impressed with the way you brought that ball down from Howson out of the sky – then a quality finish ?

    • Loki

      I’m sorry, but I’m not going to jump on the David Somma is the second coming of Christ bandwagon. If he does good for Leeds I’ll be delighted, and from what I’ve seen (Pre-season and in the League) I’ve been impressed. But to suggest that he’s already done enough to prove himself as a Beckford replacement would be getting ahead of ourselves a bit. Let’s not expect too much of him too soon.

      I was making a factual point about McCormack, he has proven quality at this level. Quality that in my opinion would help us. Granted Somma has scored two in ten minutes in the Championship, and as you rightly said that is very impressive. Is he capable of keeping it up? Who know’s? I just feel it’s a ‘don’t count your chickens’ situation personally.

      Football is about playing the odds, why risk a season on the shoulders on unproven talent? If a good striker is available for the right price we should look into it. Strength in Depth.

    • Mike

      Somma has not done enough to prove himself a Beckford replacement but he has done enough to be given the chance, without that how will we ever know?
      I think we are ok as we are, apart from Naylor…wake up Larry !

      • Loki

        At no point did I say don’t give the lad a chance. Feel free to quote me. I’ve even said I’d be delighted if he does well, which at the end of the day I’m a card carrying Leeds fan and for me it could be Hitler powering in 20 a season I’d still be cheering.

        The point I’m trying to get across, although I can see I’m encountering opposition, is that a squad with a proven championship goal scorer in it is better than one without. A point when point when put so simply is hard to disagree with.

        Grella isn’t good enough, at least not yet. Ship him out on loan, he’ll develop. That leaves us (if we get McCormack) with 4 out and out strikers in Becchio, Paynter, Somma, and McCormack. In this instance I’m not counting Watt as I think he’s more than an out and out striker, he’ll give you options in any attacking position. Now that’s a good line up that will give you options for different games, it will allow for suspensions and injuries etc.

        At the end of the day, we’ve won one game out of three. No matter how well we’ve played those are still the facts. We’re showing development game after game though, and there’s not many I’m scared of by now. That said I still think we need more, after all we’re not some second division club content with staying here, we’re Leeds United and we’re a top half Premier League side at the very least and we won’t get promotion without a strong squad.

      • timm

        It certainly looks like Larry & Ken haven’t finished assembling the squad yet, & i for one am very impressed. I must admit to being a bit mystified about Bromby though? I’m really hoping for that elusive top quality midfielder though, although it wouldn’t surprise me if Larry fancies Snodgrass for that position?

  11. Hugh Fox

    if we gt davenport does that mean SG doesnt rate bromby? We now hav naylor, kisnorbo, collins, bruce, bromby. You would think bromby is at the bk of tis que already. So do we really need another centre half.

    If McCormack comes in does that mean the end of grella :)

  12. Colin

    Was speaking to a Watford fan about Henri Lansbury – he’s meant to be a very handy attacking midfielder. He rated him very highly, but I don’t think we need another attacking midfielder.

    As for Davenport, what happened to him a year ago is awful. It’s a strange story. I think he’s been given a chance because of his time with Glynn Snodin when he was coaching at West Ham. I wouldn’t mind if he stays with us for a while, moves away from London, gets his head straight and just trains and keeps himself fit.

  13. Arthur Graham

    agreed – all sensible additons welcome … just not 100% on the need for a striker unless he is proven or an Eng U21 or U19 regular from Prem team like the Villa lad or the Arsenal young guns – after watching a few clips ( not a good test i know ) the jurys out on this latest lad for me ( Lansbury can play as a match pendulum – keep things ticking – great control and passing – keeps it simple

  14. Arthur Graham

    davenport – yeah give him a chance – why not – ( the young Spurs centre half ( Eng u19 ) was ‘allegedly’ the one asking for too much money 14k week ! so we here from Ken … I meant Jury out on McCormack for me, IMO

  15. tim campbell

    Indeed our attacking options are looking rosier game by game. I did make the point before the start of the season that it takes time for a team to gel and gain understanding when so many new players are brought in – so under the circumstances I feel we have performed reasonably well. Lloyd Sam has been amazing, I think billy paynter will do likewise when fit again, alas the only negative surrounds our club captain – I’m just not sure how much longer larry will persist with him – I feel he must realise that we all can’t be wrong on this issue

  16. Colin

    Does anyone think that the recent FA charge against Leeds for the fracas at Forest might have been used to rouse up the spirit in the camp for the Millwall game.

    There seems to be an air of ‘everyone hates, we don’t care’ that we last saw with Wise and the -15 points. I can imagine SG quoting Sky’s prediction of a 19th place finish and asking the players to prove them wrong.

    I’ve not been SG’s biggest fan, but the team’s togetherness I think comes from having the right players and the manager giving them confidence and driving them on.

    Something has made this team play with the sort of passion that we only really saw from the likes of Snodgrass and Howson last season. Whatever is driving the team, I think SG is behind it and it’s working.


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