Lansbury in action

Another Arsenal youngster could be joining Sanchez Watt at Leeds United after The Young Guns blog revealed Arsenal have accepted a loan offer from us for midfielder, Henri Lansbury.

Leeds will face stiff competition for the 19-year old with several other clubs believed to be interested in his services, including Swansea City and Premier League new-boys, Newcastle United.

The key to Leeds capturing the England U21 international could be fellow Arsenal youngster, Sanchez Watt who is already on loan with the Whites for the rest of the 2010-11 season.

Lansbury has already been linked with a move to Elland Road earlier this summer, but is believed to be biding his time to see if he can force his way into the Arsenal first team. The Gunners currently have a couple of players missing through injury, so Lansbury may feel he has a good chance.

The 19-year old already has a fair bit of experience having made 60 appearances during loan spells with Watford and Scunthorpe United. He’s also played in the Arsenal first team in League Cup games.

According to The Young Guns blog, Henri will make his decision on Monday.

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  1. Arthur Graham

    heres hoping eh … guts speed skill and box to box

    just whats needed in the middle straight into my first 11

    Him and Caulker ( that may swing it for him also if we get Steve Caulker – England mates I presume )

    • Arthur Graham

      swansea – their manager knows lansbury well – his old gaffer from last loan ! a worry that then

  2. Bill Fox

    Jack Wilshere has been arrested and discharged on bail…..will that have an impact here?

    News just come on BBC sport.

  3. TSS


    Nah, he’s a footballer which means he’s immune from actual punishment. Slap on the rest, bit of a fine, probation at the most.

  4. TheReaper08

    @TSS @captaincrash I agree, I also think it’s almost compulsory to be arrested for somehting now.

    It’s either drink driving or spit roasting some young girl with his mates.

  5. Arthur Graham

    hand bags outside a club likely from what i read … biggest threat to him not coming is that the manager at Swans is his last loan boss – but im still confident and ive been banging on about this lad since the rumour started as the answer to our midfield – the youtube clips are impressive – hes not in wengers first 16 so hes got to want to face reality and get on the stage and show his trade for someone

  6. TSS

    @TheReaper08 Or assaulting Asian youths outside city-centre night clubs – they’re a classy bunch are footballers.

    Just talking to the author of Young Guns Blog on Twitter and he’s unsure as to where he may end up. Says he hopes Leeds, but he’s already proven himself at CCC level and would benefit from a step-up. Also adds that he may stay with them yet (as I said above)

  7. les irwin

    if a prem club comes in he will go there surely he has done it as others have said in champs so he needs to go up one

  8. Gryff

    We’re a little top-heavy with attacking midfielders/wingers, especially is Nunez is signed up on Tuesday as many are speculating.

    That said, Lansbury would be a massive improvement to our central midfield, which is what I think we’re desperate for if we want to play 4-5-1 often and competently. Here’s to hoping Lansbury replaces Bradley Johnson! :)

  9. tim campbell

    I can see what grayson is trying to do which is to build a strong squad and not just a team. The old saying was buy someone who was of an equivalent standard for every position in the team. The only area that would need real strengthening (if we get landsbury or nunez) is in defence. This is the area we must strengthen in if we want any real chance of promotion this season – and YES I do think we have a chance!

  10. Chareose

    and should we get promotion we will find that most of our best players will leave (loanees) and we will be left with Bradley Johnson, Mrs Miggins the Leeds United washroom asistant and Kenneth Bates vast transfer kitty……. no point going up just to come straight back down again

    • yorkwhite

      I agree with your point about long term loans. Though I know we’ve been through the mill and there were times when we depended on loan players I don’t see why we should be doing it now. All we do with long term loans is improve these young players for the benefit of other clubs. Surely if our academy is as good as Bates etc. would have us believe then we should be giving our own young guns a chance. Anyone with half an eye can see how good Sanchez Watt is but I hope Snodgrass and Sam don’t miss out on first team experience because we’re playing Watt. Let’s develop our own kids it must make long term financial sense.

  11. Gryff

    @Chareose apart from the £12million per year for nearly half a decade we would receive after going down?

    If we went up, didn’t spend much and instead improved our squad slowly we would have a decent chance of going straight back up to the Premiership and a great chance of getting back up within those 4 years. With the cash coming into those not good enough to stay in the Premiership Leeds are going to have a major handicap if we can’t make it to the Premiership relatively soon while teams like Burnley and Blackpool will genuinely have more spending power than we will. And when Blackpool don’t, it will be the likes of Hull who are on parachute payments who can buy the decent players Blackpool can no longer afford.

    • Chareose

      @gryff ….. yes 12 million after we got relegated… yes that would make the complete degredation of the club, loss of players, cutting of wages, morale etc etc etc yet again all worth while…. your on another planet mate :o) 12 ,million wouldnt buy an england internationals pube these days let alone compensate us for a fecking relegation !!!

      • Gryff

        @Chareose if Leeds signed players as a Championship team I fail to see why they would leave simply because they’ve played a season in the Premiership. Blackpool look bad at the moment but with barely any signings that money’s simply going into their bank account.

        You’re being a tad melodramatic about the effects of a relegation, basing most of what you’re saying on a team spending money and investing in players above their level to stay there: exactly the opposite of what I said in my original post.

      • Chareose

        @gryff I think your being a tad under-dramatic, its not all black and white mate…. its not all about finances when your relegated. You cant calculate the effects of a relegation, it could put you back a year or as much as a decade – look at US for christ sakes !!! So to say offhandedly that getting relegated from the Prem on the first try wouldnt be so bad is complete Bull sorry my friend. It could demoralize the fans and put us back years. Finally you mentioned CL players not wanting to leave…….well i hate to point out that Leeds would be looking to bring new players in to survive a premiership battle. And its likely that many of those that were good enough would leave to stay in the prem……

      • Chareose

        @gryff What happened to a club called Leeds United when it got relegated from the prem ? What happened to Charlten ? What happened to Notts Forrest ? Whats possibly going to happen to Portsmouth ? What happened to Southampton ? the list goes on…….. yes they all went down another devision

  12. Paul South Wales

    I’m surprisingly optimistic about this season after these first few games, and with one or two quality signings today/tomorrow I can honestly say I can see us doing some damage in this league. Just bought tickets for the Swansea game, and can remember being up there for the same fixture the last time we were in the CCC, we thrashed them, but I took my girlfriend up and she was horrified at the abuse they gave the Welsh, although I found it quite funny as it’s all part of the banter. The good news is Darren Pratley is banned for this one and I can see us running riot. That Landsbury looks the part but we seem to be going midfielder mad, but in Grayson we trust so he must have a plan. I think it took the Derby and Forest games for us to gauge this league, but we seem to be coming to terms with it now and competing well. MOT

  13. Paul South Wales

    See Beckford got taken off again yesterday, I hope he gets one soon or I fear his confidence will go. I don’t think he’d come back to us after the fans turned on him, pity really because I think the CCC is his level and he would have cracked it.

  14. tim campbell

    Sure there are loan players on our books but wake up whether we like it or not that is the way footballs goimg at the minute, not just at leeds united football club but in the premiership and worldwide. I’m not saying I like it or necessarily agree with it, but while its there we have to compete with other clubs within those parameters. If we get promoted we will probably attract an even better standard of loanee

  15. Simon

    I had heard rumour Lansbury would be wanting to go to Swansea, something about getting full first team football.
    He would be great to add,. along with Nunez.. the more the merrier and adds competition, meaning each player SHOULD play their heart out to keep wearing the shirt, and ater all.. their playing in the shop window these days!
    Onwards and Upwards. Marching On Together

  16. Arthur Graham

    re swansea read the thread from the top – its all here – he may go there yes due to good past relationship with their manager

  17. Arthur Graham

    ok after some reading here we go ..apologies to those wellr read fans that already new this guy – Im new to Mr Rodgers the Swans manager – he seems quite a chap and after working as chelski coach he is very well connected – look at his blog here and look who he is best mates with ( Jose Mourinho ) no wonder he attracts good players – hmmmmm think he may steal one over on us and Larry here sadly – but good luck to em Good phoot of him and Jose anyway ! yep its love alright,,10400~1658005,00.html

  18. Arthur Graham

    heres hoping Rodgers has been ‘showing off ‘ a bit and spoken too soon with his comments on Lansbury agreeing / wanting to come to swans – Wenger would prefer Leeds Im sure and Watt will be on the mobile today to Lansbury too

    Rodgers looks that way – a bit showy, writing blogs and posting photos of him and Jose M

    Our manager is the opposite – private and deals done quietly no show boating – show boating only comes back to haunt you


  19. Arthur Graham

    with his mates at Arsenal getting in to action like this Id be off to the quiet streets of Leeds !
    to be fair the lads tea total and was peacekeeping official – good action photo though from the mail though here and one that vindicates the england prospect . a case of CCTV cameras doing there job well i say and without the camera hed be implicated no doubt for years in said Brawl
    – this lad has just had a big right hander – the sort of stuff prof players want to avoid big time

  20. tim campbell

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again anyone who would scoff at the prospect of our club getting back to back promotions should get their heads examined. Let’s get this straight once and for all I believe larry wants promotion this year and so should the rest of us!


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