Lansbury in action

Highly rated Arsenal youngster, Henri Lansbury is the latest player to be linked with a loan move to Elland Road by Sky Sports. The 19-year-old recently secured a long-term contract with Arsenal, but is not set to figure in Arsene Wenger’s plans just yet.

The young midfielder has had loan spells at Watford and Scunthorpe United, where he has already had a fair bit of experience having made a total of 60 professional appearances scoring 9 goals in the process.

Simon Grayson has made no secret of his admiration for Arsenal’s younger players revealing that “[their players] always have hunger and quality” going on to praise the technical abilities of Sanchez Watt.

If the deal is completed, Lansbury would join Arsenal team-mate, Sanchez Watt on a season-long loan at Elland Road.

Meanwhile, the rumour linking Darius Vassell with a move to Leeds United refuses to go away. It’s claimed that Simon Grayson is keen to bring the former England striker to Leeds, but that Vassell would have to take a considerable cut in his wages to join the Whites.

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  1. superhoops

    He wouldn’t have to take any pay cut as he’s currently a free agent…..

    • Craig


      Technically true but, as I understand it, the ex-pundit with a chin like a banana dipped in creosote (Jimmy Hill) is (in)famous for influencing a decision ensuring that no player can be forced to take a pay cut without their agreement.

  2. Craig

    Sky Sports having a far better record – some of their tips actually happen!

    He looks to be an attacking midfielder rather than the holding player most of us are looking for and I’m not really sure why we need him since that is the area of the pitch where we seem to have plenty of choice already.

  3. Gryff

    Henri Lansbury would be another great signing, but with him we would have Sanchez Watt, Neil Kilkenny, Max Gradel, Henri Lansbury, Lloyd Sam and Robert Snodgrass as attacking midfielders or wingers. Rather a surplus?

    I’m not keen on Darius Vassell as he’s been pushed about into the wings over his career and his goal-rate has suffered. Now he doesn’t sound in good shape and we already have a massive number of wingers.

    Looking positive on the transfer front, for all that.

    • Ryan H

      I think Vassel’s worth taking a punt on, granted that he hasn’t had the best spell in Turkey but you can’t fault him for that with the state his club was in,his premiership record is semi-decent and he would bring added experience to the team, 30 is not exactly over the hill so i’d say go for it even if it’s just for a season.

  4. WheelsV1

    Vassel Anit had good season in years so plz no coz he be joinin just to take a wage and lansbury would problely take place of johnson killa or howson and my choice would be howson but prefer a holding midfield cant we sign Craig Eastmond on loan in stead from arsenal

    • chelpa

      Are you having a laugh Howson is a young quality player with lots of potential and has been one of our better players so far dont think he will be getting dropped in the near future HE IS THE FUTURE!!! Bringing our own young players through has aways been the leeds way i could name you a list as long as my arm!

  5. Mark R

    For a striker I’d like to see us linked & sign a fox in the box style of player.

    I can see the merits of Vassel but for me he’s in the Gradel mould – and we have a younger faster version in Mad Max.

    Henri L. > interesting and I think a good loan for a year at a good salary as well. Hope we take him as therre are a lot of games to come this season and it gives us options.


  6. Yorkwhite

    Have to agree with most of the above, we don’t need another attacking midfield player we need a holding midfielder. As for Vassell, no thanks, a one in four striker at his best and looking at recent photographs he aint at his best.

  7. trueyorxman

    @WheelsV1. I’d suggest by your use of the English language that tha’s not from these shores, bloody hope not anyway!! And can we please STOP going on about a ‘holding’ midfielder the only reason we need one is to cover Naylors back

  8. Jon Oldroyd

    Vassel is not what we want. He will be divisive, his sulky egotistical temperament and not putting out, will be just what we have had in the past, guys who come to Leeds and put in time.

  9. Andy W

    I think Darius Vassell is really a player I wouldn’t like to see at Leeds, even in his “prime” I never really rated him and I can’t see him making any improvement at all. I think we’ve already got enough pace up front, and strength and aerial presence with Becchio. I personally think we need a holding midfield player, because at Forest the game could have been over within 30 minutes. I think its time to drop Naylor, and put Bruce in. He’s done a lot, but we’d still be playing Lucas Radebe if the teamsheet was based upon that. I don’t think we should spend any more money, as I’d be quite happy with consolidation and a real push next year. I either think Bates doesn’t have any to give to SG or he’s thinking the same as me.

    Oh and the latest player I’ve seen linked with Leeds is Cardiff’s Ross McCormack-would probably cost us a fair bit though. A lot of Championship clubs are in for him.

    • Craig


      Becchio only has ‘aerial presence’ when he’s not being marked. Otherwise his height (or lack of it) lets him down. I’m not keen on Vassell either but he has height Becchio lacks.

      I read earlier today that McCormack is available on loan not for sale.

  10. TSS

    @trueyorkxman is spot on with regards to the holding midfielder. We need to fix the problem by sorting the defence out, not try and paper over the cracks by adding an extra player there that could be used elsewhere.

    I aren’t against the idea of a holding midfielder, but I don’t want one as a solution to the defensive problem. I want the defensive problem solved – and then one adding to strengthen further.

  11. Dylan

    Not entirely bothered about either of these two: Vassell is past it and we already have enough attacking midfielders. However, we could do with a holding/defensive midfielder.

  12. pete

    Max Gradel > Darius Vassell…I think Larry recognises that, if we’re to go 4-4-2, Gradel and Becchio is the way to go.

    I’d have preferred Billy Sharp or the recently-crocked Gary Hooper, but at the same time I think we had a capable JB replacement at the club wearing number 7 all along.

  13. trueyorxman

    I think we can forget young Lansbury for now as Gunners struggling with Nasri ruled out for a month & the kid Frimpong done his knee in training today, out for 6-9 months

  14. Matt BB

    got to add quality to the squad and we are short in midfield. he fits the bill then on two counts. certainly better than johnson and howson. arsenal dont rate him enough to let him cover nasri. this looks like a no brainer. vassell? i rate him but’d prefer mccormack simpson or austin.

  15. James duval

    Defo need a ball winner in midfield to give killa more freedom. Howson been shocking first 2 games, did he even touch ball against forest? No way vassell, Mcormack would be excellent loan for season

  16. Paul South Wales

    Let’s get Ross McCormick from Cardiff, he’s available on loan….Ken’s favourite ilk of player!

  17. trueyorxman

    Howson played the ball to Johnson to cross the ball for the goal, allegedly!! I’m torn between the two of them as to who should be dropped but feel that Howson can improve with a better player along side him where as Johnson’s just battling through his averageness (if that’s a word?!, payback time for WheelsV1 methinks!)

  18. James duval

    Both a little inconsistent for me! 2 quality signings before window shuts and we could have a real good go at finishing top 6, priority a proven goal scorer. MOT

  19. hughzy

    why can’t we sign a central defender with abit of pace that can bring the ball out of the defence i think bradley johnson is far from average howson is the future and this is the league for killa but i think we saw what gradel and luca can do togeather towards the end of last season so when all players are available i think we will be going back to our trusted 4-4-2

  20. WheelsV1

    @ trueyorkman and clapa I do is by fone mostly so always crap wording and I no the leeds way to bring young players thru the ranks but howson (mostly) ever has good game whn he caption hardly whn naylor caption and has had below par start of season. Also howson potential dont mean he should start coz Tht should be coz he earned it and so far he mostly given the ball to other team whn he plays but I do hate loans whn should bring are own players thru am hearing lots about Will Hatfields in the reverse team and I no crap english yorkshire born and bred by the way

  21. chelpa

    I love these forums, i understand everyone is entitled to an opinion but just cos u have one doesnt mean its right lol! cmon super leeds lets MOT instead of slating our young players lets support them and give them the chance to improve cos they wont get better sat on the bench watching on as we help Arsenals young players blossom before handing them back at the end of the season. FACT!!

  22. Paul South Wales

    Jay Simpson’s signed for Hull, gutted! He would have been the ideal Beckford replacement.

  23. WheelsV1

    I agree with Tht y should we improve arsenal teams as soon as gradel and snodgrass bak I think watt be on bench for while and we should buy player only loan in case whn we are short of player

  24. WheelsV1

    I agree with Tht y should we improve arsenal teams as soon as gradel and snodgrass bak I think watt be on bench for while and we should buy player only loan in case whn we are short of player plus I may not be right or wrong u learn from ur mistakes I hope johnny at club and improves for years to come and join the ranks of are home grown talent in premiership

  25. Graham Hugill

    @TSS – I don’t think that our need for a defensive midfielder is a myth. I agree that the defence is looking poor but both Derby and Forest have been able to play through our midfield as if it wasn’t there. Playing DM is all about reading the game and positioning and for all their strengths Killa, Howson & Bradders don’t have this – especially not as a group.

    We badly need a defensive midfielder in my mind.

    • Jacko

      I agree the defensive midfielder is no myth. We need some tough tackling in midfield, not just because our defence is weak. Most quality teams have a holding midfielder. As A league 1 team we would be expected to beat most teams at home, but Doyle still played. I’m not suggesting Doyle clearly, but that player with more quality! Even the best defenders need a bit of help in front of them. A ball winner that plays the simple ball. David Batty and it pains me to say Roy Keane.

  26. les irwin

    we dont want vassel he is not too old at 30 but he is not what we should be doing mcormack for me on loan it does seem to me as i have said before that we are signing players in th wrong places we have a plethera of defenders alright not al are fantsatic the same with midfielders ,but i know we have signed paynter but the most glaringly obvious person to replace is one mr jermaine beckford ,we have not replaced his pace or more importantly his goals im sure grayson knows this and will but i feel it will be a loan from prem rather than a permanent but ross mcormack might well be a good addition

  27. trueyorxman

    We played our better football v Forest with a 4-4-2 formation, without a holding midfielder!! Playing 4-5-1 v Derby & the first 20 mins at Forest didn’t work at all. In all my time playing/watching football if you had 2 in centre midfield when one went forward the other sat back, its been that simple for decades but now every team must have a ‘holding’ player, it’s just b*****ks!

  28. timm

    I agree, a player shouldn’t be in midfield if he can’t ‘hold’ it! It’s the same with ‘box to box’, they should all be box to box unless they’re bone idle!


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