A 3-1 victory over Norwegian side, SK Brann was tainted by the injury of arguably Leeds’ most important player, Robert Snodgrass.

Leading 1-0 thanks to a Luciano Becchio opener, Leeds United were applying the pressure and searching for a second when Robert Snodgrass fell victim to a horror challenge by notorious Danish thug, David Nielsen.

With only 25 minutes gone, Snodgrass was taken off the pitch by stretcher and replaced by Max Gradel. The Leeds United offical site reports;

There was a concern for Leeds… when Snodgrass was the victim of an horrendous challenge and was stretchered from the field.

Leeds United doubled their advantage from the resulting free-kick, with Neil Kilkenny’s cross finding Lloyd Sam who made it 2-0, but it was no compensation for a horrific challenge that could result in a lengthy spell on the sidelines for Snoddy.

SK Brann made it 1-2 shortly before half-time, but Luciano Becchio restored Leeds’ two goal advantage just after the break. The tackles meanwhile continued to fly in and Lloyd Sam was lucky to escape from another horrific lunge as the game was played to a nasty temperament throughout.

A couple of positives for Leeds with Luci scoring twice and Lloyd Sam getting in on the action, but Snoddy’s injury will be the big talking point and a devastating blow before the season has even begun. Fingers crossed it’s not quite as serious as it looked!

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  1. peter lowther

    scum bags cause killkenny was nearly a victum too with another lunging tackle ten minutes later

    • TSS

      I haven’t paid for the LUTV coverage, but I hear they’re ‘kicking anything that moves’?

      2-1 now. Think it’s half-time? (Thank God!)

      • LEE S WALES

        simon grayson should not let the players out for 2nd half,its not worth it against these dirty twats.


      what is wrong with these dick heads,dont they realise its only a friendly,dirty ass-wipes.

  2. Dirty Leeds Blog

    Hopefully it won’t be that bad, we do have plenty of cover down the right though

  3. henry vincent lewis

    Did anyone else have a freezing picture on LUTV half way through the second half???
    I had freezing then the picture went complelely.
    Came back on with 30 seconds to go.
    My download speed was fine!

  4. TSS

    @henryv I was chatting to other Leeds fans on TSS’ Twitter account during the game and it seems there were quite a few experiencing problems, so you weren’t alone.

  5. les irwin

    good result they are a good side just starting to come into form so 3-1 is a great result snoddy without knowing the facts doesn’t look too good apparently it was nasty from a nasty .becchio is doing his bit pre season if we can keep him fit or even keep him with some beckford pace it should be ok
    credit where its due well done chaps

  6. henry vincent lewis

    Thank you TSS.
    I have e-mailed LUTV so it is nice to know it is not just me.
    Great result.
    I have been very impressed with Johnson, Sam and Bessone
    and Lucciano of course.
    Simon said we should have a signing by Friday!!! Wooooooo!!!

  7. Colin

    Not good news for Snodgrass but I don’t think it’s too unexpected that Brann were going for it. They’re in mid season, 5,000 fans turned up and they wanted to turn Leeds over. But it didn’t go to plan for Brann – Leeds’ wingers causing all sorts of problems and so no surprise that Brann went to get Snodders and Sam.

    I think it’s actually a good test for Leeds – they needed roughing up a bit. We’ll face exactly the same treatment from Derby on the first day of the season. If you think that Robbie Savage won’t be told to go in hard on certain Leeds players then think again. They’ll want to humiliate us in front of the BBC cameras and beat us. And there’s going to be a lot more bad challenges on Leeds players this season, especially when you think of Sheff Utd, Barnsley, Hull etc. And we all know why…
    Yet again we are the biggest club in our league and yet again every team will want to ‘do one’ on Leeds!!

    This match might be a sign of things to come and might not be too bad a thing. A rough and tough game usually means less quality on the pitch. If our opponents want to rough it out with Leeds then bring it on. There’s a number of teams with higher quality players and more experience than us, but if they want to forget skill and play tough then that evens up the skills.

    And I think it was good to see our attack making their defence look rather Brann flakey :)

  8. Matt BB

    thats atrocious, but symptomatic of pre season most other times he’d have jumped over the challenge but hes probably not at full pelt.

    Who’s this David Nielsen? is he worth a look at for the midfield general position? if we do sign him though first task fine the tw@t.

  9. Matt BB

    I like the fact we have addressed the way we play we are using our midfield in our attack at last, Sam, Gradel, Snodgrass, Johnson all getting forward, thar makes up for less pacy strikers.

    I didnt see the game but it looks like the players are adapting to the system. I think Colins bob on, Derby and every other team will single out Snodgrass, Sam, Howson, White they need to deal with that.

  10. Colin

    A few thoughts –

    Brann are a half decent team and we seemed to beat them quite comfortably – is it too early to think that maybe Leeds have worked out a system that might work well in the Championship??

    If it is going to be a hard season and we’re struggling to offload some of our players, is it time for SG to build bridges and bring back the likes of Robinson back into the fold and make him feel wanted? Robinson may not be the fastest or the fittest but his commitment can’t be faulted.

    And I guess I’ll hold judgement on this for now until we see who the new signing is, but can someone tell me what Gwyn Williams does all day?? He’s been on board as Technical Director for a long time now and I appreciate that his hands were tied in League 1, but this guy was a good scout – he discovered John Terry. I’m pretty sure that a decent manager could have got the players we’ve brought in. For example, Gary Mac got Snodgrass, not Williams.
    It seems like he sitting around on his arse with his thumb firmly up his arse collecting his paycheck. Okay we may not be able to spend money on the next big thing but why can’t he find the next 14 year old Howson, Aidy White, Ben Parker etc.

  11. TheReaper08

    It’s all Ken Bates fault, if he hadn’t sent all our money we would have been on an Asia or USA tour instead of playing the butchers of Norway…..

  12. henry vincent lewis

    Brann played a lot of reserves and youth, but it was a good performance by us
    The line up against Derby will be interesting.
    I still think Shane Higgs will be No1 goalie.
    There is an air of calm and confidence about him, and if he is fully fit I would pick him.
    We really need a swift center-half!

    • TheReaper08

      @henryv I have always maintained Higgs was a good keeper but have many times been ridiculed for my opinion. I also said young Kasper still had something to prove (but that I hoped he would prove it in time).

  13. TheReaper08

    @TSS My attempt at Bates humour only I even managed to spell ‘spent’ wrong. Backfire.

  14. TheReaper08

    In all seriousness though I wish Snoddy all the best and hope there is no damage. We need to be gaining quality players at his stage not losing them.

  15. Mike

    I truly hope I am wrong again and that Larry will not make casper no. 1 keeper but i would also bet he does.
    We will know shortly, why am I worried? I am a natural born optimist!

  16. Colin

    @TheReapero8 @mikelufc @henryv
    I and Reaper have always had a good debate on Higgs – he he he.

    Reaper thinks he’s great and I think he’s a lucky fat man who’s never proved it at this level.

    There’s no point bringing in one of the most exciting young GK prospects into Leeds United if you don’t play him. He was the first to be signed for this season’s campaign and that speaks volumes. Kasper Schmeichel will be no. 1 for Leeds. As soon as we made it to the Championship, we got him. I think we were interested in him for some time.

    Personally, the GK is one position you don’t mess about with – put Schmeichel in their and keep him there – sure, he’s still learning but he’s here to prove he’s a top class keeper. Will he be that? Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. But for me, Higgs will never be a top class keeper.

    For me, Kasper no.1, Higgs sub. Definitely.

    • TheReaper08

      @colin And there is also no point playing said young propsect if he aint good enough ;)


  17. Keith finn

    Disgusting tackle so much for respect of your fellow professionals absolute disgraceful fron brann in a friendly!!!!!!

  18. Jon

    So what’s this rubbish I read this morning in the Mail this morning: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1298183/Luciano-Becchio-set-Elland-Road-exit-Leeds-pull-contract-negotiations.html

    Can it really be believed if it is in the Mail? What strikes me as being weird about this if it is true is according to the Mail he was approached before Christmas about the deal but it has not yet been signed.

    My gut feeling is that it can’t be believed unless the “new signing” is going to be a striker and a few steps up from Becchio – even then I find it difficult to believe. If the intent is to let him go how can you run a club on just two proven out and out strikers – Paynter and this new signing – not even Bates surely………..

    By the way according to Betfair our next summer signing is going to be Billy the Fish (anyone still read/remember Viz?)

  19. Mark R

    Viva Becchio !
    He’s on fire at the moment.

    The report in the Mail can’t possibley be true. Hope not.


  20. les irwin

    looks like im ahead of the game again LOL LOL
    i think i mentioned in my post about the possibility of loosing becchio yesterday ,and today this ,seems to me leeds may well given whats going on at the moment at the club sell becchio based on what happened last season with beckford surely we cant let another walk away for nowt .its one thing offering him a contract, its another offering what he thinks he is worth its another getting him to sign when he is been advised by a mr 10% agent who will think he can go to prem like beckford./Are these pre season goals ,a shop window i will get a pre season move cos im not gonna sign another deal
    .i dont want becchio to leave but we cannot let another go free if he does leave it will show bates up for what he is , not interested in football matters and only building a chelsea villiage carbunkle at leeds

    i would rather he went not a tall, but if he is going to leave do it now for money, if that money will get spent on a replacement LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ,

    • Jacko

      Really hope this rumour is rubbish, which I think it is. If Leeds sold now lets face it the money is unlikely to be re-invested in the squad.

  21. Kevin O'Connor

    Great result, shame about Snodgrass though. Can I change my Derby game First Goal Scorer prediction :P

  22. pete

    Kasper seemed to do a lot better last night. Can’t be easy as a new GK to be expected to instantly slot in AND play behind Naylor. Higgs only had to last 15 minutes with Naylor.

  23. Matt BB

    @henryv how many times have we been linked to Alex Bruce? and finally it seems we’ll get our man, just hope he’s as good as they think! bit concerned that Blackwell rated him, from the man who brought you Paul Butler and Clarke Carlisle.. and sold Matt Kilgallon.

  24. Lee Pashley

    In reference to Jon’s comments, I for one cant wait to see billy the fish in a Leeds shirt!!, what a signing he’d be, lets hope jons rumours are true, super, super bill, super, super bill, super billy fish!! LOL


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