Matt Derbyshire

Matt celebrates Greek cup win with Olympiacos

After a quiet few days, Betfair has re-awoken and we’re blessed with yet another transfer link that’s unlikely to ever happen. This time, the online bookmakers have scoured the net in search of a possible player to link and returned to us grateful Leeds United fans with the news that Matt Derbyshire wants to return to England!

Those of you that haven’t already leapt into the air with joy should feel free to do so now.

Matt is currently 24 years of age and started his career at Blackburn Rovers, where in 63 league appearances, he managed just 10 goals. He left Blackburn on loan to Greek side Olympiacos in 2009, before signing a permanent four-year deal at the end of the season. Since joining the Greek side, Matt has made 26 appearances and scored 11 goals.

Betfair have obviously realised Leeds fans are growing sceptical of their constant links, adding that;

Leeds manager Simon Grayson has been linked with all sorts of strikers throughout the summer, including the seemingly Celtic-bound Gary Hooper and Middlesbrough’s Leroy Lita, but the arrival of Derbyshire could trump the lot.

I assume you all had Derbyshire at the top of your wish-list?

Andy O’Brien

Next up, we have a return to the Leeds United rumour mill for 31-year old Bolton Wanderers defender, Andy O’Brien.

O’Brien has made no secret of his desire to leave the Reebok and is currently being linked with a move to both Newcastle and Leeds. With Patrick Kisnorbo set to miss the start of the campaign, and Richard Naylor looking like his best days are behind him, this is one of those rumours that could have substance.

And finally…

We end with news that no one wants Andy Robinson, but Enoch Showunmi has somehow managed to find a team stupid enough to give him another chance. Andy’s agent tells us that there’s been no offers for the midfielder over the summer, and he may be set to stay at Leeds (but then, why would he leave with his salary?)

Enoch Showunmi meanwhile has somehow managed to find a new home at Tranmere Rovers. Clearly, the Scouse side either like to look like idiots, or their scouting department is in desperate need of a reshuffle?

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  1. Kevin O'Connor

    I wouldn’t mind Derbyshire. Surprised someone’s picked up Enoch though

    • TSS

      HI @kevio17

      I don’t think Derbyshire would be a bad signing, but he’s hardly a prolific goalscorer – that’s why Blackburn got rid. At least he’s younger than previous suggestions and saleable again once we return to the Prem.

      PS. Love the avatar! With Maradona in charge, anyone could get a call-up!

      • Kevin O'Connor

        Haha thanks, It was my facebook pic during the world cup, maybe he’ll take the hint ;)


      yeh i think enoch was a joke, didnt do nowt for leeds, bad signing

  2. Mark Warburton

    Apparently Parry, Tranmeres’ manager, says Enoch’s good on the ball…think he needs to go to Specsavers…he can’t hit a barn door from 2 yards!!

    As for Robinson I hear Hollands Pies in Accrington are looking for a new chief taster…that should do him!

    • yorkwhite

      You dont have a phone number for the pie job do you?

      Derbyshire, No Ta
      O’Brien, Maybe we need a CB, how about getting Woodgate on loan when he’s fit?

  3. wombat

    a friend of mine txt derbyshire last nite 2c if any truth in matter . will let fellow leeds fans know if i here anything positive. i wud luv 2c him at elland road.

  4. Si

    Cant understand why we would want Derbyshire – he aint gonna score the goals that Beckford did is he!!
    We need a guaranteed 25 goals a season striker and that isnt Derbyshire
    We lost the right man to Celtic – its loanee now i am afraid.
    We dont have 2 million to spend and we dont have the clout to borrow any money to fund any potential deal. We are only 2.5 years old as a company and thus we dont even have 3 years worth of accounts…

  5. Lewis

    I actually think showunmwi will do well at tranmere. Kind of side o can see him thriving in when given a starting place. Wouldn’t mind Derbyshire

  6. Bradley-17

    I really liked Robinson, when he first came to Leeds, he made a big impression on me, and it’s a shame to see that Enoch can sign for a new team but Andy can’t. Well, i’d like to wish them both the best of luck. I think Robinson would do well at a league 1 club, hope someone agrees.

    • TSS

      He probably would, but I think the problem is that no one is going to touch him on his current wages. Last season, he was the highest paid member of the squad.

      When Beckford originally asked for a new contract, he wanted to be on the same money as Robbo – then, a reserve team player – but Leeds wouldn’t meet his demands.

  7. Colin

    just heard from a reliable source grayson is set to meet with sanchez watt from the gunners when he gets back from norway. possible season long loan???

    • TSS

      Never had you down as the “reliable source” kinda guy Colin!

      In fairness, I heard the same thing, but am never sure what to make of rumours at this time of the season. Hopefully, this will be one with some substance as I truly believe Sanchez Watt could tear the Championship apart.

      • Colin

        @TSS depends which Colin – that one may have reliable sources, but the only sauces I have are made by Heinz.

      • TSS

        @colin Ahh… You can see why I needed registered members for a predictions league!

  8. Shez

    It really does concern me that it is taking so long for the club to find a “replacement” for Beckford, or whatever we’d like to call it, basically a proven Championship striker. And by this I mean that the likes of Hooper (inflated price) are clearly out of our price range at £2.4M. I actually thought the 6 out of contract signings (although I heard we paid a fee for Collins) were pretty good signings and that would pave the way for 3 top quality purchases – a striker as indicated above and midfielder – everyone knows we are crying out for a midfield maestro who can tackle and take games by the scruff of the neck (we’ve lacked that for a while despite Doyle’s best efforts last year on loan). We also need a centre-back of real quality to compensate for Kisnorbo’s long-term injury status. Don’t tell me Collins is that replacement please! Surely once it was known Beckford was leaving we would have lined up a “replacement” months ago!?! Billy Paytner for all his qualities and Beccio plus a top striker and maybe Somma chipping in would be pretty good. Add Snodgrass and Sam/Gradel into the mix on attacking midfield/wing options and the squad would be in nice shape. At the moment, the spine of the team is woefully weak for a decent top half fininsh (possibly play-offs). I’m not one to over-expect given it’s Ken Bates in charge and it’s Leeds (so nothing is ever straight-forward) but I would have expected more success in the transfer marker. It seems to me that we missed out on Hooper, Sharp, Eustace and who knows who else. Just getting to be rather peed off now, patience is wearing thin, especially as Ken Bates waxed lyrical about a “war-chest” and that we weren’t just going into the Championship to “make up the numbers!”

  9. Smiffy-The-white(Not Alan)

    I share shez’s frustrations, Bates claiming we had a warchest etc. I don’t have much confidence in next season and would happily take one spot above relegation right now. I can’t see uncle Ken depriving himself of yacht polish to dig deep in his pockets and get us anyone that’s gonna cost us. I understand that Hoopers fee was well out our finances but apparantly we offered a paltry £750,000 that’s just embarrassing

  10. Shez

    I bet Grayson is mightly frustrated behind the scenes at our ineptitude in securing top class championship signings since Sam signed on 9 July. Be patient I hear you say? Let’s see whether that’s the case in 2 weeks against Derby. I expect we will have signed 1 or 2 more, but it isn’t ideal preparation. We should have had all this mapped out really, I know nothing is ever straight forward with signings, but the key one was surely the 3 positions I’ve mentioned above!

  11. les irwin

    i said last night about derbyshire not a goal scorer at any level ,as for showumni ,what does that say about our coaching staff we signed him when he turned us down and when we had kandol who was similar in build and a better player ,then there is billy 5 pies robinson if he lost 3 stone he would be fantastic why cant he ????? its the amount he gets paid that keeps him too well fed .why would he leave .i feel a little for sheehan i think he is alright .

    do we need to spend x amount of pounds on another defender (obrien ) or is a striker more of a priority .i guess thats why i do what i do and grayson manages leeds .bet im in a management position at chrimbo cant say im so sure about grayson

    • Bradley Lomas

      In all fairness, Grayson has done a wonderful job so far, so i wont slate him. He’s got us out of league 1, he hasn’t had any major cock ups. He’s Leeds through and through, so why shouldn’t he be here at Christmas? For once, can’t we just support someone without slating them even before a season has begun? He’s a lot better than we’ve had before, and we could do a hell of a lot worse.

  12. RoverKyle

    Hi I’m a Blackburn fan and am somewhat surprised that some of you wouldn’t want Derbyshire at your club. He is a brilliant talent and an out and out goalscorer who has already shown signs of Premiership quality. You have to bear in mind that the majority of his Blackburn appearances were from the bench so that makes his scoring record look a little weak for us. And the only reason Big Sam got rid was due to him not offering much more than just goals to his game. We badly missed him last season. He’d easily be a top scorer contender in the Championship.

    • TSS

      Hi Kyle, nice of you to offer us a first-hand insight. At the moment, I’d be happy with any signing at all, but I can’t see this one happening anyway. Betfair have spent all summer linking us to one random name after another.

  13. mike howell

    Get the training staff to put Robinson through a strict training regime to lose the lard, hey presto a CCL player of worth.
    Does anyone hav any insight that Larry and Robinson don’t get on? I really rated this guy when he first came to us.

  14. Scot Harlow

    Derbyshire would be a quality signing, as would (for me) Darel Russel of Norwich providing we can persuade him to come as i believe he was spotted at a Preston match last week.

    Derbyshire, Watt, Russell and O’Brien…i would take any 2/3 of these players and be confident of a mid table finish nex year. or even Jay DeMerit

  15. Matt BB

    Good luck to Enoch I say, I know we all had a laugh at his expense given the sitters he missed, but this guy went through a huge trauma where he nearly lost his life. I bet he’ll be a huge success at Tranmere.

  16. wombat

    direct contact 2 player himself derbyshire going 2 leeds is bullshit im disappointed

  17. wombat

    im fed up ive lived ib blackburn all my life andim 60yrs old ive been to leeds for 45yrs and its about time bates now give simon at least 6 million 2 take us up and then sell 2 somebody who will put money in. we r a club who would b a fantastic buy 4 anybody with money who could make us progress 2 the premier league were everybody knows with a football brain knows we should be.

  18. Nikos7Leeds

    Hi,I’m form Greece and I’m a fan of both Leeds and Olympiakos…In my opinion Derbyshire is a hard working player,but he’s not a top goal scorer.He has scored some important goals including the 3-3 equaliser at the 93rd minute at the cup final against AEK Athens and the winning goal away at the home of Panathinaikos.He can play better and score more when he’s partened by another striker in front,but when he’s alone he hardly puts the ball in the net.If Beckford was still in Leeds,he would make a great duo with Derbyshire,but with the strikers currently at Leeds,I don’t know if he will make a big difference…I think he will be a usefull signing for Leeds,and if he finally leaves Olympiakos,I will thank him for the crucial goals he scored here in Greece,and wish him good luck at Leeds and hope he scores a lot at Elland Road!!!


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