Highlights of Leeds United’s 3-1 friendly victory over SK Brann are available to view for free on the Norwegian sides official website. Click here to view them now.

Note how they fail to show the horrendous tackle that left Robert Snodgrass needing crutches, but spent a good twenty seconds showing their own player roll around our penalty area. I think the Norwegian’s have been taking hints from the 2010 World Cup champions, North Korea, on how to cleverly edit the highlights.

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    • TSS

      No problems mate. Very calm finish from Lloyd Sam.

      You have any joy getting hold of Leeds United for a refund?

    • Colin


      I hope that LUTV give you the Wolves game for free – that would seem like the right thing to do in my eyes.

      I hope LUTV iron out all the wrinkles for the start of the season. I remember having problems a couple of years back when there were “too many subscribers to cope with”. And I guess there will be more this year than last year.

  1. RoystonLUFC

    anyone know what the grief was between Killa and Grella at the end of the match? It looked seruious.

    • les irwin

      killa has always been vocal its not a bad thing but the amount of the ball he sees he should do more with it if he is gonna be gobby to others

  2. Colin

    Kilkenny has always been a bit of a mouth – even if he’s unhappy, he shouldn’t act like that on the pitch 0 if he wants to have a go at an opposition player fair enough, but it’s not his job to shout at other Leeds players. He’s not the captain, Howson was the captain for that game and had to held back by Howson. It’s the captain’s job to talk to other players, not Kilkenny’s.

  3. les irwin

    lloyd sam is looking good ,good performance overall
    grella and killkenny had a liitle spat at the end which is good if they are gonna be like that all season
    cant wait til saturday looking forward to that

    • number1inyorkshire

      thought we were gonna get a plethera of howson kicking off pics they are all the same ahh well
      howson only a young un when he gets a little older i m sure there will be more passion on show ,
      leeds united best form last season without a doubt was when he was captain it all went downnhill a little when naylor was back .as for killa the dury is still our for me after all this time the amount of ball he gets which he does ask for he should of had more goals and more assists ,he is an aussie dont forget .we obviously dont know what was said in changing rooms hope grella gave him some back .

  4. trueyorxman

    Who the hell does Kilkenny think he is? He’s starting to annoy me, if he was half decent fair enough but he’s no better than anyone else in our midfield/team

  5. les irwin

    killa showed a little passion which to be fair is what we should all welcome if it was the otherway round we would be annoyed

  6. henry vincent lewis

    What happened to my avatar on the last post!!
    I have had no reply on my complaint about loss of picture.
    I am coming to the conclusion that there is nobody there!!
    I booked the Wolves game and got an automatic reply welcoming as a new member!
    I replied that I am already a member and was just booking the Wolves game.
    Hope I don’t end up with 2 memberships!!
    LUTV are supposed to have a customer service dept but they don’t read their e-mails. Or they do but…….
    If you have a problem on the day you are on your own.
    Another cheap-jack Ken Bates enterprise.
    I will be surprised if they offer me and the other frustrated fans anything.
    We seem to be nothing to them.
    A good signing will cheer me up!!!

  7. Tim Wilsom

    Sam is lookin pretty lively. Apparently Snoddy didn’t accept the apology for the tackle :)

  8. henry vincent lewis

    Sam really does look a quality player and I have been very impressed by Johnson.
    He looks sharp and strong and may well keep his place in midfield.
    He gives us some thrust in midfield and is willing to run at defenders.

  9. Matt BB

    I’m keeping an eye out for Somma he’ll be our surprise package this season.


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