Whites bound defender?

The Daily Mail claims Alex Bruce is on his way to Elland Road after Sheffield United and Ipswich Town failed to agree terms on how a £200,000 transfer fee should be paid.

The same paper who this morning claimed Luciano Becchio was on his way out of Elland Road after contract talks broke down, is now claiming that a £300,000 offer has been lodged from Simon Grayson in an attempt to hijack the 25 year olds move to Yorkshire rivals, Sheffield United.

Whilst the Becchio claims were easy to dismiss, this particular rumour could have substance. Following yesterdays 3-1 friendly victory over Norwegian side, SK Brann, Simon Grayson told Leeds United fans they could expect a new arrival by Friday. With the Mail claiming that Bruce is set to undertake a medical tomorrow, the timing all seems to line up well.

Alex Bruce has made 115 league appearances in the last four years for Leicester. Despite being born in England, Alex has also played for the Republic of Ireland, qualifying for the team through his grandfather.

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  1. Grumpy Old Man

    Two points, 1) the Becchio issue stays alive until he gets a contract offer he can sign (your trust in the words of Shaun Harvey cuts against reality) 2) if I said I would be less impressed by the signing of Bruce that I was by Collins getting a perminant move I thinbk you can work out how underwhelmed I am.

    • TSS

      Hi GOM,

      1) It’s not trust in Shaun Harvey – I just don’t see Becchio leaving Elland Road over a pay squabble. I’m not usually one to put much faith in footballers, but Luci doesn’t seem the sort.

      2) I actually think Bruce could do OK for us. He’s made plenty of appearances for Ipswich and Leicester had him last season, so definitely knows the league. He can also play midfield too, so if the 4-5-1 formation you talked about is to hold, then maybe he could play the defensive midfield role?

      • Matt BB

        I cant see Bruce playing anywhere ofther than in defence TSS, and he is urgently needed despite a reasonably good pre season. Bromby and Naylor are not solid enough, and Collins givves us 1 centrtal defender as cover, we need the competition there.

        Our midfield is lightweight definitely agree but i think Grayson will move for Darel Russell from all that I am seeing, unless Preston beat us to it (sigh).

        I think the Becchio story is lazy journalism too, lets kick the wasps nest at Leeds etc,

  2. Dje

    I never realised that alex Bruce is Steve Bruce’s son. First Kasper Schmeichel, now Alex Bruce – are we trying to put together a Sons of Scum XI?

  3. Scot Harlow

    tbh i think Bruce wouldn’t be a bad signing.

    It’s a given that come October/November time when Paddy is back he will slot in at Centre Half and i think in Bromby, Naylor, Collins and possibly Bruce we should be able to form a mid table esc Centre half partnership.

    The other thing is about Bruce is he has Championship experience along with all our other Centre halfs which can only be a gd thing. He’s never been relegated from the championship and if he was within a whisker of Signing from Sheffield Scum then i can only imagine that he is worthy of playing for a club in and around the playoffs.

    Just my opinion…….if he arrives he will probably turn out to be woeful…like all my other player estimations :)

    • tony c

      “If he arrives he will probably turn out to be woeful…like all my other player estimations”
      Your not on your own Scotylufc we All hope that next new signing will turn into an world class player dedicated to LUFC we have a couple in Becchio and Snodds a few more would be nice Keep the faith

  4. Billybigbiscuits

    Not convinced with Bruce (if he signs) he’s played for so many clubs already and he’s only 24!!! Was hoping for some better quality whe you consider we have bates war chest!!!!!!!!! Yeah right!!!!!!

  5. Dje

    We do seem to have a penchant for taking on players who are going nowhere at other clubs: Collins, Connolly, Bessone, possibly Bruce, Doyle, Capaldi, the list goes on …

    I guess it is a thin line between turning a diamond out of coal, and looking a gullible sod with no eye at all for what differences a good player from a lousy one.

    Or are we just too charitable? “Grayson’s Barmy Salvation Army”

    • les irwin

      some times our first team could play in the soccer masters its full of second hand hasbeens

  6. trueyorxman

    at home to Newcastle last season the Geordies were going goal crazy in the first half, Bruce pulled up with an ‘injury’ at 2-0 down, waved to the touchline to be substituted then RAN OFF!! Things like that stick in the memory, lightweight.

    • Matt BB

      well he’s not a chip off the old block then I think Steve Bruces head was made of old railway sleepers and all other body parts of concrete..

  7. les irwin

    alex bruce will be ok but do we need another defender.we had rumours of him before so the mail could be right this time .PLEASE BUY A STRIKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    harvey == bates puppet, wouldnt trust him as far as i could wang him, this, is the man that has put 2 clubs into admin remember

    • Matt BB

      @number1inyorkshire Although i did vote no we wont buy a striker i deep down think we will but that I’ll be disappointed by it, this has to be on Graysons radar with Paynter injured and now sondgrass he really doenst have much choice. My view is that this will be Sanchez Watt on a season long loan, and that ultimately Gradel and Snodgrass will be coverted to centre forwards.

  8. smiffy-the-white(not Alan)

    First Kasper Schmeicel, now Alex Bruce who next Harvey Yorke?

  9. Tim Campbell

    USA defender DeMerrit would have been a much better bet and on a free

  10. Matt BB

    good lord it makes you feel old doesnt it when you can turn to the younguns at the ground and say, i remember his dad playing here for Man United.. At 30 years old and having played for a struggling watford team i cant see demerit as having been the answer Tim?

  11. Matt BB

    @pete yes but you really know youre getting on when you were watching schmeicel bruce and apllister play leeds and you were already in your 20’s..


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